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Welcome to the Hempworx Training for Paid Affiliates portal! You are in the right place to learn everything you need to become very successful with your Hempworx home business.

The biggest question that people ask is: “Can I make a full-time income with Hempworx?” And, the answer is definitely! I work full-time from home, sometimes in my PJ’s, doing nothing but promoting Hempworx and helping my team promote Hempworx.

It’s a simple business, but not always easy. You will want to treat this business like any other small business, and the more consistent you are in your efforts, the more it will pay off!

Joining Options:

If you haven’t joined Hempworx yet, the best join option is to buy an Executive pack the first month, which will lock you into Executive commissions, then maintain Executive status by ordering at least a Director Pack each month thereafter.

If you already joined, don’t worry, you only need to order a Director pack each month to be able to rank advance by recruiting and building a team. You will hit Executive rank, 5k rank, 10k rank, etc, by building your team volume.

You need to personally sponsor a team that generates 3,000 BV a month to hit Executive rank, 5,000 BV in group volume to hit 5k, 10,000 to hit 10k rank, etc.

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Here is the Most Simple Breakdown How to Grow Hempworx:

  1. Take CBD Oil
  2. Learn One Specific Lead Generation Technique that Works
  3. Promote Your Hempworx Landing Page to Generate Leads
  4. When You Personally Recruit a Paid Affiliate, Teach Them Your Number #1 Lead Generation Technique.
  5. Repeat.
  6. Focus on the People Taking Action, Not just Talking Big

How to Build Your Binary Legs:

The Hempworx System automatically places your leads down both your left leg and right leg alternating.

You need to personally recruit 90 BV worth on both legs to activate your Binary Monthly Commissions.

Since some people quit, I recommend you personally put at least 5 Paid Affiliates on both legs before switching your “Rotator” (in settings tab) to your smaller leg and build that out to maximize Binary Monthly Commissions.

How to Generate Leads:

Leads are the backbone of your business and no leads means no business. Find a platform where you can share your Hempworx Landing page to generate leads and stick with that. Once you master that platform, add a new platform.

Here’s an example:

I generate my leads from a combination of social media, blogging, and paid advertising.

Most people just use Facebook.

Get really good at generating leads and you will make good money.

If you have exhausted your warm market (friends and family) you will need to market yourself in the cold market.

You will need to generate 10 to 40 leads a day to start building a good business in the Cold Market.

When prospects take the free tour through your Hempworx landing page, you will get an email with the prospect’s name, email, and phone number (if they leave one.)

My Daily Choice then emails your leads on a daily basis up to a month. This is a powerful email system that helps convert your leads into Paid Affiliates.

You don’t need to email your leads, or even call them. The company’s autoresponder is powerful enough. But, if you feel that you have great phone skills for network marketing then call your leads.

Bottom line:

Never stop recruiting!

Never stop generating leads.

You never know who will quit the business and who will become a huge leader.

You need a lot of Paid Affiliates to find 3 to 5 leaders.

Good news: You only need to 3 to 5 leaders to make six figures a year.

Key Points:

  • Share your business with everybody, but start with friends and family first, then break into the cold market.
  • Generate cold market leads by sharing your Hempworx Biz Op Landing page, which you can find in your “My Websites” tab in your business dashboard.
  • Shoot for generating 10 to 40 leads a day. This should be a consistent activity.


How to Teach Your Team Duplication:

I have one of the quickest growing teams in Hempworx and went from 10K rank to 50k rank in 3 months.

How did I do it?

I boiled down the best lead generation technique down to the simplest formula that anyone can do.

It’s so simple that when people upgrade to Paid Affiliate I include the technique in my self-crafted welcome email that I personally send out.

People are so excited when they first join that it’s the best time to show them how to generate leads. (Remember, leads are the backbone of your business.)

Within 15 minutes, my new Paid Affiliates are generating leads and getting Paid Affiliates themselves!

I then tell my new Paid Affiliates to share the simple technique to any new Paid Affiliates they get.

This creates explosive duplication and in network marketing the money comes from your organization, not what you do.

I don’t confuse my new Paid Affiliates with tons of information about the comp plan or anything else.

Bottom line:

Massive leads equals massive success.

Here’s an example on fast rank-advancing:

Help 5 personally sponsored Paid Affiliates get to 5K themselves, you instantly become 25k Rank.

Help 5 Paid Affiliates get to 10K and you instantly become a 50K.

Help 4 Paid Affiliates get to 25K and you instantly become a 100K.

So, you can see that massive growth isn’t about how many people YOU can recruit each month, it’s about how many people your TEAM can recruit.

The quicker you get your Paid Affiliates a paycheck, the better.

They will stick around if they get a check.


Treat Your Business Like a Real Business

Small businesses take a lot of time and money to get off the ground, network marketing is no exception.

If you want to make serious money with Hempworx, you have to put in the time, effort, consistency, and yes, money.

You’ve heard the saying, “It takes money to make money.”

If you’ve ever watched the hit TV show “Shark Tank” you’ve probably heard the Entrepreneurs telling the “Sharks” that they’ve invested anywhere from $50k to $200k of their own money to get their business up and running. The good news here is that Hempworx is about $200 a month, and advertising is around $100 to $500 a month, depending on how fast you want your business to grow.

There are exceptions to this rule: If you have a huge social network of supportive friends, or have an old “list” of contacts from previous businesses, you could realistically grow your Hempworx without advertising.

Advertising is for people new to network marketing, have very little contacts, and want to grow fast right out of the gates.

There’s only two forms of currency in network marketing: Time or Money.

If you have no time, but make decent money, then do advertising; if you have no money, but have some time, start creating content and testimonials on social media, start a blog, do Facebook Lives, post images on Pinterest and Instagram, etc.

The name of the game with Hempworx is to get massive exposure to your company’s websites.

Without people viewing your products or business opportunity you have no business, and consistency is key. You want to post on social media frequently and you want to run ads consistently.

If you do Facebook Lives do them around the same time each day. It will take consistency to attract a following. If you do Facebook Lives everyday for two weeks but then only do one a month thereafter, people will stop looking for your videos. They want a reliable leader.


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