Hempworx Testimonial with Gene Hughes: His New CBD Business Pays Off

Hempworx Testimonial with Gene Hughes His New CBD Business Pays Off

Gene Hughes is a true Network Marketing leader, for the way he shows commitment, dedication, and service to others. I’m honored to review him on this blog! Here’s Hempworx Testimonial with Gene Hughes: His New CBD Business Pays Off.

Can you Please tell us a little bit about Yourself, Gene?

Hi Erik! First of all, Thank You for this exclusive opportunity to speak with you, this is certainly a real honor. I quickly became a fan of yours after giving due diligence, and watching your success skyrocket! I was pretty much ready to throw in the towel, but something just clicked for me so I held on. Am I glad I did!

Let’s see where to begin here…

Father of four wonderful kids, grandfather of six (and counting) and a native of the beautiful Eastern Shore of Maryland where I live with my beautiful wife Deborah. We live in a small water community nestled on the Tangier Sound where life here is pretty laid back.

We all love to be out on the water fishing, crabbing or just drifting around  the sound on those lazy summer days. Ahhhhhhh, I can almost hear the sea gulls calling out!

When did you first join Network Marketing, and How has your Experience been so far?

My journey with Network Marketing began thirty three years ago Erik, in the summer of 1985 with a well known company called Amway™.

Not a clue about how to run a business, but the education I received over a sixteen year period with the company was priceless!

Not to mention all of the great relationships forged along the way. This is where I learned a simple law In life, you will either pay the price of discipline, or the price of regret.

We pay these prices in all areas of our life…our careers, relationships, health, spiritual development, and financial affairs. It’s unfortunate that many of us fail to comprehend this simple law of life. Discipline or Regret?

Discipline it is! The internet is born and so is Amways online digital destination, enter….Quixtar™. Touted as a new company, like it or not it was Amway online. I thought to myself this online stuff is pretty cool, and it’s going to change the world. Change the world it has indeed, hey remember those giant desktop monitors?

I made some money along the way, but I learned that not everyone can do it or won’t. Meaning, to step out of their comfort zones in order to make it work.

This system is antiquated and there seemed to be no plans for upgrades any time soon. Their products are great, but it just required too many people in your organization to make any real money. Realizing this I left the company in search of something more up to date.

At this point I’m in my late 30’s, and aches and pains are starting to show up. So I’ve been on a quest for a nutritional company that had the cure all magic formula.

Pharmaceuticals for me just wasn’t the answer I was looking for. Over time all of the chemicals coursing through your veins causing other issues; it’s just a viscious cycle.

I was introduced to Market America and their Isotonix® brand of nutritional supplements. Their product line OPC3 along with activated B-complex and some others helped somewhat with the pain that I was in due to arthritis and neuropathy caused by type II diabetes.

A friend of mine had told me about a company he was with (Vasayo) that uses an advanced delivery technology in which their product has superior absorption using the power of liposomes and enzymes.

He had sent me some product to try out, but yet again didn’t have the effect I was searching for.

It’s been an interesting ride over the last few decades to say the least, and was beginning to lose some hope.

Wait! There might be a light at the end of this tunnel…

A friend of mine had been going through a patch of sadness as his companion of 17 years was seemingly approaching his final days. His standard poodle was unable to jump up on the bed, and was having difficulty with day to day doggy duties.

His neighbor told him to try his dog on CBD oil, and had explained how it had done wonders for his dog. So with his recommendation he gave his dog a few drops of the oil. Two days later the poodle was back to normal. In fact he said his dog is getting around better than ever!

Things that make you go Hmmmmmm…I thought WOW, I’ve seen this CBD oil on the TV show The Doctors along with a few other networks. Ok Gene ole boy lets go and do some homework on this CBD stuff.

I researched clinical studies done abroad, read some testimonials from people in the United States, Canada and abroad. The results I was reading were absolutely astonishing. I had to get my hands on this CBD oil and see what it can do for my wife, son and I.

That’s when I found Erik Christian Johnson and the company My Daily Choice/HempWorx. I pre-enrolled with this company so I could look around before I bought from them.

WOW, was I impressed! I purchased one bottle of the CBD Oil (500mg), and it landed at my doorstep quickly…

What Excites You about CBD Oil?

Please bare with me and read on. I have tried everything under the sun to help with my neuropathy in my feet and hands…my nights were sleepless with this pain! Not to mention the restless leg bit…

I’m type II diabetic, and quite frankly have been preparing myself mentally to start losing toes etc. My wife suffers from chronic pain due to I.C (Interstitial cystitis) also known as painful bladder syndrome, for which there is no cure.

She has suffered greatly with this both day and night. Many trips to Johns Hopkins Hospital…only to hear let’s try this or let’s try that…you know how it works right?

Anyhow, we received our bottle of CBD oil from HempWorx. Hmmmmm I hope this stuff works for us. I took the bottle and gave some to my wife, and then myself.

