How to Make More Money with Hempworx Home Business

How to Make More Money with Hempworx Home Business

Hempworx is the easiest network marketing business I have ever encountered, and I’ve been doing MLM since 2014. Here’s How to Make More Money with Hempworx Home Business.

When you become a paid affiliate with Hempworx you receive websites and landing pages already personalized for you, so when someone takes a free tour on your landing page, by filling in the form to access a temporary position in the company, you receive their email and name and their phone is optional.

But, the best part of using the landing page (hempworxbizop) for your business is that when prospects sign the form to take the free tour, the company sends out a series of emails on your behalf which are effective enough in closing your leads.

cfto versus hempworx

In other words, you can literally suck at email marketing and the company will be helping convert your leads into becoming paid affiliates.

So, the name of the game is generating a lot of leads by sharing your landing page – you can share your landing page link under Youtube videos, under articles on your blog, on Craigslist, doing solo ads, wherever prospects may be looking for CBD or home business opportunities.

This email autoresponder isn’t just emailing spam to people, it’s telling your prospects that Thursday night at midnight is the cutoff.

The cutoff is when all the paid affiliates leapfrog the “pre-enrollees.”

So, if you want paid affiliates in your organization, who you can earn commissions on later, you have to become a paid affiliate by Thursday at midnight.

This strategy creates a huge “fear of loss” dynamic, which motivates prospects to upgrade.

It is not uncommon for me to wake up in the morning with newly upgraded paid affiliates.

This email system is very rare in MLM companies, and I rely on the system heavily.

With Hempworx, there is no more need for a bossy upline, three-way calls, hotel and home parties, cold calling, or belly to belly prospecting.

You simply need to generate leads and let the company email them.

Of course you can call your prospects for that personal touch, but it’s not necessary.

On to numbers:

You want to join as a Director, and that means buying a Director pack each month.

This allows you to rank advance all the way up the ranks by recruiting.

You cannot rank advance with just a Builder pack, although that’s all you need to be eligible for commissions.

So, you are a Director:  90 BV

You need to personally sponsor 90 BV on your left leg and 90 BV on your right leg to activate the Binary Commissions, which pay out monthly on second month orders and beyond.

You: 90 PV

Left: 90 BV      Right: 90 BV


Hempworx uses a Binary Comp plan, so you have a left leg and a right leg.

One leg will be bigger than the other leg and that is called your “powerleg.”

The powerleg is built by everyone above you and yourself.

The small leg or “pay leg” is what you build on your own.

Once you get a reliable person ordering at least 90 PV per month on your powerleg, you can just build out your small leg.

You build out just your small leg by switching the “rotator” in the settings tab to the leg you want and click save.

Now, you only have to build one leg which will be a lot easier.

On first month orders, you get paid weekly, it’s called Jump Start.

Second month reorders and beyond will be placed in Binary BV which pays monthly.

When you match Binary BV between your left and right legs you get paid monthly residual income.


                     Left leg         Right leg

Binary BV1200              1000

                     200 will carry over to the next month because it wasn’t matched.

You have a 1000 on your pay leg which will match a 1000 from your powerleg.

As a Director, you get 12% for matching.

That means $12 per 100 Binary BV

$120 for 1000 BV matched.

$1200 for 10,000 BV matched.



This is just from Binary Commissions which pay monthly.

You also get commissions from your first time orders.

Now, How to Rank Advance Fast

Again, you need to order 90 PV a month to be able to rank advance all the way to Super affiliate.

Here are the ranks in Director pack terms 100 BV(what your team has to move each month):

Executive is 30 Director Packs each month   3,000 BV

5K Affiliate is 50 Director Packs each month   5,000 BV

10k Affiliate is 100 Director packs each month. 10,000 BV

25k Affiliate is 250 Director packs each month. 25,000 BV


The name of the game is massive leads down your one leg (once you have someone ordering 90 PV on your powerleg each month)

Shoot for generating at least 10 to 50 leads a day.

People fail MLM because they do too little.

You need to keep recruiting consistently for a few years.

Never stop generating leads, and your business will grow.

Thanks for reading!


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2 thoughts on “How to Make More Money with Hempworx Home Business”

  1. Erik. Very impressive info on this company. Few queries for u (couldn’t locate an email address for u)…..

    1) Is the CBD Director Pack 90BV or 100BV?

    2) CBD Pak = $200 wholesale volume = 90 or 100BV, correct?

    3) I come in with a Director Pk. I sponsor someone with a Director Pk. I will get 50% BV payout on that pack, correct?

    4) Why do most MLMs (Hemworks too) pay out with BV (1 BV = than $1) instead on “actual” wholesale volume amount?

    For example, the Director Pk = $200 wholesale value & BV = 100.

    Comm = 100 x .50 = $50 instead of $200 x 50%.

    So realistically, my comm off that starter pack is 25% (still good) vs 50%, correct?

    So again my question is- why do MLMs use BV (which only confuses most of us) instead of ‘actual’ wholesale costs for the pay plan?

    Why not say – payout is 25% (using whol vol) for Level 1 Directors?

    I’m confused. Thanks


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