How Your MLM Product Should Be Secondary After You

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How Your MLM Product Should Be Secondary After You

When you join network marketing, you think you’re going to make lots of money, right? The reality is 95% don’t make over a $100 bucks.

That kind of sucks. . .

Why do people make less than a $100 their entire time in MLM?

Well. . .

They go to the company or to Google and save some product or company images on their desktop, then slap those images up on their social media profiles.

Guess what?

Most newbies are doing this and that makes all of them look the same. They have no personality, no authenticity and they become merely another distributor number.

Network marketing is not about your products.


Yes, it’s true.

Everyone in your MLM company has the same products as you, yet some get successful while others fail.

What was the difference between the successful and the unsuccessful if the product is the same for everyone in that company?

Answer: Your personality. . .

Personality seals or breaks the deal in network marketing.

And, if you don’t stand behind your company’s product or service a 100 percent, it will show.

People can smell dishonesty a million miles away.

So, the first prerequisite for success in your business is to find a product or service you love. A product you’re proud of and can enthusiastically tell your mom about.

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Second thing to consider:

Most newbies go directly to Facebook and start posting link after spammy link onto Facebook groups.

Doesn’t work. . .

I post somewhat intelligent posts on those groups, over 25 groups with tens of thousands of members, only to look at my website analytics to see 1 to 3 people from Facebook viewing the article.

Think how worse spam is.

Everyone on social media is sick of bold statements about how much your MLM pays.

It’s played out. It doesn’t work.

The only thing that works is your:


People need to connect with you before joining your business.

They are not going to just join you because you lied and said you make $5,000 a week!

I’m not harping on you, because I know you don’t do that. This is just a warning shot.


So, how can you actually make it in MLM?

You slow down and breathe.

Don’t go out and push your opportunity onto your friends and family until you learn how to do  your presentation. Ask your sponsor how they do it.

Buy a few ebooks on prospecting. Eric Worre has a great book on everything you need to know about network marketing, called “Go Pro.

Study MLM like a new profession.

You don’t just jump in and start performing surgery on people if you haven’t gone to medical school.

MLM is a real profession. The top leaders in the industry make over a million dollars a month. It’s not to be treated like a hobby.

In fact, if you treat it like a hobby, it won’t pay you.

You will quickly land into the class of newbies I mentioned earlier who make under $100 bucks the whole time they are in the business.

Don’t be that person.

It’s okay to be a customer of these wonderful products, but the day you decide to get serious and become a distributor is when you need to treat it like a profession.

Now about. . .

How I failed MLM.

I’m not happy about my first two years in network marketing.

I am guilty of what I mentioned above.

I’m not going to lie and tell you I make six figures a year now.

But, I am happy that I’m still in network marketing because I lasted past the first year, which is 90 percent better than the others.

Then, I made it past my second year. I’m now immediately in the top 5 percent.

Just lasting in MLM over a couple years is something to be proud of.

Many people can’t see that far into the future of their business. People are quitting things all the time, not just MLM, but their small business, college, relationships, job after job. People quit things too soon, especially these days when everyone wants instant gratification.

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Your products are great, but your personality is better.

Show people who you really are, share your story and solve people’s problems by relaying the problems you’ve overcome.

The more people you help, the more wealth you will generate, just as a byproduct of service.

I’ve learned a lot since I began network marketing in January, 2014. I’ve seen a lot of people quit my business and i’ve seen a lot of changes within myself.

I have to say, network marketing is like boot camp for becoming an Entrepreneur.

There’s no other business that you can start for only 50 to 150 bucks a month that teaches you so much about perseverance, resiliency, rejection, objections, service, selflessness and leadership.


I dare you to stay in longer than a year.

Even if you don’t make any money, as long as you’re moving forward in learning this profession you’re a winner. It will be worth the money you spend.

In fact, you only buy products that you love to stay active as a distributor. It’s a fair trade. You exchange your money for a great product with a business opportunity attached to it.

It’s not like betting on the horses or on Penny stocks, praying that your money will increase in the transaction.

I lost $5,000 bucks in a penny stock and I lost $1200 on Forex.

My business is $72 bucks a month and I can make $20,000 a month if I work for it.

There’s no income cap in network marketing. The sky’s the limit on how much you want to make.

If you have the courage and a fire within to make your dreams finally a reality, I dare you to stay in a year.

Make that two years, and you will thank me.

I have no regrets from what I have learned from MLM. The lessons that this industry gives you is top-notch self-development. Because, the bottomline is, your paycheck only grows as fast as you grow.


God bless and thanks for reading. Please comment below if you’re in network marketing or have your own thoughts about it.

Erik MLM Johnson Marketer

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  1. Thanks for your Word about branding my self. I have tryed to only brand the product as my team do, i dosin’t work for me. Im really an introvert person and walk around talking product non stop is not for me. I’ll Will really tryck to brand my self with my blogg intead. But I need to Change my name on the blogg first, your tips about the blogg made me Think again about the name 😂😂😂

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