Hempworx Launches CBD Oil in Ghana Just FDA Approved

Exciting news coming from My Daily Choice Hempworx, a major MLM in America that has the very successful CBD product line Hempworx.

There’s 28 million people in Ghana who desperately need the benefits of CBD Oil. Hempworx offers THC free pure CBD Oil 500 MG or 750 MG.

One bottle of 500 MG is $69.

One bottle of 750 MG is $89.

hempworx ghana cbd oil

My Daily Choice has always offered their nutritional sprays to all african countries, but CBD was always a bit harder to get into Africa, until now. . .

The African FDA has approved CBD in Ghana!

More Hempworx news is coming. . .


The CBD industry is already booming with Forbes predicting it to become a $22 Billion industry by 2020.


With this excitement comes an opportunity with the highest paying CBD MLM company, Hempworx, which pays up to 50% on first time orders when people order through your website.

When you order at least one bottle of Hempworx CBD, you have the choice to become a “Paid Affiliate” for a one-time starter fee of $20 plus the price of your product.

With this one time $20 fee you get all your own personalized websites to promote and a poerful autoresponder that emails your leads on a daily basis.


Josh Zwagil, the CEO of My Daily Choice hempworx, has always loved travelling to Africa to help launch the products there. He has made a lot of friends there and is an inspiration to all Africans.

josh and andrew apo of MDC
Josh Zwagil and Andrew Annor Apo

If you want to become a Paid affiliate and promote CBD in Ghana, simply click the button below this article to take the free tour into the business.

Watch the video and look around. This will be your temporary dashboard until you place your order, then it becomes the full-version dashboard, which you can log in and out of.

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I do this business all on the internet and you can rest easy that it does not matter if I meet you in person. We mostly make all our income through online orders through our company-provided websites.

The benefits of CBD Oil are staggering:

CBD oil benefits

Thanks for reading! It is truly an exciting time for Ghanaians and Hempworx!


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