How to Improve Your Cat’s Fur Coat Naturally with CBD Oil

How to Improve Your Cat’s Fur Coat Naturally with CBD Oil

We have a Maine Coon male cat who is 10 years old who we love and adore very much.

A lot of people who don’t own cats are unaware of their mystical intelligence and unique character that seems to grow on you and baffle you over the years.

My wife and I have loved our Py very dearly, so it was a devastating blow to our family when the neighborhood boy shot him with a pellet gun.

The pellet went through his throat and lodged itself into his left shoulder.

I’ve never heard my wife cry like that, and I held back going over to the neighbor’s to seek revenge.

I don’t believe in “fight fire with fire” because that’s how all the wars start, or over religion and who thinks their religion is the correct one.

So, during this horrible time, my wife and I and our Py actually grew stronger.

It’s funny how the worst times are the most healing and beneficial, even though they suck while happening.

My wife and I got to know our Py even better because we had to keep him inside at night now because the neighbor’s didn’t exactly reassure us that they wouldn’t go “possum hunting” again. . .

CBD Oil for Cats

So, first few nights were hell.

I didn’t sleep at all.

Py is an outdoor cat, and cats love the night, especially during the moon.

So, he meowed and meowed.

But, then we decided to order some CBD Oil for pets.

We anxiously awaited for it to arrive because we wanted him to feel ease again, I’m sure the pellet lodged in his shoulder was adding to his noisey evenings as well.

CBD Oil made my wife and I relaxed and it helped with our joint pain and back pain also.

When the CBD Oil for pets came we were excited to see that it was bacon-flavored.

We administered it to him by my wife holding him and I put half a dropper in his mouth, ideally under his tongue.

The first night, he slept through until 6 AM, which was three hours more than usual and that means daddy (me) slept three more hours!

Then we noticed something about his fur. . .

How to Improve Your Cat’s Fur Coat Naturally with CBD Oil

After a week or two, we didn’t want to hold Py upside down basically every night to administer it onto his tongue.

We didn’t want him to associate being held by my wife as a “bad thing.”

So, she decided to place the drops on top of his paw.

We watched him walk away, then groom himself.

We also were giving him chicken juice from our chicken salads.

This combination made his fur fuller and more shiney.

It was amazing!

Then, we thought – why not add the CBD Oil to the chicken or tuna juice, whatever your cat loves. . .

CBD Oil for our cat has been a god-send.

It made him heal without feeling a lot of discomfort, he slept a lot longer, and now his fur coat is fuller and brighter than ever.

Check out CBD Oil Cats for yourself.


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