If you’ve come to this page because you are interested in learning more about the Valentus opportunity, welcome!

My name is Erik Christian Johnson. I am a full-time blogger, internet marketer, and network marketing leader.

I came home to do network marketing full-time in 2016, and am committed to one MLM until the very end. I have generated over 60,000 leads in the last 5 years and have personally recruited over 800 people.

I am an avid fan of automated systems and believe in automation and working my business one to two hours a day. I believe Valentus has a powerful automated sales funnel that can help you recruit.

I have only been in MLM companies that have this automated email system because I believe the company can help me close more prospects without me having to worry about email marketing, using mass emailers, or setting up complicated sales funnels from scratch.

If you’re interested in taking the Free Valentus Business Tour then click the button below:

If you want to run with me and this business and get the most out of the comp plan, then you are going to want to purchase either the “Builder Pack” or the Career Pack” the first month to get a higher rank, therefore more commission eligibility. Then the following months you only need to maintain that rank by order at least 100 BV a month.

There is only one way to become an Independent Representative of Valentus and that is to choose your product and pay the one-time starter fee of $20US.

However, you can order directly on the customer website, or you can take the free tour to check everything out. When you take the free tour you will get emails from the company.

This is how I recruit. I share my “landing pages to pre-enroll people” (which you also get when you become an IR) and prospects take the free tour, I get an email from Valentus saying I got a new lead, and then the company emails my leads for me.

This is a powerful automated recruiting system that has helped me recruit so many people. There’s only a couple MLM companies that have this system. No more worrying about how to contact your prospects or write compelling emails.

What’s powerful about the emails from Valentus is that there is a weekly cutoff every Thursday night at Midnight where all the paid members “leapfrog” the free tour takers, so if you don’t become a paid member by the cutoff you can potentially miss out on the commissions from people under you. I always get signups around wednesday and thursday because of the emails.

So, again, you can sign up directly on the corporate site HERE.
Or, take the free tour through the landing page HERE.

See you at the top!

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