How Your MLM Opportunity Link is Your Business

How Your MLM Opportunity Link is Your Business

How Your MLM Opportunity Link is Your Business

People overcomplicate their new MLM business. There’s only one thing you need to share: Your MLM Opportunity Link. Here’s why.

When I started MLM in 2014, I was already used to promote shortened links of my music, then of my ebooks, then of affiliate marketing products.

I knew Twitter was the platform to share links, so I built up a following of over 100k.

I knew that the newest followers on Twitter looked at my stuff before moving on. So, I followed new people everyday and unfollowed anyone who didn’t follow me back with a week.

This was called “churning.” I churned through hundreds, if not thousands of people a day, until I got some action on my links.

I sold a few ebooks, a few MP3s, and a few affiliate offers that way.

Twitter is almost dead now, but luckily this blog took over to generate leads.

But, one thing always remains the same: a lot of people need to see your links in order for you to get signups and sales.

Here’s why Your MLM Opportunity Link is Your Business:

A lot of the biggest network marketers have mastered the art of lead generation.

They can generate thousands of hits a day to their opportunity links and over 30 to 50 leads a day, almost all on autopilot.

New people in MLM try to mimick this performance by buying thousands of dollars worth of leads, only to have barely any results, then they quit and blame it on the MLM profession.

It takes time guys. . .

That’s why it’s a profession!

You won’t be able to catch up and perform exactly like the leaders the first month you join.

The key is to build up content around your opportunity link and point videos and articles and social media posts back to your link.

Creating content is almost free to do (web hosting fees for me) but it takes time to create enough content to start generating leads.

For instance, my blog didn’t really generate leads until it was over a year old and had over 100 articles on it.

My YouTube channel didn’t get one lead until I had over 50 videos.

Most new network marketers have huge expectations from their video and article.

They think creating 3 videos and one blog post will open up the floodgates to massive traffic.

Their false expectations lead them to frustration, then they start the blame game and playing victim.

Don’t be that person!

This can be avoided by simply creating content everyday without any expectations.

You get up in the morning and you shoot a 5 minute video on your phone and upload it to YouTube.

When you get home from work in the evening, you write an article about what you said in the video and post it on your blog along with the video.

When you have no expectations, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

When you have a lot of expectations, you’ll be disappointed daily.

Simple as that.


Placing Your Opportunity Links Properly

When I first started tweeting my links, I was horrible at it.

They looked really spammy, but I learned over time how to craft better ones.

The quality of content around your link will determine the quality of your prospect.

For example: if you tweet: “Earn $5000 in 3 days like I did for FREE!!”

You are going to attract get-rich-quick seekers who don’t want to do any work.

But, if you tweet: “Over 5,500 join network marketing each day to fulfill their dreams. Find out more by clicking the link.”

You are going to get people that might be eager to start their dreams working from home.

Same thing goes for your videos and your blog posts.

If you just remain honest and sincere, you’ll attract honest people.

If you states lies all day long about making a million dollars in three days, you’ll get lazy get-rich-quick people.

See what I mean?


So, where do you place your links?

One – Under your videos.

I shorten my links using

Shortening your link makes it look prettier and people can’t Google names they see in the link to find your company. If they find your company on Google, they’ll probably join the person who wrote the article they first read.

So, my opportunity looks like this (with a analytics code on it to tell me where my lead came from):

Shrinking this link with makes the link turn into this:

See the difference?

We don’t want long, ugly links all over the place.

So, depending on the product, I shoot a video about something my product helps with, like social anxiety.

So, after I make the 5 minute video talking about how this product helped my social anxiety, I tell my viewers to click on the link beneath the video to check the product out for free.

I then add this text beneath my video:

See my #1 CBD Oil Recommendation for Social Anxiety HERE:

That’s it.

That is called a “call-to-action.”

If you create enough videos, you will start getting free leads with it.

A lot better than spending $200 on leads that won’t upgrade because they don’t know you.

Video breaks the ice quickly with your potential prospects, a lot quicker than paid leads, and video is free to create.

You can do the same type of call-to-action on your blog.

This is my CTA.

If you want to learn more about my home business, click on the button below to take the FREE Tour:

I then create a button on my blog below the article, like this:

Check Out CBD Oil for FREE HERE


That’s it!

It’s all about getting eyeballs on your opportunity link, and hopefully your MLM company has an autoresponder to help convert your prospects into paying customers and reps.


Thanks for reading!

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Erik Christian Johnson is a full-time blogger, self-development advocate, and full-time network marketing Entrepreneur.

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