How God Changed Network Marketing and Success Mindset for 2017

How God Changed Network Marketing

How God Changed Network Marketing and Success Mindset for 2017

Network Marketing is a people business. A lot of self-development happens in MLM. Find out How God Changed Network Marketing and Success Mindset for 2017.

I’m sure you’re struggling with the association between God and network marketing.

If you’re in network marketing you understand that it’s a “people” business and the better you can relate to people and help them on their own journeys inside network marketing and out the more successful you will be.

I admit, I was pretty selfish when I started network marketing. I had just failed at a few other online businesses, including selling music MP3’s as Erik Narcissist.

Erik Narcissist

Erik Narcissist, aka ME

What was I thinking??

It’s funny looking back at this. I was trying to be this cocky guy, like Eminem or something, and hoping to make money selling my poorly produced music with me playing all the instruments.

Then I tried making money in penny stocks, which is essentially gambling your money away. . .

I kept chasing after money and not really looking at the motives, or even how I truly felt on the inside.

I confess, I was really lost on the inside. I had made a mess of my life and most of it was a drunken blur.

I chased friends away and told my parents off and I was alone for many years. . .getting angrier and angrier.

Eventually something had to change and I hit a brick wall, so to speak, and had a heart attack at the age of 32.

This is where most people would say they changed their life, but not me. I thought it was a fluke and kept drinking, even harder, for four more years. . .

This is me in social situations. . .guess which one I am:

the drunk

 I’m passed out on the right. I couldn’t face friends sober and I passed out if I drank with them.

I was really scared. I spent from ages 17 to 42 running, but from what?


I couldn’t sit still for more than 5 minutes. I had to get somewhere which was nowhere fast.

I rocked on my bed to give me the feeling of moving, going somewhere, but the bottle was now empty and the lies had burned holes in my conscience.

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Enter Network Marketing. . .

I finally got sober and had a few great years. They only felt great because I was in the “honeymoon stage” of sobriety.

I actually hadn’t done any repair work on my inner demons and insecurities.

This all came to a head four years into my sobriety, with a few little relapses once a year, when I was eating dinner at my family’s house.

We were in the middle of eating when I was talking to my dad about my eBook sales. (Another bombed venture.) Suddenly, I froze.

Beads of sweat rolled down my face and I could see panic on my dad’s face.

He asked if I was okay. I barely mumbled “not really” and went and lied down. I was having a severe panic attack.

My life was catching up to me. I couldn’t believe it! I thought being sober was going to fix everything, but it didn’t.

My real life came to the surface and now I had to truly look at myself.

Prescriptions or not?

I asked my dad for some Valium and I instantly felt better, even though it hadn’t kicked in yet and I realized everything was psychological.

My thoughts were tormenting me and I ran away from them for years, but why?

I began looking on the Internet for natural remedies for anxiety. I discovered a product that was natural with 13 powerful ingredients.

I ordered it and took it when it arrived. I slept like a log the first few nights. Apparently, my mind and body needed what it had because I felt really good in the morning also.

My afternoon naps went away also. . .

This is when I realized I had a network marketing opportunity on my hands. I could make residual income by telling people about a product I already loved. . .

But, there was one catch.

I was still a selfish and wildly insecure man who had run from his problems for years and years and prospects didn’t really feel like joining me and my network marketing business.

They could smell my greed and insecurity. . .

We all need money right?

The Real Work Begins in God and MLM. . .

I had been in network marketing for nearly 18 months when I realized spamming my opportunity links weren’t exploding sales in my business.

I had been told that people join you in network marketing or any business for that matter because they know, like and trust you.

It’s hard for people to trust someone who has blacked out too many times to count. . .

Alcohol and drugs tain the soul and I needed to finally make amends to myself, my family and God.

God came back into my life full force Christmas eve, right around my second year in network marketing.

I truly opened myself to God’s love this time and felt warmth. I felt the insecurities slip away and the anxiety fade away.

I guess you could say I had the excitement of a “born again.”

I realized, at 43, I need people and being selfish is low vibration. Helping others feels so much better than taking from people.

Repeat: Network marketing is a “people” business.

I finally feel that I can look people in the eye and ask for their trust.

Along the way, I have begun to help many people join me in my unselfish network marketing journey.

It is truly fascinating hearing company testimonials coming in from around the world.

Network marketing does changes lives for the better. . .

And, the product still helps me with my social anxiety.

How God Changed Network Marketing: Updated for 2017

Wow, a lot has changed since I wrote this post!

I have done several ceremonies with spiritual plant medicines with Shamans and have had a couple “appearances” with Jesus since then.

My relationship with God is ever deepening and it’s terrifying.

Why am I scared?

Because God is helping me unveil all the emotions I have caged up since a little boy.

When emotions from the past get released, you feel them over again.

So, I’m feeling years of repressed anger, sadness, anxiety, etc.

Most people think they are getting “worse” because they feel like they are freaking out when working on themselves, but it’s just old emotions leaving.

The key of dealing with these emotions is to “re-integrate” them back into yourself by feeling them fully.

It’s scary to feel like you’re having a panic attack and are guided to just sit with it until it subsides.

“Sitting” with your emotions will lessen their power.

Eventually, we will accept all are emotions and feel free.

God and MLM

The last two months have been the most successful months in my MLM.


It began when I read “Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends On It.”

The author of the book said an affirmation to himself every day for 30 days continuously.

The affirmation was: “I love myself.”

I did this also.

I still do it, but it has evolved into other affirmations I won’t get into right now.

I realized changes in my life in a couple of weeks.

This happened because I truly didn’t love myself.

When you don’t love yourself, you repel the good things in life to come to you.

I thought I was happy, but saying “I love myself” was really uncomfortable in the beginning because I truly didn’t love myself.

I also made the affirmation stronger by looking at my eyes closely in a mirror and saying it.

It was truly powerful and about two weeks into the practice, I started to believe it.

My MLM shifted for the better when I shifted for the better.

My life went from “half empty” to “half full” which is the next thing that improved my MLM business.

Joe Vitale and Steve G. Jones: Total Money Magnetism

After the “Love Myself” period, I bought two very important products relating to Law of Attraction.

The first one was Joe Vitale’s Awakened Millionaire and the second was Steve G. Jones’ Total Money Magnetism.

Joe’s was a 13 video course and Steve’s was hypnosis MP3s.

You can check out their full descriptions on my Deal of the Week page.

These two products together also shifted my mindset around money and success.

Many of us subconsciously sabotage success.

We don’t think we would ever sabotage something good, but when you really get down to your core beliefs, success is scary and your belief is lacking in obtaining success.

Lastly: Gratitude for Success

The last thing that really improved my home-based business was “gratitude.”

I began a gratitude journal and prayed more to God about the things I already had and was thankful for.

A lot of us always want more, even when we get what we want. We immediately want something else, thinking that will make us happier.

By praying to God and thanking him/her every day, more abundance came to me.

I tried “staying in the moment with gratitude” rather than “being upset because I wanted more” and that truly transformed my business.

I am now #1 in my primary network marketing business.

I am truly blessed and the more success i get, the more thankful I am, and more success comes.

It’s an “upward spiral” I’m glad I created.

Follow these steps for more abundance.

Your MLM business will thank you for it!


Erik Christian Johnson Network Marketer and Full Time Blogger

Erik Christian Johnson

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