Why You Need to Get Into CBD Oil Network Marketing ASAP

Why You Need to Get Into CBD Oil Network Marketing ASAP

Why You Need to Get Into CBD Oil Network Marketing ASAP

CBD Oil is not another fad or scam. It’s a legitimate compound from Hemp that has amazing possibilities. Here’s Why You need to get into CBD oil asap.

I’ll be honest.

A lot of network marketing products don’t get me excited.

If a product does have potential, there’s usually 10 to 15 network marketing companies already providing it, which makes it too competitive and not that profitable.

Enter CBD Oil

CBD oil comes from Hemp and contains no THC.

You’ve probably heard about hemp products before, like Hemp clothing, Hemp flooring, and other hemp-based materials.

But, CBD oil is a different breed of animal.

It’s one of the 85 compounds found in the hemp plant.

This compound already has a receptor made for it in our bodies.

It’s called the Endocannibinoid System. (ECS)

This system is in our bodies already and has several receptors specifically meant to receive “phyto” nutrients, which CBD contains.

Most of our diets don’t contain any of these nutrients that CBD oil contains, so we fall sick and accumulate a series of problems.

Incorporating this compound into this starving ECS system, is producing some amazing results.

Some of what it might do is shown in this picture:

CBD oil benefits


I don’t claim CBD oil cures anything even though it is hinted at online.

I have probably 5 of these symptoms listed on this picture, including inflammation, clogged arteries, and social anxiety.

When I was 32 I had a heart-attack.

My left anterior artery was 60% clogged up.

Doctors and heart patients call that artery the “widow maker.”

I don’t think I need to explain further what that means!

I also became socially anxious a few years ago when I got sober from alcohol and fired all my drinking buddies.

I had no friends for almost a decade and just going out and talking to people is very hard for me.

I would much rather sit at home and listen to music and write in this blog.

You guys are my friends and I love all my readers!

So, Why You Need to Get Into CBD Oil Network Marketing ASAP

CBD Oil has had a meteoric rise in the last two years.

There’s only 3 main CBD oil MLM companies that I know of and they are barely keeping up with the demand.

From 2016, the CBD oil industry did $200 million.

Hemp Business Journal predicts that number will be $2.2 Billion by 2020.

Forbes predicts the CBD oil industry to grow by 700% by 2020 also.

A lot of things have changed since medical marijuana has become legal in over 29 states.

Hemp is also being researched more heavily.

We don’t know exactly what these other 84 compounds can do.

Again, CBD oil has no THC and is considered a “Food” by the FDA.

So, why not get involved in what I call the “The MLM Gold Rush of 2017 and 2018?”


Thanks for reading!


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My Daily Choice Leader Erik Johnson

Erik Christian Johnson is a full-time blogger, self-development advocate, and full-time network marketing Entrepreneur.

All articles are solely used for educational purposes and merely the opinion of the blog writers. Please refer to the Disclaimer page for full disclosure.

7 thoughts on “Why You Need to Get Into CBD Oil Network Marketing ASAP”

  1. Great post Erik. Yes, CBD oil offers huge possibilities. Considering not many MLM Companies have jumped into this arena yet, I think the possibilities are endless for My Daily Choice. I’ll be honest, I’ve never used a CDB oil type of product before, but I am anxious to try it out. Thanks for the write up.

    All the best,


    1. Hi Donna!
      Thanks for checking out my article.
      My Daily Choice, the CBD oil MLM I talk about in this article, has a powerful compensation plan that pays up to 85%.
      It’s a binary compensation plan.
      You earn up to 50% on first time orders.
      You get 15% binary match between legs each month with no “flushing” meaning the volume carries over to the next month if it’s not used.
      We also have “Leadership Check Matching” which is really powerful.
      Say you have a leader on your team making $10k a month in binary monthly commissions, you would get 30% of that as an “Executive” which is $3,000 a month.
      We also have a company shares program. For every 4 customers or paid affiliates you bring in, you get one company share, which is a fund that comes from 2% of the company’s profits for the month.
      This is one of the best MLM companies I have seen.
      The CEO is very transparent and works with the distributors in seeing that everyone gets a successful business going.
      With the launch of our CBD product line, which includes a pain cream, pure CBD oil drops, and Skincare cream, you get a wide array of powerful CBD based products for every use.
      On top of that, each paid affiliate gets high definition landing pages and replicated websites to promote the business.
      The capture pages are attached to a powerful automated email system by the company that helps people recruit new reps.
      All you have to do is promote a landing page of your choice, capture a prospect’s info, and MDC will send out a series of awesome emails that help convert your prospects.
      For more info on everything, click the button under the article to take a free tour into the company.
      Thanks again for stopping by!

  2. Hi Erik! Great article! I found you by researching “Top CBD oil MLM’s” and signed up a few days ago! I have dabbled in the Network Marketing industry before, but NEVER, have I ever, been soo excited about a product before! I can’t wait to receive my CBD oil and share with everyone I know! I live in Lexington, KY and work full time in the Property Management Industry and look forward to supplementing my already successful career! I would love to know if there are any other affiliates in this area on your team! Look forward to meeting you in the future! Happy New Year!

    1. Glad you’re excited Alysan. Welcome to Hempworx! You might be the first in Kentucky – so the field is all yours!

  3. My Daily Choice oks like a solid opportunity. And a WIN-WIN. I
    used some CBD oil on an itchy sun-damaged spot my dermatologist has tried to treat without success. The cbd oil
    Worked! My doctor was amazed. I have no symptoms after 5 years of agony. I bought a cbd patch for a friend who is a Fulbright professor and former Dean of a major school of business. She had gamma-knife surgery 4 years ago to remove a tumor.
    The neck and facial nerve pain has been disastrous for 3 years. She has been treated by 3 specialists without relief. The cbd
    Patch has provided relief and she will continue to use the cbd infused patch. I’m a trial lawyer and know how to make impactful closing arguments- making a case for the benefits of cbd and getting involved with My Daily Choice helping people get healthier and earn a living will be easy. I look forward to learning more about your products, research and marketing plan.


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