Our Neighbor Shot Our Cat – But Stronger Love Happened

Our Neighbor Shot Our Cat - But Stronger Love Happened

Our Neighbor Shot Our Cat – But Stronger Love Happened

We are animal lovers who live in meat hungry Texas. Here’s my story about: Our Neighbor Shot Our Cat – But Stronger Love Happened.

Texas is pretty cool, but we are originally from Washington, where seafood restaurants our awesome, roads are clean, new and actually have bike lanes, and people love cats.

Unfortunately, a lot of Texans don’t really like cats, including our neighbors and the police.

Our cat went missing a few days ago, and we found him hiding under the shed the next morning.

He hides from us when he is wounded and probably embarrassed, because to him, we are part of his “pride” and he doesn’t want to show us any vulnerability.

We finally got him out and he was limping pretty bad.

We thought he was wounded from just another cat fight, but we took him to the vet anyways.

We waited at home for the lab results.

My wife started trembling as the vet told her on the phone what she had found.

A pellet from a pellet gun had gone through his throat and lodged itself into our cat’s shoulder.

He almost died.

My wife loves cats more than humans I think and she lost it.

I was about to lose it as well and left the house to go for a walk and look for any kids with pellet guns.

We suddenly didn’t feel safe in a neighborhood we had peacefully lived in for over four years.

As I walked up the street, I could hear my wife wailing and pounding on the walls of our RV.

It frightened me to see her so upset. It was a new type of rage I had never seen.

I tried staying calm because I had learned from my wife and her energy healing practice to “hold space” for someone who is being rocked by emotions and energy, so I held space for her and held her most of the night as she went through many stages of grief and rage.

I told her that we would learn a lot about this incident and that we would grow stronger.

A few hours after the phone call from the vet, I calmly walked over to my neighbor’s house.

The wife was setting up a Halloween house.

I asked if I could speak with her.

I asked if her son had a pellet gun and was shooting it last night.

She matter-of-factly said “Yes, my husband and my son were shooting at opossums last night.”

I said “Well, our cat is almost dead because of a pellet gun.”

She played innocent – as I said thank you and calmly walked back to our RV.

I instantly told my wife that the neighbor did it and we called the police.

A policeman came and interviewed me.

He said they couldn’t do anything about cats because they roam.

The neighbors also had chickens, even though our cat doesn’t bother chickens and has actually hung out with the neighbor’s chickens when they jumped the fence and came over one day.

Since the neighbors had chickens and the boy with the pellet gun was “autistic” and loved his chickens, the Sheriff basically laughed off the situation while interviewing the neighbors and making my wife look stupid for having “emotions play into it.”

We were left with a $350 vet bill, a nearly dead cat, and a devastated household.

I gently reminded my wife that she was on a spiritual journey and that we had to love all parts of us, this is called “shadow work” in energy healing.

There was a piece of my wife in shadow that she had denied until this tragedy happened.

She finally admitted – “Yeah, I shot birds when I was a kid. I think my grandpa gave me a BB gun for Christmas.”

My wife and I had to really use compassion and look at the situation through the boy’s eyes, even though we wanted to seek revenge.

We felt the love that boy had for his chickens and knew he had lost a couple chickens to raccoons and our cat is a maine coon breed, so he actually looks close to a raccoon.

My wife was calming down.

Some of the hardest times in our life are when we grow spiritually and threaten our ego, that’s why my wife does Ayahuasca ceremonies, to destroy the ego.

I said that this situation right now is like a mini-Ayahuasca trip – where she was seeing all the ugly suppressed pieces in herself.

I also felt a stronger connection to my wife by seeing her lose it – our love was immediately stronger – the ice was really broken – 7 years later. . .

We finally made peace with our rage and wanting revenge.

We realized that we could of had a war on our hands if we fought fire with fire. . .

That’s why there is war – two sides with two different beliefs.

If we could just love and accept what is and not defend some kind of made up belief. . .

Like Jesus – he died without giving any fight and said to God “They do not know what they do” as he was being crucified.

That’s the kind of love many of us will never obtain – even though we go to spiritual retreats and say “love and light” to other spiritual seekers. . .

90% of the “love and light” crowd are never rocked like this, and this is where true self-love and enlightenment happen.

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Here’s some awesome Maine Coon cats. (How can you hate cats??)

photo credit: Bored Panda


photo credit: Bored Panda


photo credit: Bored Panda



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