How CBD Helped My Nausea from Cancer

As a current cancer patient I know that uneasy feeling in the back of my throat and the pit of my stomach all too well the increased saliva (spit) in my mouth that usually leads to vomiting.

Sometime I would feel dizzy or light-headed my heart beat would seem to be running a mile a minute and when there was nothing left I would experience retching, gagging or dry heaves when my stomach was empty and there was absolutely nothing left to bring up.

I have been receiving chemotherapy for the last 2 years I have been extremely nauseous on a daily bases.

I receive high doses of chemo back to back which causes the nausea and vomiting. Receiving the doses of chemo close together doesn’t help one bit before I would be able to recover from the last chemo treatment I would be receiving another.

I was given different medications to help with the nausea, but after so many different medications my doctor tells me that I am experiencing what is called refractory vomiting which pretty much means that the medications are no longer working for me or I am no longer responding to the medications.

I was giving medicine around the clock even if I didn’t have symptoms or didn’t vomit and this was to prevent the nausea after the chemo treatments.

The medications worked for a while until they didn’t anymore and I was right back to the vomiting losing weight from not being able to eat anything.

I have tried everything from Serotonin (5-HT3) antagonists to Steroids; Antacids even tried Anti-anxiety drugs, Dopamine antagonists, NK-1 antagonists, pretty much any and everything in between.

I have even tried a non- drug approach to the vomiting. I tried Progressive muscle relaxation, Acupuncture or Acupressure, music therapy still I would experience the nausea.

I had trouble eating because nothing would stay down and I would have a queasy feeling in my stomach or feeling clammy or sometimes sweaty this was giving me no hope for the future and already sick and now depressed I was in search of anything that could help to diminish the symptoms I searched high and low nothing seemed to work for me.

I was thinking well maybe I will just stop chemo all together I couldn’t take the pain anymore and felt like just let the cancer eat away at my body but that also caused me to feel sick even more I just could not win. I felt like just completely giving up but who would that help not my children, my grandchildren or my husband.

Finally, I was having a random conversation with another cancer patient we talked about how much we hated chemo how sick we would feel after treatments how sometimes you would go days until the vomiting started and the person I spoke with introduced me to CBD Oil.

After discussing this new found information with my oncologist I decided to give it a try I was hesitant at first because nothing I tried worked for me.

I am so happy I tried the CBD Oil life has changed for me tremendously I am able to eat more and able to keep my food down.

With the CBD Oil I actually have an appetite I am using pain medications a lot less than prior to using the CBD Oil. CBD is not psychoactive I didn’t experience the mid altering effect that THC has and that was also a plus in my book I didn’t really care for the HIGH feeling.

After using CBD I feel less anxious less depressed I feel that I can be a function member of society without vomiting every 5 minutes.

Not sure if it’s linked to the CBD Oil but I now take less chemo treatments seems like the CBD inhibited the spread of the cancer cells which is pleasing to me I am extremely happy I found CBD life is just so different now.

I have gained weight from the increase in my appetite I haven’t experienced and bad or harmful side effects since using the CBD Oil and hope to continue using the oil side effect free so far so good.

I would highly recommend CBD Oil to any cancer patient that experiencing what I had to go thru it’s unpleasant and discouraging and I know personally how it feels.

Luckily I live in a state where it’s legal to acquire and use the CBD oil if you or anyone you know are going thru the vomiting the pain and general side effects of chemotherapy please talk about CBD oil and see if this works for them – instead of pumping a zillion different pharmaceuticals into their body with a bunch of different side effects that would most likely have you taking another medication.

By Keona.

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  1. Hello Keona, Its really great to read your success story. CBD is really a blessing. It is helping me fighting with insomnia. I am taking it for 1 year and i am fully satisfied.

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