I was quite impressed with all of the proof positive I had read, now for the test. As I mentioned Deborah and I took it…10 drops under our tongues. Withing an hour we were both eased off, ok maybe a coincidence we thought.

After a really good nights sleep we both took the CBD oil again. Pain free all day. Ok…I really think this is working!

A long story short, we have been on it now for several weeks and there’s no looking back. This is the first time Deborah and I have experienced complete and continual relief from pain. Getting out of bed was a bit of a task with all of the stiffness and pain.

This CBD oil has worked for our family and for those families we have shared our testimony with. We jumped on board with this with both feet, with a mission to tell the world. Do as we did, give due diligence, and I promise you will not be dissapointed!

Can you give us a Quick Overview of Hempworx?

Yes! From my understanding Jenna Zwagil had formed Brain Abundance on her own. Her now husband Josh Zwagil (whom I might add is from my home state….Go Maryland!) had his own company too called My Daily Choice.

When she and Josh were married they decided to merge the two companies into one, and after a year I believe HempWorx was born. I haven’t had the distinct honor of meeting them in person, but from videos I’ve watched they appear to be rock solid leaders.

What made you choose Hempworx over other MLM Companies?

As a side note I have many years under my belt, over 30 and have seen the good, bad and ugly of this industry. Upon closer examination, this marketing is brilliant in it’s simplicity.

First lets note that not everyone who joins MLM needs or wants to be rich, also, there is no such thing as a perfect MLM or any business for that matter. I prefer to focus on trends, timing and market potential.

Fact is, baby boomers are aging and aches and pains are a fact of everyday life and are growing worldwide. While most MLM’s offer the same old buy in type program, HempWorx didn’t. We have customers in nearly every country consuming for personal use only. With fantastic testimonies pouring in from all over.

Most people are buying product for their own personal needs, but if they share they can get product paid for and earn a nice income if they would like.

So think about the potential here, you have a built in and growing market, you can build worldwide from day one, backed by a well funded and established company.

Here is what I shared with some friends who sell weight loss products and health products which I have done for years myself.

While most people need and may want to lose weight, often times there is no urgency, I can start a diet today, tomorrow, next week or 6 months from now and there are temptations in your face 24/7 to derail you.

Contrast that to being in pain, when do you want relief? Right now, see the difference? Urgency!

I don’t have to convince someone to try the latest greatest tea, juice, pill, lotion or powder, and I certainly don’t have to wait weeks or months for results to appear.

Often times our customers are receiving results within one hour, some within minutes. That’s why HempWorx is going Viral.

Finally, are you going to tell me you never get aches or pains that you would love a way to help relieve them?

Most people go to a Doctor, or pop Tylenol or whatever, or simply live with the pain forever, not a good choice. Here is CBD tincture that not only delivers nutrition, and major health benefits, but relieves pain as well.  Sublingual (under the tongue) delivery is considered to be the future of delivering both medicines and nutrition, so this is a major trend and clue.

We don’t have to sell the MLM dream here, we simply share a product that works to help with a major problem and you are global day one.

As you go about your week, think about everyone you know or run into who complains about some type of pain, that’s just part of your market.

This is also quite Powerful:

As Seen On:  Fox News • CNN • CBS • Today • The Doctors

People know , like and trust what they can see for themselves on trusted shows.

HERE ARE A FEW OTHER REPORTED BENEFITS….you just can’t make this stuff up.

Benefits of CBD Oil Proven by Studies – Relieves Pain and Inflammation • Has Antipsychotic Effects • Reduces Anxiety • Helps to Fight Cancer • Relieves Nausea • May Treat Seizures and Other Neurological Disorders • Lowers Incidence of Diabetes • Promotes Cardiovascular Health

There’s nothing out there that even comes close to what this CBD oil does for you. Imagine what would happen to the earnings of Big Pharma and the medical industry if people had the information they needed to heal themselves of virtually any disease or health problem. Everyone would be able to optimize his or her own health and well-being, and no one would ever need medical treatment again, except for emergencies and natural disasters.

The world is changing faster than ever.

Technology is accelerating, job security is declining and income inequality is increasing. People are overworked and underpaid. With less time and freedom, people are left wondering if there is a better way.

Our changing economy has led to the rise of the entrepreneur. The fastest, most dependable and controllable way to become wealthy is to own your own business. Your search for a better way is over. The answer is here. Your future awaits and there are no limits.

New Updated Hempworx CBD Oil Comp Plan Easy to Understand

What separates Hempworx from other MLM CBD Oil Companies?

The Most Powerful System in the Industry is an understatement. They pay a whopping 85% back into the field…This is HUGE! I was a bit skeptical when I saw that number, because typically when a company pays out more than 51% they usually collapse in time.

Then I heard Josh say we don’t have fancy buildings or a lot of employees, and that’s why HempWorx can afford to give back to the field. EPIC.

Like it states on the free pre-enrollee page “With the Most Aggressive Compensation Plan in the industry, Life-changing Products that are Changing lives, world class leadership and Support, and a “Done For You” Marketing system – it’s No Surprise that we are Breaking Records!”

