Hempworx CBD Oil Testimonials

Hempworx CBD Oil Testimonials

Hempworx CBD Oil Testimonials

Welcome to my Hempworx CBD Oil Testimonial page where I spotlight the powerful testimonials from Hempworx CBD users. Hempworx is made in the US, is organic and GMO free.


“A friend of mine recently told me about CBD Oil and it’s potential health benefits.  I did a little research on my own and found that it may help inflammation, joint pain, blood pressure and more.  The product is all natural so I decided to give it a try.

I began taking the CBD Oil and after 3 days had quite a surprise.  My anxiety was gone!  For years I quietly lived with anxiety and nervousness.  It was internal, I didn’t talk about it and masked it very well.  In all honestly, I just thought it was something I had to live because I didn’t want to take prescription meds.

I simply have been amazed!  The anxiety is gone and hasn’t returned.  My mood is better, my focus and clarity are better and overall I feel great.  Truly pleasant and unexpected results from taking CBD Oil and I will never want to be without this wonderful product.

I have continued to read about the product and it’s potential benefits.  Many medical researchers and Doctors are calling the discovery of the benefits from CBD to be the greatest medical discovery in our lifetime.  Astonishing, and people need to know!”


Hempworx Testimonial Dee KolanekI am a researcher by nature (for my job).  I suffer from ADHD, chronic insomnia and right shoulder pain.  I also have a 9 y.o. son who unfortunately takes after his Momma and has ADHD, insomnia and anger management issues.  I researched CBD oil this past summer as an alternative to help my son, who struggles in school..not only with focus, attention and hyperactive problems, but also his anger.

Here is Jaxen’s story…. Jaxen has struggled in school, beginning in 1st grade.  Starting in 2nd grade, he would come home with at least 3 signing’s in his take home folder (sometimes 4 or even daily).  He rarely got to go to recess after lunch because he could not focus long enough to finish his morning work.  He is very smart and always gets good grades, but he had to work so hard to get them.  Also, he would get so angry at the littlest things and just blow up.. literally wanting to break something or hit/hurt someone.  I was at my wits end… didn’t know what to do… grounding him did no good…spankings were useless as well… As a Mom, I was so frustrated because as a family, we decided that pharma drugs were not an option..too many side effects, and the unknown long term effects left us feeling hopeless.  I have tried MANY naturopathic alternatives to no avail….  fast forward to Summer 2017.. I heard about CBD oil and wondered if it would help him.   I spent a month or so diving into clinical literature and online resources.  I found Hempworx and decided to give it a go…couldn’t hurt right??  BEST DECISION EVER!!!  Hempworx Pure CBD oil has been a GAME CHANGER FOR HIM… and for ME!  He has been dosing 3 times daily since Aug. 2nd.  The change was almost immediate!  He felt calmer almost instantly…To date, he has had less than 5 signings from school, most of them minor things.  I consider this a HUGE improvement over the last 3 years.  He sleeps better at night and his anger issues are 80% better!  Don’t get me wrong, he still gets mad (he is a 9 y.o. boy), but as quickly as he gets mad, he gets over it…He has straight A’s in school and we could not be more happy!

Hempworx CBD oil has helped me as well.  I found that I was becoming this horrible monster… always yelling at my kids…. Hempworx has helped in that I feel much calmer and  less agitated…it has also helmed my adult ADHD tremendously.  My shoulder pain is 90% better than it was before I started taking it…We will NEVER quit using the product… It is both a staple and NECESSITY in this household!  Thank you HEMPWORX!

Dee Kolanek   Visit Dee’s Hempworx for FREE Here


george balek cbd oil hempworx“Just a little background, I was in a horrific automobile accident almost 5 years ago. The doctors said it was a miracle that I survived. I’m 62 years old now. The doctors said my accident injuries would likely lead to aches and pains that would get progressively worse as time went on. Wow, they weren’t kidding. The pain had gotten ridiculous. I was eating aspirin and advil like candy. They did nothing except probably damage to my stomach. About the only thing that worked was norco, but who wants to get hooked on narcotics? No thanks. I had pretty much given into the idea of living with pain the rest of my life. Lots of people do. Then, along came HempWorx CBD oil from My Daily Choice. WOW, what a game changer! No more aspirin. No more ibuprofen. No more pain.”

– George Balek – Visit George’s Hempworx HERE


Tina Avallone Hempworx cbd testimonial“YOU ARE NOT GOING TO BELIEVE THIS!!!!! My name is Tina Avallone and I am a 47 year old mother of 6 and grandmother to 2!  I was introduced to this amazing MIRACLE Hempworx CBD oil by my husband. He had tried it with much hesitation. We just knew it was stupid “snake oil”! BUT WOW HOW QUICKLY WERE WE FIRM BELIEVERS!!!

