How to Promote CBD Oil with an Automated Internet Marketing System

I’m sure you’ve heard the big buzz about CBD Oil. It seems like everyone and their grandmother is getting in on CBD. But, How do you promote CBD with an Automated Marketing system?

There’s a lot of people making a fortune with CBD, but if not done right, you can wind up with a dead business or the regulatory authorities coming down on you hard.

There’s a lot of red tape in starting a brick and mortar CBD business, and there’s already over 200 CBD businesses online, and probably thousands more not even in the search engines.

So, How do you promote CBD successfully on the internet?

You use a CBD network marketing company. No, this isn’t some pyramid thing or ponzi scheme. A network marketing company takes out the middleman and allows you to promote the company’s products directly yo the customer.

Why is a CBD network marketing company better than a traditional brick and mortar business?

For one, there is no risk in starting a network marketing CBD business. You simply become a “distributor” by purchasing your personal supply for as little as $69 a month. The company then gives you all the marketing you need to build your business.

Here’s some other benefits of a CBD network marketing business:

  • No holding of inventory is needed. The product is shipped directly to your customers when they order through your company-provided websites.
  • No accountant, customer support, or other staff is needed. All business operations are handled by the parent network marketing company. You are acting as an independent contractor and will receive a 1090 at the beginning of the new year.
  • No marketing or sales funnel is needed. The company has already created brochures, banners, business cards, etc for you. Also a sales funnel is already in place to contact the leads you generate. You simply point prospects to your websites.


Automation is the biggest component of my business. With the built-in sales funnel and company autoresponder, I would have to prospect in person instead of creating content that draws people to my product and opportunity.

Network Marketing companies pay the highest

I’ve been an internet marketer since 2011 and I have never found any other business model that allows this kind of compensation.

There is no income cap in network marketing, so you can have barely a high school education and make $100k a month. ( Our CBD Leaders are Making $140k a Month!) It’s the only profession that doesn’t require a specialized degree, a special education, or special connections.

In fact, network marketing is based on how much passion you have and how selfless you are in helping others achieve success of their own.

Network marketing is the opposite of corporate America. In network marketing you climb the ladder by helping others, whereas in corporate America they tend to be cut-throat and competitive and step on others to get to the top.

The CBD industry is truly exciting and unique to network marketing. It’s not just another man-made potion or lotion. CBD is a natural compound derived from Hemp and has little or no THC whatsoever.

But, if you try to start a CBD business on your own you won’t make it far.

I have plenty of entrepreneurs come to me and say they want to join my opportunity because the red tape and startup costs with starting a traditional CBD business is staggering. It is very difficult to start your own, especially with over 200 CBD companies already online.

So, if you want to be able to make over $100k a month in network marketing for as little as $200 to $1000 a month, then take the FREE Tour into the business clicking the button.

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Erik Christian Johnson is a full-time blogger, self-development advocate, and full-time network marketing Entrepreneur.

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      I created this blog from scratch. It is not a Hempworx website that is given to people when they become Paid Affiliates.

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      This theme is the 2014.

      You will have to install plugins, my favorite are:

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      You will then have to write original articles over 600 words to get your articles seen in the search engines.

      You will also have to write over 300 articles before your blog gets any domain authority.

      If you really want to write articles, you can write on an already established blog platform made for network marketers called

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