How Much Income Can a Rep Make in Hempworx?

Hempworx is an exciting opportunity financially and physically. Hempworx has grown over 300% in the last year because of their CBD products. So, What Can a Rep Make in Hempworx?

Thanks for visiting! I would like to share my story of how I started network marketing and how Hempworx changed my life. Then, I will discuss the income disclosure and what a Hempworx Paid Affiliate can make.

The one thing that really drew me to network marketing in 2014 was the income possibilities. Network marketing does not discriminate, nor require any special degree, and normal people like you and I can make any income. There is no income cap in network marketing, so MLM leaders can make $150k a month, or more.

The giant income potential comes from building a large organization of customers and reps who reorder each month and build their own teams. It’s almost impossible to make $150k a month by just selling the product yourself. Therefore, it might take 3 to 7 years of recruiting and building leaders on your team to make great income.

3 to 7 years is still a lot better than 20 to 40 year careers and with network marketing you receive residual income whether you work 10 hours a week or 50.

There is time and income freedom in network marketing unlike any other traditional business. And, there is very little risk and you can start your very own home business for as little as $100 a month.

Mindset Greatly Affects Income

When I started network marketing in 2014, I basically just spammed my opportunity link everywhere and didn’t build any trust. So, my income was very bad the first two years. The third year and fourth year I started treating my business more seriously and created value-based content on this blog and did videos. Here’s a snapshot of my income in MLM:

2014 $2500

2015 $3500

2016 $5000

2017 $25,000

2018 $$$$ (Will make more than a doctor with barely a high school education.)

As you can see, I barely made any money when I was just spamming. But, the money improved as I improved my mindset.

I started helping others achieve success before myself. MLM is a “selfless” profession, the quicker you help others to success the quicker your income can grow.

So, I basically worked odd jobs and lived on credit cards for the first three years until my income from network marketing could sustain me.

Most of us will have a rough couple years, but after the first couple years your income from network marketing will far exceed your job’s income, then the income from MLM will far exceed your wildest dreams, but you have to stay consistent, work your butt off, and remain faithful to one company even when it feels like your business isn’t growing.


So, here’s Some Income Numbers from the official income Disclosure from hempworx:

Rank     Monthly Average Income    Max Monthly Income # of Reps

Builder:      $10.22     $3,667            43,147

Director      $29.64     $4,707               24,182

Executive    $90.52     $7,965              26,944

5K                $877.15     $8,403          770

10K              $1,612         $9,414             559

25K              $2,918      $10,852           201

50K              $5,189      $16,888            85

100K             $6,290     $20,618             72

250K            $19,498    $36,734             11

500K           $38,648    $83,032            11

Super           $65,031    $142,791             3

We have had a leader hit Super Affiliate within two years. Think of that! In 2 to 5 years you could realistically make $142,000 a month! Of course, individual performance varies and you should read the full income disclosure, but that is life-changing income.

5 years ago I was flipping burgers for a living, now I make more than a doctor. Of course it wasn’t easy, there were many nights I cried and wanted to quit, but I knew that I could create a dream lifestyle if I gave it everything I got. Now, my dreams are coming true and Hempworx can give you that opportunity as well.

Thanks for reading!


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