Least Expensive MLM Membership for $599 a Year with Cash Back Travel

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Least Expensive MLM Membership for $599 a Year with Cash Back Travel

Finding a top-notch MLM for less than $50 a month is unheard of until now. Here’s the least expensive, best value network marketing with cash back travel.

Are you looking to lock in a year of membership in a network marketing business for less than $50 a month?

Are you ready to save thousands on Travel and get cash back when others buy your travel packages?


Here’s Least Expensive MLM Membership for $599 a Year with Cash Back Travel

Wouldn’t it be nice to buy a year’s worth of membership for a home-based business and come in at a higher rank so you can earn more commissions?

And, also save on hotels, flights, and car rentals?

And, if someone books a flight or hotel through your company-provided capture page, you earn commissions?

I’ve never heard of a travel network marketing company that rewards you like this.

You get an easy to use widget in your “back office” when you become a paid affiliate that allows you to select from:

  • 229 Airlines
  • 700,000 hotels worldwide in the database (Get paid down 10 levels within your organization, up to 11% commissions
  • 18 major car brands with 28,000 pick up locations.
  • 40,000 Bundled hotel and flight packages in over 8,000 cities.

Great for International Network Marketers who have Limited Access

There’s many countries where product is difficult to receive in the mail.

Many parts of Africa and Asia have lots of restrictions from government, or the destination is just too desolate.

The beautiful thing about this travel program is that it is a “digital product.”

Meaning, as soon as you buy your 12 month membership, you don’t have to wait for product.

You are instantly a home-based business owner with the ability to promote not only the travel, but the many other product lines of the company, ranging from micronized, sublingual sprays to brain supplements for adults and children.

best MLM travel program

Get Top-Notch Landing Pages and Automated Marketing System

This is also the easiest MLM program to promote and build a lucrative business with.

You have access to many personalized websites and “landing pages” to promote your business with.

These are high definition landing pages and websites that look professional and make it easy for you to promote online.

These websites already come embedded with your username once you become a paid affiliate.

You can promote these on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, G+, blog, under videos on YouTube etc.

These don’t just capture your prospect’s email and name, they also are connected to a powerful automated email system, that when a prospect fills out a landing page, begins getting a series of compelling emails from the company.

These emails have helped me get dozens of paid affiliates without even contacting the prospects myself.

The only thing you need to do is get people seeing your landing pages on the internet, without spamming of course.

To Summarize: Least Expensive MLM Membership for $599 a Year with Cash Back Travel

Dividing $599 by 12 months comes out to be $49 a month. Not only that, you join as an “Executive” which is 3 levels up from “unranked.”

As an Executive, you can earn down 4 levels on first time orders and 4 levels down on “leadership check matching” where you earn a percentage of monthly income from your personal leaders on your team.

For example: If you have a leader who you personally sponsored on your team who is making $10,000 a month in residual income, you’d earn $3,000 a month from that.

At $49 a month, you really can’t beat this MLM business.

Thanks for reading.


If you’d like to learn more about the Cash Back Travel MLM Membership, click the button to take a FREE Tour:

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