How to Get Past First Year in Network Marketing

How to Get Past First Year in Network Marketing

How to Get Past First Year in Network Marketing

Network marketing is one of the most exciting industries but also the most challenging. Find out, How to Get Past First Year in Network Marketing.

In the first year of network marketing, 97% will quit. . .

It’s a cold fact, but what is more exciting is the 3% who make it.

They get all the rewards of staying strong during the hardest times of being a home-based Entrepreneur.

They also get the fat checks that come in automatically each month.

The top 20% in network marketing make over $20,000 a month.

Think how your life would change making $20,000 a month.

Isn’t that worth committing to working hard in network marketing for maybe 4 to 6 years?

In six years you could be firing your boss, buying your parent’s home to free them of debt, and be traveling the world.

Could you retire from your job as it is now in six years?

Probably not,

Most Americans have to work until they’re 67 or 70 now.

And, how much will Social Security pay them?

About $1270 a month.

Can you fly to Europe after paying your rent with $1200 a month?


That’s why network marketing is better.

Way better. . .

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But, why do people quit in 3 months to a year?

They think network marketing is:

  1. A cute little side-project.
  2. A hobby that they only work one hour a week.
  3. They expected tons of business and got no one.
  4. They played MLM like a lottery ticket.
  5. They couldn’t handle hearing someone say “no” to their offer.
  6. They were too embarrassed to seek help from their sponsor.
  7. They didn’t learn anything about network marketing.
  8. They didn’t want to talk to anybody.
  9. They didn’t want to push product on people.

You get the point. . .

Network marketing is a $180 Billion dollar Industry.

That’s Industry, as in a serious profession.

With over 18 million distributors in the U.S. alone.

People who make it in network marketing knew it was a serious endeavor.

Maybe not exactly at first, but they caught on pretty quick that it was a serious business when they saw how much the leaders were making.

treating network marketing like a profession

How do you stay in MLM past a year?

Bottom line is:

You have to like the products that you are buying each month to stay as an active distributor.

If you don’t really like the products, the game is over. . .

Find a new company fast or else. . .

If you enjoy using the products, you have all the time in the world to figure the business side out. . .

Don’t expect success overnight, or even the first two years. . .

Just relax and start learning some techniques that network marketers use.

Learn how to “invite” people to see your opportunity.

Learn how to handle objections.

And, learn how to “close” someone.

There’s tons of videos on YouTube about these things.

Read Go Pro by Eric Worre.

If you want to learn something bad enough you will learn it.

I spent an hour a day watching all the videos about MLM training on YouTube.

Then I spent an hour each night reading a network marketing book I bought on Amazon.

There’s at least a hundred great books under “MLM Network Marketing” on Amazon.

Your time won’t be wasted.

You could be earning $3,000 a month in residual income your first year.

You could earn more if you’re a maniac. . .

The sky’s the limit in network marketing.

There’s no income cap.

The only limit is what you put on yourself.

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How did I make it over a year in MLM?

Believe me, I was a mess my first year and most of my second year.

I had people hang up on me, laugh at me, and other bizarre things out of my control.

I was so eager to become successful that success didn’t come. I was impatient. People smelled my neediness.

I looked at my “dashboard” every ten minutes. I couldn’t sleep.

I cried twice because my business just wasn’t doing anything.

But, lo and behold, when you are focused on one thing long enough the doors start to open.

The Universe, or god, or abundance starts giving you little crumbs. You get excited again. . .

There’s a little light that begins shining through your gloomy consciousness.

My business developed almost at the same pace I was growing new skills and mindset.

There’s no rushing self-development. You can pretend you are a wise guru leader all you want but only a higher power gives you that title when you’re truly ready. . .

See, I was a selfish person most of my life. . .

It was all about me and my ego. . .

It takes a long time to reprogram a rampant ego that has controlled you most of your life.

I was a drunk.

the drunk

I tore through relationships and jobs with that little demon. . .

Network marketing has been said to be “one big self-development course.” And, boy is that true.

MLM is like one long hiking trail and you are barely surviving on the little drops of water that are dripping from the cliff’s walls. . .

But, then suddenly. . .

Around the next corner in the trail, you see some awesome happy people holding gallons of the purest ( drink you like.)

They turn and see you coming and wave you over.

They turn on your favorite music and pull out a chair for you to rest your tired feet.

There is as much (beverage you love) that you can drink.

Then you hear rumbling in the distance and then a helicopter appears and blows the trees around you.

It lowers and lands in a field about a 100 yards away.

The smiling, happy people say the helicopter is for you. . .

That you don’t have to walk back on the trail.

Everything is taken care of.







That’s network marketing,

when your business hits momentum. . .

That’s MLM,

when the residual checks exceed your job’s income.

That’s the power of network marketing when you stay in your business past the first year. . .

The End.

Erik Christian Johnson Network Marketer and Full Time Blogger


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