MLM Companies to Avoid in 2017

MLM Companies to Avoid in 2017

MLM Companies to Avoid

If you’re looking for a Home-Based Business, the one you choose will greatly impact your success. Here’s MLM Companies to Avoid in 2017.

The first company I chose didn’t do anything for me, the product or the conversions. I tried everything to promote it, but I was getting no results whatsoever.

When I switched companies a month later, I saw instant results with my conversions.

It felt right and I loved the product.

If you don’t like the product, you’re not going to make it far in network marketing.

My rule of thumb is, if you can’t share it with your mom then it’s probably not good.

Stay away from MLM companies that offer third-party products.

If they don’t have their own product, they are riding close to being labeled as a Ponzi scheme by the FTC.

Stay away from mobile apps and services that can be easily bought anywhere else, same with sports drinks and precious metals.

If you can get gold at $1250 an ounce and this is the “market value”, it’s going to be hard to sell your MLM company to future prospects when they know this.

Find a product that you love and is needed.

I chose a product that is at a price-point anyone can afford and is a one bottle business.

If you’re just starting out in Network marketing, don’t pick a company that has tons of products and it costs over $150 a month to be a distributor.

That’s too much to spend when you’re first starting out.

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MLM Companies to Avoid in 2017

I heard a statistic about MLM companies a couple months ago that said something like, only 2 out of 2,000 MLM companies will survive past the fifth year.

So, it’s very important you find a company that has a few key strengths, including:

  • Leadership – Does your sponsor and CEO and other leadership in the MLM company you chose have your best interest, or are they just trying to get you in to make more money?
  • Product or Service – Does your MLM company offer a product or service that is unique in the industry. If you see a lot of similarities between the MLM product and the product you can get in a retail store, you might want to keep looking. A lot of new MLM companies are creating products that are not that unique and they won’t last, so make sure your MLM has something unique to offer the marketplace.
  • Availability – Is your MLM company offered throughout the world, or just in a few countries? This will greatly matter because a lot of your prospects will come from Asia and Africa. So, you want a company that is at least working on expanding into many new countries.

There’s over 120 million or more people in the world that are in some kind of network marketing/ MLM/ Direct Sales company.

Many of these people are transitioning into a new MLM and quitting their old one, some are switching because the products are too commonplace, or the company just hasn’t kept up with the latest technologies.

It’s our job as distributors and reps to provide a strong MLM opportunity for those who are basically “relocating.”

There’s also more than enough prospects in the world that want to join your home-based business opportunity, so you will never have to worry about a shortage of prospects.

If anything, you will need to shift your thinking from a “scarcity” mindset to an “abundant” mindset and believe that there’s more than enough people in the world that want what you have to offer.

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One thought on “MLM Companies to Avoid in 2017”

  1. Yes, you definitely need a product that you love. If you don’t love the product it will be difficult to have the conviction in your voice when you share it with others.

    It would be like owning a Ford dealership, but driving a Chevy. If you did that, no one in their right mind would do business with you.

    If you don’t believe in your own product, why should anyone else?

    Just saying!


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