Why You Only Need 3 to 5 Leaders for My Daily Choice

Why You Only Need 3 to 5 Leaders for My Daily Choice

Why You Only Need 3 to 5 Leaders for My Daily Choice

Network marketing is about sifting through a lot of people to find 3 to 5 leaders. Here’s Why You Only Need 3 to 5 Leaders for My Daily Choice.

Are you upset that people are quitting your business?

You’re not alone.

I used to be close to tears when I noticed that someone quit my team.

Then, I discovered something. . .

It’s a unique formula that will change your perception about network marketing instantly.

Here’s Why You Only Need 3 to 5 Leaders for My Daily Choice

You may have heard this expression about network marketing before:

“It’s a number’s game.”

So, if network marketing is a number’s game, then what are the numbers?

First, I have to tell you why 90% of people quit network marketing.

They don’t know the numbers.

They had giant expectations about MLM which didn’t add up properly with the work they put in.

They treated MLM like a lottery, expecting to get one person in their business who would go on to make them millions. . .

Doesn’t work that way. . .

Network Marketing is a “Sorting” Game

Like shucking oysters, you need to shuck a lot of oysters to find a pearl.

Or, like Matt Morris once said, “You will get a lot of chickens, but once in awhile you’ll get an eagle.”

So, what do these analogies mean?

They mean that you will have to recruit a lot of people to find a few good leaders.

What is a network marketing leader?

A leader is someone who:

  • Knows how to generate leads consistently.
  • Can train their team the same duplicatable system.
  • Motivate their team
  • Understands attrition
  • Is coachable
  • Has a long term vision
  • Won’t quit at the sign of a flashy new MLM

You get the point.

There are leaders out there like this, ready to join your My Daily Choice business.

The thing you need to do is “go through the numbers” to find them.

Here’s the MLM Formula that will keep you in the game

If you knew that every network marketing company is the same, that you had to recruit a certain number of people to find a certain amount of leaders, you’d stay in the game.

Why would you stay in network marketing?

Because, you would know what to expect.

You wouldn’t cry every time someone quit your business.

You would know that most people quit things. . .

People are professional quitters.

Look around.

People quit marriages, diets, mortgages, the gym, lovers, jobs, etc.

So, if you’re “armed” with knowing that people are professional quitters, then you are already halfway there to being invincible in My Daily Choice.

Okay, here’s the formula:

It’s not meant to discourage you, it’s meant to make you bulletproof.

One – You will first need to work up to generating at least 10 leads a day.

You can generate leads through Twitter, Facebook, writing in a blog like this one, shooting YouTube videos, etc. Leads are everywhere. The bottomline is finding places to add your opportunity link without being spammy.

Two – Work up to getting 4 new paid affiliates a month.

Since, most people are professional quitters, you’ll lose 50% of them right away.

So, that leaves you with 2 paid affiliates a month. That’s 24 a year. 96 in 4 years. You’ll surely find 3 to 5 leaders in 4 years.

Three – Keep recruiting daily.

If you stop generating leads, your business starts to die and your team copies everything you do, so they will stop also. No leads for the day means you are closed! Closed stores go out of business.

Four – 100 to 300 Paid Affiliates to find 3 to 5 leaders.

Okay, here’s the reality of most leaders in network marketing.

They recruit a ton of people to find their leaders.

Most leaders in MLM have recruited between 100 to 300 paid affiliates to find their 3 to 5 leaders.

If you can handle this number, you are now officially BULLETPROOF.

The Good News about these 3 to 5 Leaders

The good news about getting 3 to 5 leaders is that My Daily Choice pays so well, that you can now walk away from your dead-end job, restore your house, and travel.

3 to 5 leaders can make you anywhere from $10,000 a month to $50,000 a month within a couple years.

I don’t know of any other business model where you can do this without a serious degree, and even then. . .

All I know is that it’s worth it.

I’m living proof.

I’ve been working from home full-time for over a year now, thanks to My Daily Choice!


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