How Master Duplicators Beat Recruiters Every Time in Network Marketing

How Master Duplicators Beat Recruiters Every Time in Network Marketing

How Master Duplicators Beat Recruiters Every Time in Network Marketing

Network marketing is about creating a team that can duplicate a system. Here’s How Master Duplicators Beat Recruiters Every Time in Network Marketing.

There’s usually two types of people who can build a network marketing business successfully.

Recruiters and duplicators.

Ideally, you become both.

Fortunately, you can “earn as you learn” in network marketing, so don’t be hard on yourself.

Here’s how to become a “team builder” and build a team exponentially.

Here’s How Master Duplicators Beat Recruiters Every Time in Network Marketing

When I started network marketing, I became good at recruiting.

I could recruit 10 people a month consistently into my home business.

But, after a year or two I still didn’t have much of a team.

The thing was: people joined my business and immediately looked at what I did to build my business.

Many got turned off right away because they saw my hundreds of articles on this blog and over 300,000 followers on Twitter.

They usually think to themselves:

This guy is successful because of his huge blog and Twitter following. I can’t do that. I quit.

The ideal thing we want are new reps to say is:

“Wow. He just pointed me to some videos from the company and that was it. I can do that to my new reps.”

You get the point.

If it’s too complicated, you won’t have a team duplicating you.

You will be a “one man” show like I was for years. . .

One Person Show or Exponential Growth

All network marketing leaders who make over $10,000 a month have created an army of “team players” on their team.

This army of people are almost all bringing two people in a month, instead of one person bringing in 2 a month only themselves.

If it’s a one person show, like I was it would look like this:

10 a month = 120 a year = 50% quit = 60 a year.

But, teach 2 people to bring in 2 people and you have crazy exponential growth:

2 = 4 = 8= 16 = 32 = 64 = 128 = 256 = 512 = 1,024

They key is to become a person who people feel they can duplicate.

I’m still no way an expert at this.

Become a Leader People Can Follow

I realized I was showing my new paid affiliates way too many techniques and they would get overwhelmed.

The best way to get your entire team on the same page is to use “third-party” tools.

MLM tools can be training videos, webinars, starter kits and manuals.

You might hear a leader say “use the tools” or “point them to a tool.”

Tools are already made by the company or a leader in the company and it’s something you can use over and over again.

There’s been thousands of network marketing teams that have been built by only using one company DVD, or one script.

You want to use a system that a 7 year old can understand.

This will get the fastest duplication.

It’s not about you being a “know-it-all.”

People can’t duplicate your knowledge, but they can share a DVD or a link to a video.

Let it Evolve

Most new network marketers are only thinking about how much money they can make in the beginning.

The dollar signs in their eyes blinds them to the knowledge that the leaders are sharing.

It took me two years to remove the dollar signs from my eyes to truly want to learn this business as a real business.

If you treat it like a lottery ticket or a little side hobby, it won’t pay you anything.

Go all in.

I know that you’re not as happy as you could be.

You have nothing to lose.

Eventually, with enough education and understanding into this exciting profession, you’ll become to understand it’s about helping your team succeed before yourself.

Most of your income will come from your team, not you.

And, roughly 10% of your team will make 90% of your income.

Keep this in mind the next time you get a leader on your team.

To Conclude: How Master Duplicators Beat Recruiters Every Time in Network Marketing

Network marketing is a people business, and the more you show them how simple this business can be, they will thank you.

This profession is changing lives every single day.

I went from back-breaking restaurant work to working full-time from home because of network marketing, and you can also.

Thanks for reading!


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