How CBD Helped my Athlete’s Foot Issues

CBD is a huge help for a number of different conditions.  It can help pain and epilepsy, anxiety and PTSD.  In fact, broad spectrum CBD has the ability to help a large number of issues. 

I recently had a very big issue that I used, and am still using, CBD for.  I live in a house with five other people and two dogs.  Every single one of my children are ‘non-shoe wearers’ and my fiancé is a ‘non-shoe taker offer’. 

Needless to say, I am always torn between working with dirty little grimy outdoor feet, and smelly consistently worn shoes.  The one thing these feet both have in common, Athlete’s Feet.

Now, I will not ever say anything has cured my or my family’s tinea issues, but I will say that there are things that can alleviate them, and CBD is one of them.  I use it in addition to over the counter sprays, and it helps to relieve the itching, plus it helps to greatly reduce the flakiness and dryness.  It also helps to keep these issues at bay.

When trying to find a way to cure our Athlete’s Feet issues I tried everything.  I tried sprays, powders, creams and prescriptions.  What worked for one person would not work for the next.  I ended up with a closet full of creams and sprays. 

Finally, I got fed up with spending hundreds of dollars to maintain our tinea problems so I took to the internet for some natural solutions to the problem.  What I found tickled me pink and some of which was growing right in my garden. 

I found that if you use coconut oil as a base and add lavender, helichrysum, tea tree and CBD you have a recipe for fungal care that just cannot be beaten.  Coconut oil, lavender and tea tree are all well-known Athlete’s feet aides. 

CBD is a questionable one, though it has been shown to alleviate the symptoms.  Helichrysum is a rejuvenating and skin renewing oil that can reduce aging and regrow skin cells.  Mixed together you have a recipe for fighting tinea and beautifying your feet.

I myself found that CBD works well by itself, while testing the oils on myself.  I always use the method of testing a small area before testing a large one, and when mixing essential oils, you need to be exceptionally careful. 

I stopped using the foot spray and I started with the lavender testing a small area of my foot.  Once I had no reaction I tested just the lavender and coconut oil.  It helped a little after a few days and I noticed that the tinea started to clear up. 

I stopped using the lavender for a few days and the tinea came back in full effect, this time with peeling.  Then I used the tea tree, repeating the same process as I had with the lavender. 

I had better results with the tea tree but it was much worse when I stopped using it.  My feet were peeling and itching, cracking and burning.  I got some full spectrum CBD and started to use it.  It immediately began to help, but the same thing happened when I discontinued use, however it was not as bad as the other times, just some mild itching and peeling. 

I mixed them all together, using twice the CBD oil as all the others, and added some helichrysum for good measure because I know that works.  I tested the substance that I had created.  Once I had no reaction I began to use the oil.  To this day I use it, and a natural, CBD based foot spray, that is it.

My children love these products because they do not burn like the others do, and my daughter actually quit using the spray.  She only uses the oil I made on her feet once a week, plus pure CBD oil mixed with a base of jojoba once a month, and she has not had a problem with her feet itching, cracking or peeling. 

Who is really to say that the CBD oil, or any of the oils have any real effect on tinea at all?  Maybe by using oil you are just suffocating the fungus, who knows.  I do know that CBD is a staple oil that I keep around my house. 

I also know that I mixed it with coconut oil, used on my son’s hair for a week and his scalp fungus hasn’t come back since.  I also know that my fiancé used CBD and coconut oil on his inner thighs for jock itch, and it disappeared, but maybe it was more the effect of the coconut oil than the CBD. 

I will not say there is a miracle cure for anything, but I will say that CBD definitely helped to alleviate some of the issues experienced with Athlete’s Feet and related tinea fungi.


Kelly M.

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