Hempworx removes all of the restrictions that hold most people back from expanding their businesses. These folks have pulled out all of the stops!

The back office is an absolute dream come true, and get this…THERE IS NO MONTHLY FEE to use it….WHAT?? Yup you read correctly! None, Nada, Zilch…

Another Perspective…What if…

You were able to have the world’s agenda revolve around your schedule and your agenda instead of the other way around??

What’s that? You don’t believe me? That’s Okay. I was skeptical at first also. I live in Maryland. People from Maryland think everything is a scam until they see the car that you drive, the house that you live in, the boat that you have, and all the vacations that you go on throughout the year.

Tell me something. Aren’t you sick of your dead end job and lifestyle? Wouldn’t you like to do something about it?

I can be a bit long winded Erik…what’s the next question?

What Products does Hempworx currently sell?

Life changing one’s Erik, LOL. But seriously HempWorx currently offers one of the most pure CBD Oil on the market 500mg and 750mg of which comes in regular flavor and peppermint.

They also have CBD Skin Cream, CBD Pain Relief Cream and CBD Products for your Dogs and Cats.

I’d also like to add something here regarding HempWorx CBD Oil. At Hemp Worx,  their CBD products utilize the full spectrum Cannabis plant mixed with Hemp Seed oil. Not all hemp is created equal. Their CBD Oil is made from NON-GMO, PESTICIDE FREE, CO2 Extracted Hemp Oil.

Before you buy a cheaper version compare the labels! You can see our labels on our websites. Don’t spend your hard earned money on cheap immitations.

How have the Hempworx Products Helped You so far?

It has absolutely given our lives back Erik. No more pain from Diabetic Neuropathy or stiffness and pain from Artritis. I didn’t mention earlier about my youngest son being Autistic and ADHD.

He no longer has to take his meds. He’s 13 and has been on an adult dose of Vyvanse (70mg) since the age of 7. He has complete mental clarity, and is as calm as a river on a hot summer day. It’s been a most welcomed blessing to our family.

Can you tell us about the Hempworx Marketing System?

Sure thing according to Forbes, the Cannabis industry is expected to grow by a whopping 700% by the year 2020. CBD products are being used globally, and our customers get instant, life-changing results. They are leading the way with an unheard of 85% commission. Our site is high converting, and they will drop ship directly to your customers anywhere.

A simple purchase of one CBD Oil product per month or more if you wish and you qualify for commissions. If you are an executive rank or higher you will enjoy 50% commission on first time orders and create volume which gives you additional commissions. Simplicity at it’s best.

The Lead Capture Pages, Retail Customer Sites and Autoresponders are state of the art, and the company does NOT charge you to use them!

How do you Build your Hempworx Business, Gene?

I mostly use FaceBook to post testimonies on, and news pieces regarding the CBD industry. Testimony’s are powerful to use, because people want to know how it affects others lives.

I post 80% of personal things on my personal page and 20% business related. You don’t want to come across as a sales billboard. How do you feel when you get plowed over with a ton of ADS….see what I mean?

I’ve created a FaceBook page exclusively for CBD oil…Also, I keep my eyes and ears open at all times. Opportunity is all around if you look and listen for it. Here’s a tip…You either have cancer or know someone with it, now Google CBD Oil and cancer. You have in your hands the power to help!

“Build your own dreams, or someone else will hire you to build theirs.”

 What are the Three Reasons our Readers should join Hempworx Today?

Well Erik in today’s world people want it “NOW” and that’s what you have with HempWorx. As soon as you come aboard your websites and links are ready for immediate use and even some in different languages!! All of this at No Additional Charge, which is almost unheard of in the industry.

HempWorx pays out every Friday like clockwork…I chose Direct Deposit for my commission payments.

Another of my favorites is that CBD has not saturated the market so there is massive potential here. Millions of potential clients that are in need of a great product packed with nutrients!

Where Do You See Hempworx in the Next Few Years?

I see HempWorx as a household name globally, one family at a time. My hope is that the information on this page inspires you to capitalize on aspects of life you didn’t think previously existed, explore levels of passion, and ambition that lie above normal standards of human achievement and finally, to gain life altering information you didn’t know that you didn’t know.

I do not believe God puts dreams in your mind and soul if you are not capable of achieving them. HempWorx is a gift to be passed on to the world.

If Someone Wants to Join Your Hemporx Business, How Do They Do That?

This ones easy Erik! We’ve all been told to have a plan B in place in case something unforseen takes place. Well I fully believe that HempWorx will be something different, a new plan….so let’s MeetPlanA.com and begin your journey today!


 Thanks so much for this interview Gene! Truly an honor!

Erik Christian Johnson is a full-time blogger, self-development advocate, and full-time network marketing Entrepreneur.

All articles are solely used for educational purposes and merely the opinion of the blog writers. Please refer to the Disclaimer page for full disclosure.

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