How Much CBD Oil Should I Take for My Anxiety

How Much CBD Oil Should I Take for My Anxiety

How Much CBD Oil Should I Take for My Anxiety?

CBD Hemp Oil is becoming popular because of the new scientific research coming out. But, How Much CBD Oil Should I Take for My Anxiety?

I’ve had social anxiety ever since I stopped partying and had a panic attack in front of my parents five years ago.

Maybe you know the feeling?

Panic attacks or anxiety can wreck your life because you’re afraid to feel those feelings you had when you experienced the attack.

After my panic attack I didn’t want to see my parents again or sit at a dinner table.

Now, how ridiculous is that?

We must go on, and forget about those feelings, and begin working on why those feelings are coming up.

Like I said, I had a panic attack AFTER I stopped partying, which means that the stuff I was running from was coming to the surface again and I needed to deal with it ASAP.

You see it everywhere, people are running from their deeper feelings of insecurity and inadequacy by eating junk, watching lots of T, and other bad habits like drugs, alcohol, and sex.

Maybe you don’t do these things and are still having anxiety.

That’s perfectly okay, there’s a lot of psychic elements at work in our lives and we might not have a clue what’s going on.

What is CBD Oil?

CBD Oil, also known as Cannabidiol Oil, is one of the 85-90 compounds found in Hemp.

This compound has been discovered to have amazing properties that may help with many serious ailments, including anxiety, Alzheimer’s, ADHD, PTSD, etc.

There is no THC in the CBD Oil I use, and it’s non-psychotic, pain reliever, and a powerful anti-inflammatory.

Here’s a pic of all the things it can help, I’m sure there’s many more. I’m NOT claiming CBD Oil “cures” anything.

Why You Need to Get Into CBD Oil Network Marketing ASAP

I have tried so many natural remedies to help reduce my social anxiety. I wrote about my top 3 methods to reduce social anxiety here.

CBD Oil is a natural plant compound that works. It has also reduced my back pain and a twitch in my left eye (from nervousness) has stopped.

So, How Much CBD Oil Should I Take for My Anxiety?

Everyone is different and it’s written on the bottle of my CBD Oil to take 20 drops.

I don’t know about you, but I’m not going to count out 20 drops everyday.

So, I decided to take a third of a dropper in the morning and a third of a dropper just before bed.

In this picture, that would be around .50 ML. The dropper I use doesn’t have these markings. This is just to show you roughly how much I use.

50 ML cbd oil anxiety


The first month, there wasn’t a lot of noticeable effects, but shortly after the first month I went to meet someone new and I wasn’t nervous at all.

This wasn’t normal for me, not feeling nervous, and the only thing I could think of that helped my nervousness was the CBD oil.

I also realized that you can take CBD oil an hour before a “nervous” event and it will calm you.

Now that i’ve been taking it for a month and a half, I have definitely noticed less back pain, and a lot less anxiety.

For more severe issues, I would think about doing up to .75 ML to 1 ML of CBD Oil once in the morning and once at night.

It will take a couple weeks to get into your system. (place the drops under your tongue and let sit)

Adjust accordingly, but you should start feeling pain subside and a feeling of more ease.

I hope this article helps!


Again, this is not medical advice, only my experience with CBD Oil.

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6 thoughts on “How Much CBD Oil Should I Take for My Anxiety”

  1. I am a believer of CBD! I noticed instant pain relief and an overwhelming positivity since I started using water soluble BioCBDplus. My anxiety and depression went away as did my Bipolar swings and PTSD relapses! I represent Veterans all over the world. -Corey

    1. Hi, I agree Corey,
      at first I didn’t think CBD Oil worked, but I kept taking it morning and night until suddenly after almost a month on it, I noticed I had no social anxiety when I went to go meet someone new. It has also helped my PTSD and OCD. It’s really a miraculous compound found in nature. No wonder it is predicted to become a multi-million dollar business.

  2. I have purchased hempwork 500 mg. oil. I take 6 drops in the morning but can’t seem to take another dose at noon because it keeps me awake. I have noticed a difference in my attitude. How long before I notice a difference for pain?


    1. I take almost a full dropper every day, sometimes more. I thought it helped me sleep better. Anxiety should subside after an hour of taking at least a half dropper. But, you might be sensitive, so don’t take my advice. I am not a doctor and am not prescribing or recommending anything.

    1. Hi Dawn,

      Everyone is different. You can always take a half dropper to a full dropper during a craving and see what it does for you, although I can’t give medical advice.

      Feel free to type alcohol into the search bar of this blog to see the other articles I have written about to stop drinking. I drank very heavily for 16 years and I stopped almost cold turkey, but be careful, people die from stopping alcohol too abruptly.

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