When Your Joints Ache Try CBD Oil

If you’re like me a man over 40, (pushing 50), some things are still holding the test of time, (like my jump shot), but others may be losing steam as we age.

I have a full head of hair that’s starting to grey, and my “dad body” could use some work but what I’ve noticed the most is that from years of working and enjoying the great outdoors that arthritis had set in, primarily in my hips and knees, (too many jump shots perhaps).

I’m not a drug seeker and the over the counter four to twelve-hour pills were starting to eat at my stomach a bit so what’s a guy to do? I found a little miracle substance called cannabidiol oil or CBD for short.

If you’re like me a straight-laced guy who doesn’t want to pick up smoking marijuana at our advanced age, then CBD oil might be right up your alley; but what is it?

Marijuana has two main active ingredients, the first the every popular-and-federally-illegal THC, the substance that gets you high, and then CBD the substance that can be purchased online or in your local health food store; that’s where I get mine. The most common uses for CBD oil but not of course approved by the FDA are:

  • Quitting Smoking
  • Anxiety Reduction
  • Some seizure disorders
  • Possibly a cancer blocker (not a cure just a roadblock for advancing cells)
  • Acne (something I hope my 40 something brothers aren’t dealing with)
  • Inflammation (arthritis)
  • Alzheimer’s (www.medicalnewstoday.com)

Now let’s compare this with some common ailments we as men over 40 may see:

  • Acne (yup even old guys get it)
  • Male pattern baldness (shave off what’s left, chrome domes are in)
  • Stress in many forms
  • Gum Disease
  • Obesity (the Dad bod again)
  • Anxiety
  • Depression

And the list goes on.

In my case I noticed after a lifetime of playing pickup basketball and a knee surgery to boot that over time my joints were wearing out, which not only brought on arthritis pain but also bouts of depression.

It was shortly after recovering from knee surgery that I was hit with a blind screen, meaning I ran into a guy twice my size.

This caused whiplash, which lead to an x-ray that showed that I had arthritis up and down my spine. There wasn’t a noticeable pain at the time but as time went on, (I ignored my doctor and continued to play), it was then that I noticed that my hip opposite of the knee that I had repaired, was giving me grief.

I checked with the doctor, yup, arthritis in the hip from compensating for the weak right knee. This was not what I was hoping to hear at age 44; I was told it was time to hang up my high-top basketball shoes and do what other “old men” do, swim or walk on a treadmill.

The anxiety that was produced by now losing my favorite activity and an unwillingness to be on pain killers forever brought me to CBD oil.

At first, I was concerned, will this show up on a drug screen (I live in a state where marijuana isn’t legal). Will it get me high and cause me to lose focus on my day to day living?

I’m a professor of psychology, a social worker, and a freelance writer; two of those three professions don’t allow you to be on drugs and work.

For writers it may be a requirement; I’m joking, but that’s the perception. I talked it over with some friends of similar age with similar issues and listened to their complaints of ulcers from too many pills, and how they’ve gained a ton of weight since they stopped being active, and decided it was worth a shot to get my life back; and I have.

CBD oil isn’t going to win any contests for being the tastiest substance but when mixed in with my daily smoothie or blended in some peanut butter for a sandwich or with crackers, it then blends, and the taste is gone.

You don’t get high, you don’t get foggy; what I get from using CBD oil is pain relief in my hip and knees. CBD has also been linked to lowering anxiety, in my case I feel it’s helped but just being able to move again, to run on a treadmill, (I’m not brave enough to try basketball for fear of a knee injury, I could if I wanted, I feel that good), just to be active without swallowing a handful of pills a day is worth it.

CBD oil at purchase price may seem like a lot, ($40-$60ish) a bottle, but you’re using drops, not chugging it like a bottle of water after a race.

My first bottle lasted four months, 12 drops a day in my smoothie or sandwich, four months of much lowered pain.

I say much lowered because like any treatment you tend to forget to take it once you’re feeling better; don’t do that!

Take it every day, if you don’t like smoothies then take it like medicine, put it in a couple ounces of water and then chug the water; again, it’s a plant that it’s derived from so it tastes like a plant. CBD oil works for me and countless others, give it a shot all you have to lose is your pain.

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Thanks for reading!



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