Is Hempworx CBD Oil Too Saturated Now?

When people join a network marketing company, they want to make sure that the product will still make them a lot of money. There’s this fear that the market is saturated. Is Hempworx CBD Oil Too Saturated Now?

Market saturation is a myth, and people who worry about a market being too saturated are usually insecure with their ability to promote a product in the first place.

Look at the two biggest company “pairs” in the world:

Coca Cola and Pepsi

Apple and Microsoft

Nike and Reebok

Chevy and Ford

Nestle and Mars


If Coke ever thought for one second that the cola market was truly saturated because of Pepsi they wouldn’t have ever started – same with the other companies. But, there was enough market share for all of them to thrive.

Now, let’s look at some older network marketing companies and their growth:

Amway’s 2017 sales were up 3% from prior year. They’ve been in business for over 55 years. . .

Herbalife Q4 2017 sales up 5%. They’ve been in business for over 35 years.

Melaleuca just hit $2 Billion in sales for the first time ever, and they’re over 30 years old.


The point is that these older established companies are still growing. So, what makes a company grow? New reps joining. . .

Any network marketing leader can come into an older network marketing company and make a lot of money – Todd Falcone’s friend just joined Amway a couple years ago and made a million that year.

Jordan Adler was in Send Out Cards and was making only around $3,000 a month after two and a half years. People warned him that the market was saturated at that point, but his income did this after they said that:

This was in 1994-1995, but look at his income progression:


Aug  $2,950

Sept  $1,350  (everyone told me it was saturated.)

Oct.  $3,410

Nov. $2,340

Dec.  $3,500


Jan.  $3,780

Feb.  $5,900  (2.5 years in the business)

March $6,230

April.  $8,500 (I’m glad I didn’t listen)

May  $13,655  (Largest check I’ve ever seen)

June  $15,070

July  $18,505

Aug. $16,700

Sept. $20,915  (First time I danced to the bank)

Oct. $21,550

Nov. $34,750


If Jordan Adler would have listened to other people in the business complaining that the market was saturated and left with them, he would have missed out on the biggest checks of his entire career, and he had been in eleven other companies before this one!

He finally realized that jumping MLM companies didn’t pay off, stood his ground, and went on to make over $150,000 a month – still to this day.

Jumping from one MLM to another – thinking that will improve your chances, is what amateurs think.

Professionals are faithful, commit to one company, and stick it out during the good times and bad times and make the most money.

Most leaders who stick to one company over ten years make over seven figures a year.

Even with CBD companies.

If CBD is predicted to become a $20 Billion a year industry by 2020, predicted by Forbes, I don’t think everyone is already in a CBD company.

And, look at Amway.

They began with soap and vitamins back in the 50’s and look at how many other companies make soap and vitamins, but Amway still does over $8 Billion a year.

Therefore, Hempworx is not saturated – there might be some fluctuations in the marketplace, but I guarantee you that there’s more people than CBD companies and there’s plenty of wealth to go around!

CBD copycat companies will come and go, and people who left Hempworx to join other companies will come back and people who left other MLMs will join Hempworx. There’s 100 million distributors worldwide and many people play musical chairs with MLM, so you’ll have plenty of people joining you over the years.

The key is to consistently recruit new people because some people will quit for a million different reasons, but find 3 to 5 leaders and you’ll make six to seven figures a year.

Thanks for reading!

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