Monetizing MLM Blog Traffic 101 with Infographic: Updated for 2017

Monetizing MLM Blog Traffic 101 with Infographic: Updated for 2017

Monetizing MLM Blog Traffic 101: Why Blogging Rocks for Networking

MLM blogging has become the most powerful tool for network marketers in getting Leads. Here’s Monetizing MLM Blog Traffic 101 with infographic.

The first priority to start blogging is to set up a wordpress-based website which I explain in 9 Things Your Blog Needs to Attract Red Hot Leads.

It’s important to call your website your name, rather than something associated with your MLM product or company.

You want YOU to be the brand, not a product of your MLM, because what if something happens to the company?

Having your name as your website gives you the freedom to promote anything you want on your MLM blog.

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Another advantage:

Bloggers in MLM will keep getting Leads while people manually prospecting on social media will burnout.

There will be a time when your consistent blogging will get you more traffic from search engines rather than Twitter and Facebook, and that’s what you want.

It took me about 6 months of blogging 2 to 4 times a week to get more traffic from Google than from Twitter.

This is good news, because organic traffic from Google is free.

Organic traffic, traffic you don’t buy, is the holy grail for all bloggers. This traffic is already searching for what you write about.

These people are “qualified” Leads because you talk about what they want.

Most of the time it’s hard to get qualified Leads from social media, unless they are your devoted followers.

The Beginning of MLM Blogging 2017

The hardest part of blogging for network marketers is in the beginning. This is like starting a new business.

It takes time to grow a customer base in a new business and it takes time to get traffic to your blog.

In order to keep blogging during the slow times, you must write about or shoot videos that you enjoy talking about.

You gets you excited? What is your passion?

Can you monetize on your passion?

The more you write in your blog, the more you will find your niche. It will usually be a tiny area in network marketing.

Some people help others get more Leads. (Too many so-called Lead experts out there in my opinion.)

Some people focus on motivation and mindset.

Some people focus on blog marketing, like me.

Others, are just inspiring to watch and you want to join them.

More of the Best Articles by Category:

What happens next?

After you find an area in network marketing you want to focus on, you then research other articles on the web.

If you want to become an expert at video marketing find other articles and videos on video marketing. Buy a few video marketing courses.

Take notes. . .

There’s money in your notes.

Read your notes, internalize the information, and create your own information from it.

As Picasso stated: “Good artists borrow, great artists steal.”

Everything you learn is a regurgitation of many teachings. There is rarely any original thought, but there is a unique teaching inside of you.

Put an interesting twist on a boring subject.

It’s incredible what people are doing to make old information exciting.

Look at the top rated YouTube personalities. They made something we rarely thought about or heard about exciting. Some of these YouTubers make $20,000 a day!

the blogging numbers

The Blog Numbers

The Infographic below will give you a rough estimate of how you can monetize your blog traffic.

Monetizing MLM Blog Traffic Infographic

1. Network Marketing

In the early stages of your blog, your traffic will be small. I would write about your MLM business opportunity or do reviews on the products themselves.

This is where your brand comes to life. Find a subtopic within network marketing, like what we already talked about, and stick to that.

In network marketing, you either promote the product or the business opportunity, (usually the time-freedom and residual income aspects of network marketing.)

The most effective way to promote your network marketing opportunity is to be yourself.

So many network marketers start out sounding like everyone else, saying things like, “Let me help you get 1000’s of qualified Leads on autopilot.”

Most newbies can’t obviously get tons of Leads for others, so be yourself and if you’re new, find a story or testimonial from a leader within your MLM to share.

If you haven’t started a network marketing business yet, you can take a free tour by clicking the button.

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2. Affiliate Marketing

When I first started making money online it was with Affiliate Marketing.

I believe that Affiliate Marketing worked for me because I had over 50,000 real authors following me on Twitter and I sold a product for authors.

I don’t recommend promoting affiliate products until you are getting some good traffic to your website, maybe 30,000 pageviews a month, or 1,000 visits a day.

Also, an effective way to sell affiliate products is to write reviews on the products and add hyperlinks or anchor text in your articles that lead to the product.

This takes some skill, but you will get better the more you write.

Ideally, I would pick a product that you want to use yourself first.

I understand that you might be in a niche that doesn’t pertain to you personally, but ideally you want to promote products you would use yourself.

This way, you know about all the features that the product offers, personally, and it will make your reviews more readable and believable.

Some great Affiliate Programs:

Clickbank: One of the most reputable sites with hundreds of affiliate products ranging from eBooks to weight loss to Internet Marketing.

Commission Junction:  Commission Junction is voted the best with thousands of e-retailers. They offer many features including mobile integration, international program management, and a content certification program.

CommissionSoup: Is like Commission Junction but offers more financial services and products. This would be great if you write about investing and finance.

3. Adsense and other Ad Platforms

When you get to 2,000 visitors a day you could start benefitting from Adsense and other ad placement programs, also known as Price Per Click (PPC) platforms.

Adsense is owned by Google and is the biggest. They own the web essentially, so they are very smart in knowing what your traffic’s buying behavior is.

Adsense ads can be placed strategically all over your blog pages. More ads is not necessarily better. You still want readers of your blog to have a good reading experience.

If you get greedy and put ads everywhere on your MLM blog, people will leave your site quickly, which will increase your “bounce rate” which is a metric Google uses to see if your site is quality or not, so don’t do it.

Other PPC networks include Bidvertiser which pays out at $10 instead of a $100  with Adsense, and Clicksor.

4. Banner Ads and Selling your Space

When you start getting serious traffic you are going to make good money whatever you do.

I would still focus on your network marketing opportunity, because that builds you a passive residual income, which can keep growing monthly and retire you permanently.

Now, that you are getting serious traffic people will ask you if you would spotlight their services.

This is like reaching rock star or movie star celebrity. You could make thousands just by writing a review on your blog for an advertiser.

Remember where you came from. . .

If you start advertising things that don’t fit your personality you will lose your credibility and readership fast.

This would be like your favorite musician suddenly changing styles or a movie star doing cheesy commercials instead of great movies.

Your blog is now an empire. I would take it very seriously and get your name Incorporated, and I would plan out everything you do.

Placing ad space on your blog works. You could charge thousands a month for a couple 250 by 250 spaces on the margins of your blog.

selling adspace on your blog

Whatever you do, blogging is a great way to transition to a full-time Entrepreneur working from home or anywhere in the world on your laptop.

The only caveat is that it’s going to take a couple years of hard work to start getting traffic to your site and making good income. In my opinion, this is still way better than working your ass off at a job you can’t stand.

Thanks for reading! Please comment and share this post.


Erik Christian Johnson Network Marketer and Full Time Blogger

Erik Christian johnson

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Erik Christian Johnson is a full-time blogger, self-development advocate, and full-time network marketing Entrepreneur.

3 thoughts on “Monetizing MLM Blog Traffic 101 with Infographic: Updated for 2017”

  1. If you monetize your blog the right way you don’t need tons of traffic to make a great blog. You definitely want to sell some high ticket items that pay you $500 to $5000 per sale. Even selling just one or two of these items a month can make a big difference in your bottom line.

    Combine that with Adsense, some low paying affiliate programs and a few other things and you should be good.

    It’s also vitally important to build your list. Almost all of my blog income comes through my email list.

    Food for thought.

  2. Its great information what you have shared. I used to follow the MOZ and the Kissmetrics blog to enhance my knowledge in digital marketing. Got to know other blogs which gives great insights of MLM marketing.Thanks again.

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