My Daily Choice: Best MLM and Direct Selling Company

My Daily Choice: Best MLM and Direct Selling Company

My Daily Choice: Best MLM and Direct Selling Company

Starting your first MLM business can be scary. Not many people know what to do. Here’s My Daily Choice: Best MLM and Direct Selling Company.

Have you ever wanted a turnkey MLM business?

Not many MLM companies are setup where 95% of the operations are automated.

Today, the reality is that MLM is easier to do than ever. Here’s what you don’t need to do anymore:

  • No more hotel meetings.
  • No more cold calling strangers.
  • No more buying tons of product to sit in your garage.
  • No more home parties.

Here’s some benefits for doing MLM today:

  • One low-cost product with full commission eligibility.
  • Binary Compensation plan
  • Pre-made personalized website & Lead Capture Pages
  • Automated Email System that helps you recruit prospects.


MLM has evolved dramatically since the 50’s. It has also evolved seamlessly with the Internet and social media.

It’s easier than ever to start your home-based business, grab your pre-made websites, and promote them online.

MLM is no longer restricted to your country. With the Internet, you can literally get your opportunity seen in almost every country in the world.

It’s not unusual for me to get new distributors out of countries, such as Nigeria, Malaysia, Australia, Canada and the U.K.

My Daily Choice for an MLM

97% of people who try MLM fail.

Don’t let this number scare you.

Because the 3% that DO succeed make up the $180 Billion dollar global industry.

Network marketing is a very efficient business model that companies use to distribute their products through people like you and I.

Rather than spending millions on advertising, MLM companies pass the profits to us for promoting their products through “word-of-mouth.”

MLM has evolved into a hybrid marketing platform with a turnkey home-based business attached.

For as little as $75 a month, you can start a business from home and do it 100% online.

What’s the catch?

Like I said earlier, 97% don’t make it.

Here’s the symptoms that led to their demise:

  • Unrealistic expectations: They heard from their recruiter that they could make $5,000 a week by only working an hour a week.
  • Minimal commitment: The new distributor thinks it will be easy and thinks that posting a tweet on Twitter and a post on Facebook once a week for only two months will make them rich.
  • Hobbyist mentality: The new distributor will “give it a try” to see what happens and doesn’t commit to it like a real profession.
  • Easy entry equals easy exit: It’s easy to join a MLM opportunity and there’s no risk or large investment. Therefore, it’s easy to quit when things get a little hard.
  • Doesn’t educate themselves: MLM is a real profession with leaders in the industry making $1 million a month or more. Leaders are constant readers. They continually improve themselves so they can empower others. New distributors who don’t make it usually haven’t spent even an hour learning from a video or an ebook how to do the business and learn the proper techniques.

Here’s the symptoms for success in MLM:

    • Commitment: New distributors who succeed understand that like most business ventures there’s a 3 to 5 year growth period. They understand that it takes time to develop an organization and to find other leaders who want to develop their own teams.
    • Thick skin: Leaders in MLM understand that not everyone is meant to do network marketing. They don’t get attached to the outcome or decision of any one prospect. It merely is a “numbers game” at the end of the day where they sift through thousands of Leads to find a few leaders. Leaders understand that the “objections” from prospects are not a threat, but treat objections as merely a “fact finding” process.
    • Education: The leaders are constantly improving their business by attending network marketing events and masterminds.
    • Drive: Most won’t succeed in MLM during the slow and difficult times unless they have a personal “mission” or testimonial of why they MUST succeed. If there’s no “burning desire” to succeed at all costs in MLM, your success rate decreases. It’s okay to find your passion a few years into the business, but it’s essential you find a “driving, internal story” that pulls you through the hard times. Leaders also connect with mentors to accelerate their business and keep in close contact with their team members.


The New Recruiting System of MLM

The first choice for your MLM should be a company that has set up most of the marketing tools for you.

Not many people who join MLM know how to do this, which leads to them quitting prematurely.

The best MLM companies offer pre-made Lead capture pages and personalized websites for their distributors.

These Lead capture pages are personalized for you when you become a distributor or IBO (Independent Business Owner).

You can use these websites and capture pages on the internet to get Leads and prospects for your business.

The most important function for My Daily Choice and Automated Direct Selling

It’s imperative that you follow up with your prospects after they look at your opportunity through your personalized capture page.

Fortunately, the MLM company I recommend at the bottom of this article has an automated email system that emails your prospects for you.

This is a brilliant system because not many new distributors know how to set up an email sequence that is effective in getting their prospects to upgrade to paid members.

It takes an average of 7 “exposures” or times to get a prospect to sign up as a paid member.

If you were to contact your prospect by phone and email them personally, it would take you at least 7 times to get them to sign up.

But since you have an automated email system set up by your MLM company, you’re off the hook.

This email system is powerful and will email your prospects for you daily, until they upgrade or “opt out” of the emails.

I use this system myself because I don’t have time to contact my prospects.

And, it’s not unusual for me to get prospects upgrading in different parts of the world while I sleep.

There’s no other way I would do network marketing.

Thanks for reading My Daily Choice: Best MLM and Direct Selling Company.

My Daily Choice Leader Erik Johnson

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  1. Great post man.

    You hit all the key points.

    Most people don’t take it seriously because they have no skin in the game.

    When you’ve only spent $100 to start a business, it’s easy to quit.

    However, had you invested a MILLION, you would have done everything and anything to make it work.

    We also live in a quitter society.

    Most people quit everything they do.

    It is a normal, way of life.

    Ultimately, you are just looking for a few key people with a vision and hustle.

    You are looking for the one percenters and three percenters.


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