Let the Automated Email System Work for You – MDC Training

Let the Automated Email System Work for You - MDC Training

Let the Automated Email System Work for You – MDC Training

My Daily Choice is a popular network marketing company that has a powerful automated email system to help distributors recruit. Here’s how to use it.


Are you curious on how to approach your prospects once they have checked out your MDC business by filling in their details on your company-provided landing page?

Here’s How the MDC Automated Email System Works for You


You don’t need to do anything once a new lead has filled your form.

With My Daily Choice, you get a powerful automated email system attached to your landing pages.

(*Note: Email system does not work for retail or corporate websites)

That means, when you share your landing page link on the internet and someone signs up to see what you’re offering, you not only get an email telling you you have a new lead, but the MDC emails start going out to that prospect.

This is a powerful system, and it’s not just one email.

In fact, the sequence looks like this generally:

*1st day lead signs up – 1 email

*2nd day after lead signs up – 2 emails

*3rd day after lead signs up – 1 email

*4th day after lead signs up – 2 emails

*If someone upgrades to paid affiliate – an email to all leads.


With the frequency of these emails going out to your prospects, you don’t need to add your own emails.

If anything, that would be too many emails and would seem desperate on your behalf.

The Only Time You Should Reach Out to Your Prospects

The only time I reach out or communicate with my prospects is if they:

  • Have a local phone number
  • Email me a series of intelligent questions. (I don’t respond to “What is it?”
  • Have an impressive internet presence. (I Google my prospect’s names sometimes. *But, don’t “pre-judge anyone!)


So, How Do You Use a MDC Landing Page exactly?

My favorite landing page to use that seems to convert the best is called:


You can grab yours by signing into your MDC “backoffice” by going to:


Then, you’ll see a tab on the left hand side that says “My Websites.

Click on that and scroll down to “Landing Pages.”

Remember, the email system does not work for corporate or retail websites, or the landing pages have the automated email system.

So, the key is to copy your link and save it in a document on your computer so you can easily access it whenever.

My link looks like this:


My username is “erikcjohnson

Yours will be whatever username you created when you became a “paid affiliate.”

The landing page looks like this:

Let the Automated Email System Work for You - MDC Training

The Key to Growing Your MDC Home Business

The key to growing a massive business with My Daily Choice is to get as many eyes on your landing pages as possible.

This doesn’t mean buying a bunch of cheap leads or “hits” for your landing page.

This means, ideally, getting your landing page seen in front of a “targeted audience.”

A targeted audience are people who are already looking for a “home-based business opportunity.”

There’s thousands of people looking for an opportunity exactly like ours everyday in the U.S. and globally.

All leads are NOT created equal.

The best prospects are those who feel that they “know, like, and trust you.”

You can establish this “feeling” on the internet miraculously.

You don’t have to go be friends with a bunch of people at “meetups.”

Here’s a rating scale on the quality of leads and conversion:

One -10 cent leads from India – Horrible quality, no one will upgrade.

Two -50 cent leads from Fiverr – Horrible quality – no one will upgrade

Three -Spamming your link on Twitter – .05% conversion rate (1 paid affiliate out of 200 leads.)

Four – Sending a direct message on Twitter when someone follows you – 1% conversion rate. (1 paid affiliate out of 100 leads.)

Five – “How to” videos on YouTube – Not hyping product, but teaching a 3 minute MLM lesson. Conversion rate 5% (5 paid affiliates out of 100 leads.)

Six – “How to” article, 600 to 800 words on your personal blog with video. 10% conversion rate (10 paid affiliates out of 100.)

Seven – Your friends and family. 20% conversion rate (20 out of 100 will join you.) The thing with family and friends is that if they join you, they’re probably doing it out of “love” and won’t likely build the business.

These conversion rates are a general estimate, but you get the idea. The “trust factor” really matters.

To Summarize: Let the Automated Email System Work for You – MDC Training

My Daily Choice is one of the first network marketing companies that I have ever seen that has everything already set up for you.

Your only job is to get leads from your landing pages, then find the leaders who emerge on your team and work with them in getting them leads.

If you’re NOT in this business yet, go to my About Erik Page for more info.


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