How to Get MLM Leads with Statusbrew and Twitter

How to Get MLM Leads with Statusbrew and Twitter

How to Get MLM Leads with Statusbrew and Twitter

Generating MLM Leads consistently is the name of the game to build a successful home business. Here’s How to Get MLM Leads with Statusbrew and Twitter.

Having trouble getting MLM Leads for your business?

As network marketers, it’s essential to generate consistent leads daily for your network marketing business.

What are “Leads?”

Leads are prospects, or people that have shown an interest in your opportunity and have filled out their info on your company’s landing page.

*Leads are NOT guaranteed new reps or distributors.

In most cases, the rate of conversion for a lead to upgrade to paid affiliate is 1% to 20% depending on how much your prospect “trusts” you or knows you.

There’s two types of MLM leads.

Cold Leads – People who don’t know you, so conversion rate is a lot lower.

Warm Leads – People might know about you and trust you, so conversion rate is better.

With social media prospecting, leads are usually cold, unless they know, like, and trust you from seeing you frequently.

Today, I want to show you How to Get MLM Leads with Statusbrew and Twitter

Like I said before, you need to always be generating leads to grow a successful MLM business.

If you stop generating and recruiting leads into your business, your team will copy you and stop as well.

So, the key to a successful network marketing business is to get your entire team generating leads daily.

Most people don’t know how to generate leads, so they quit.

Or, they spend a lot of money and buy leads, but those have a very low conversion rate, so you will usually go broke before building a team.

So, how do you generate almost-free MLM leads on a daily basis?


If you have a Twitter account, log in right now.

Then, open a new window in your browser and go to:

Statusbrew will want to connect with your Twitter account, so go ahead and connect it by clicking the blue twitter button on Statusbrew.


So, you are now seeing the dashboard of Statusbrew.

Click on your Twitter account that you just added.


Then, it will take you to the dashboard for that Twitter account.

Inside your dashboard, you will see lots of tabs to the left.

welcome DM for MLM Leads

The most important tab right now is called “Welcome DM’s”

Click on that.

You will see a empty box at the top that says, “Enable Welcome DM”

Click that box.

Now, you are ready to put a welcome message in the caption box below.

The best message that is working for my business right now is:

Hey, I wanted to reach out to you and offer you an opportunity.

I have built one of the largest teams Internationally for my particular company and I have done this in less than 12 months.

The reason me and my team have been so successful is because we find the most efficient ways to leverage the internet to create as much success as possible.

We currently work for a ‘high ticket’ Direct Sales company selling the highest grade technology in the Health & Wellness industry. This is technology that EVERY person on the planet SHOULD own and it’s our job to share these amazing products.

So I want to show you a little bit more about what my team and company has to offer. You can click the link to take a FREE Tour here:

(Copy and paste this message and put in in the statusbrew message box and hit “save.” Change the link at the bottom to yours.)

Notice the shortened link in green at the end of the message.

That is my landing page from my MLM company.

I have put a “source code” on the end of it so I know how many “hits” this link is getting.

My favorite landing page, which you should use as well (if you’re in MDC) is:

The source code part of it is: /?SOURCE=

You can name your code anything and add it after the = sign.

Mine is “DM” for “Direct Message.”

So, grab your link and add your username and source code and open it in a new browser window.

Now, copy and paste it and take it over to

Place the link in their box where it says “Enter a long URL to Make Tiny.”

Then, copy their shortened version.

You now have a shortened link for your own direct message!

You are now done with the DM section of Statusbrew.

Now, How do you Get Leads from Twitter and Statusbrew?

Ok. So, now you want to get people on Twitter to see that your Direct Message that you just set up in Statusbrew.

I strongly suggest that you get the “paid version” of statusbrew so it removes their branding from the end of your direct message.

You now want to follow “potential prospects” on Twitter.

How do you know who is a potential prospect?

You follow someone who is following a network marketing company.


AmwayUS on Twitter has 61.9 people following them.

You know that most of these followers are interested in network marketing.

So, what I do is I hand-select people that look “business like” in the “followers” section of MLM companies.

I don’t follow business accounts or “eggs.”

I follow in the morning. Monday thru Thursday.

I follow a few hundred people.

But, if your Twitter account is small, you can only follow around 30 to 100 a day.

If Twitter locks you out, you have followed too many, but don’t worry. Follow their instructions and you can get back into your Twitter. Just don’t follow again for that day.

Need some MLM companies to follow their followers?

Here’s a list of the top 25:

(Remember to follow the “followers” of that company, NOT who they are “following.”)

1            Amway

2           Avon

3           Amore Pacific

4           Herbalife

5           Infinitus           

6           Mary Kay         

7           Perfect China

8           Forever Living Pr.         

9           Natura Cosmeticos      

10        Tupperware   

11         Nu Skin

12        Thermomix (Vorwerk)  

13        Tiens International      

14        Primerica Financial Services     

15        Ambit Energy

16        Oriflame          

17        Melaleuca       

18        Belcorp

19        Telecom Plus (Utility Warehouse)        

20        New Era Health

21        Kobold (Vorwerk)        

22        Jeunesse         

23        New Avon       

24        Young Living   

25        USANA


**Update for 4/18/2017**

Like I have said before, it is always wise to A/B test every lead generation technique you do on social media because they can lose “traction” and not be as effective.

As of 4/18/2017, the best direct message for Twitter and Statusbrew is:

Thanks a lot for following. You’re Awesome! B.T.W. We’re looking for individuals who are success-driven with a desire to make Extra Income from Home. If you’d like more information, please click:

The reason why this is more effective than the first message above is that I break the ice by being friendly. I compliment them, then I casually add my best performing message that I have used on Twitter for a long time.

This combination of words and leading them to my “About Erik” page on this blog establishes more trust than the other message. 

If you have an “About” page on your blog with a “Call-to-Action” at the bottom of the page leading to your MLM opportunity, then use that and shorten the link like I have mine.


I hope this helps you to get more Leads for your business!

If you’re not involved with a network marketing business currently, please click the button below to take a FREE Tour:

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