Less Social Anxiety within a Month: Tips to Get Better, More Confident

Less Social Anxiety within a Month: Tips to Get Better, More Confident

Less Social Anxiety within a Month: Tips to Get Better, More Confident

Ever since my panic attack 5 years ago, I’ve been afraid to interact with people. Here’s how I got less social anxiety and more confident within a month.

I’ve been on a long search. . .

To feel confident again and at ease around people, like I was in my twenties.

There’s no better feeling than to be around company who love you, think you’re smart and witty, and you’re completely at peace with your inner-thoughts.

Somewhere on the long road to older age, most of us accumulate negative thinking about ourselves and others.

When I was a teenager, I prayed that I would be older one day because I thought “age” equaled confidence and experience.

But, little did I know, depending on one’s thoughts and experiences, aging can make everything worse.

“Stinking thinking” or trauma can put us on a downward spiral into self-doubt, loathing, and apathy.

It’s hard to get out of this trench when you have years of bad experiences or thoughts piled on top of each other.

When did my social anxiety start?

I was a pretty confident guy in my twenties, but I was also intoxicated most of the time. I never did go to a public affair without having a few drinks first.

In my thirties, drinking didn’t help social situations anymore. I just chose to drink alone.

Around 36, I quit drinking cold turkey after trying to quit a thousand times throughout the years.

I simply had enough.

First two years of sobriety were great. I was confident and proud just to be sober, but around the fourth year, I was at the dinner table with my dad, telling him more lies about my life to make him proud of me when suddenly. . .

I froze, couldn’t speak, and beads of sweat began pouring down my face.

He looked scared for me.

Asked if I was okay, as I said no and walked into the TV room to lie down.

That day forward, I never wanted to experience that feeling again.

Every time I got around my parents after that, I was scared that it would happen again.

Then, I just got scared in general.

Didn’t want to chance that feeling again, so I just stayed home and started getting used to isolation.

But, idle time is devil’s time, and in solitude usually your thoughts aren’t your best friend.

Negative thoughts stacked onto negative thoughts compound overtime and create a person you don’t recognize anymore.

I was pretty sick of this cycle and was tired of labelling myself something “less than” who i really was just for having one panic attack five years ago.

What did I do to Lose Social Anxiety?

I first started by reprogramming my thinking.

I am a big fan of the “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne, but more importantly for social anxiety, her book called “The Magic.”

The Magic has I think 28 daily exercises to become more abundant, spiritually and financially.

Most of the exercises were based on gratitude.

I started using mantras throughout the day that exercised gratitude.

Next, and this is a big one. I had to begin loving myself.

I had years of destruction behind me, from broken relationships to lost jobs, and I needed to let it all go and love myself.

Again, the simple mantra: “I Love Myself” was pretty powerful for awhile.

Then, I felt the mantra felt a little egotistical, so I turned it to God.

Adding God back into my life was the biggest change towards a better life for me.

But, what better way to get close to God than to meditate.

Meditation was brand new to me and just doing it for a week made me noticeably more confident around people.

I saw it when I went to work and talked to co-workers.

So, thus far I added: gratitude, God, and meditation.

I knew I had to change my physical body as well.

I removed sugar from my diet and replaced it with Stevia.

That not only lowered my blood pressure, it made my mind less nervous.

I also added omega 3s into my diet and CBD Oil.

What is CBD Oil?

CBD Oil is a cannabidiol compound found in Hemp.

It is one of 85 compounds found in hemp and is one of the most effective compounds that science is just now discovering.

It has no THC whatsoever, and is actually a antipsychotic.

Studies have shown that CBD not only can help physical ailments, but also cognitive issues, such as Alzheimer’s, ADHD, anxiety, and PTSD.

So, along with my omega 3 fish oil, I added CBD oil to the mix.

I started to take 20 drops of CBD under the tongue on the morning and at night.

I didn’t really feel anything for the first three weeks, but suddenly around a month, I had to go speak to a new client in person.

Normally, I would be nervous for three days before and shake before the meeting.

But, this time I calmly approached the new client, shook his hand, and held eye contact.

This was huge.

In fact, I didn’t even realize that I had a successful meeting with a new client.

My thinking was so entrenched by the “old” me that I didn’t even think about the meeting until two days later and realized that I wasn’t nervous at all!

Then, one day I had to go speak to my landlords and they allowed me to walk into their house.

Normally, I quickly hand them the rent without entering their house, but this time I went inside and stood there speaking to both of them.

Normally my eye would twitch and I would look away, but this time i was completely calm as a hindu cow.

What happened to the Social Anxiety?

It’s hard to believe that I have little to no social anxiety now.

It’s only been about a month of meditation, mantras, fish oil and CBD oil.

It’s hard to comprehend a new mental shift, and it’s important for me to just be grateful and accept my new state of mind.

I really feel that these tips will help you and fast.

First, we think differently about ourselves, then work on our bodies, then we can love others and accept who we are as well as other people.


Thanks for reading!

For more info on CBD oil, you can visit HERE.


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