You see, I have neuropathy and veinous reflux disease in my legs!  I was dependent on oxycodone and lyrica for the intense pain.  I wasn’t an abuser of the opiates, but I hated to have to depend on this medication.. Besides, those two pills lead to a third pill, Linzess for opiate induced  constipation.

Then that pill led to a fourth pill that helped correct the adverse effect from the Linzess. A fifth pill I had to take was a water pill. That lead to pulling off too much potassium and I had to take a 6th pill for potassium replacement. Because of this leg disease, I also took ibuprofen 800 (7th pill) or four ibuprofen for anti inflammatory.

I thought this oil was a waste of my time. I tried it because I saw how my husband was moving..(he can share his own personal testimony) and I decided whatever let’s try.

Three days later I was no longer using a walker or those 7-10 pills I listed above. I was once dependent on oxy and lyrica to walk… now I can positively say that I have no pain pills I have to wait for at the doctor’s office.


I was recently diagnosed with a 6mm brain tumor/calcium plaque on my right frontal lobe from a CAT scan on 8/7/17!

I kept taking my oil religiously because I know the benefits for brain fluid and it helped with my PTSD AND TREMORS!

On, 10/25/17 I had a MRI with dye contrast. This showed that the structure had shrunk to a 4 mm in two months.

cbd results by doctor

Now, besides the power of prayer, this is absolutely amazing and I can’t stop thinking how amazing it is.

It is saving my life. I can kick my legs! I CAN WALK!

I know what people are thinking…. I will loose my job, I will not pass a drug test!!!

OH CONTRAIRE!! My husband’s doctor did a drug test like an employer would and sent it off to a laboratory. NEGATIVE!

You will not get high from this. This isn’t smoking marijuana! This is the medicinal benefits from the CDB!

If you are in pain, have PTSD, Depressed, Cancer, arthritis, etc…. you need to order this now.

I use the 500 strength. I use a 1/4 of the dropper under my tongue and allow it to sit for 15-20 seconds and then swallow. It is amazing. Everyone is different and can adjust their dosage to suit them.

I have a lot to lose being a phony liar so please know I am serious! This is no lie. I have a business in our hometown and people are seeing the change in us.  

P.S. We also started giving this CBD oil to our son we adopted for his PTSD and ADHD! We have got him off of one of the pills for ADHD!”

To visit Tina’s Hempworx Business, Go HERE.



tony falasca hempworx cbd oil testimonial“CBD Has saved my Life! I am a Disabled Veteran who has TBI, (Traumatic Brain Injury).

With that I have Seizures many times a month, I started 15 years ago 2002, and have not had one seizure!

Not only that The CBD calms me down and helps me relax so that I can  I can function each day. It’s Fantastic!

I am 56 years old and feel like I am 30 again! If you know me you will understand that I am very critical on everything!

I was like CBD Oil, You Guys are Full of Crap! Thank God I was So Wrong! I have never seen anything like this in my life!

I want to thank Erik Johnson for pushing me, other wise I would be so stuck in my head, That I would have never even gave it a shot.

I have taken this to many of my Veteran Friends and others, They can Not Stop Thanking Me! People – Hempworx CBD Oil Is That Good!..

Don’t take my word for it, It’s up to you! I Believe in This!”

– Tony 


Misha Almira Hempworx CBD Oil Testimonial“I started taking CBD Oil for social anxiety so I’d have an easier time at work. I have a very interactive job and some days, I struggled with conversation. I’d take it an hour before going to work everyday.

One day, I forgot to take it. This is when I really noticed how much it had been helping me! I fumbled with talking and easy tasks suddenly seemed hard. This is also when I noticed how it had helped with pain and focus.

My back and feet killed me on the day I did not take it. I also noticed It was hard to stay focused.

Then, I was talking to a friend that mentioned adrenal fatigue and how she would wake up tired, struggling to get out of bed.

As I was relating with her in having had the same symptoms, I realized since taking CBD Oil, these symptoms had decreased. It dawned on me that now, I was actually getting better sleep with more energy in the morning!

This has become an essential part of my health regime and I am so grateful to have found it. I have also been impressed with the quality of this oil. It is top notch and the tastes great.”

Misha Almira  Visit Misha’s Hempwork CBD Oil Business for FREE Here.


Erik Johnson Hempworx CBD Oil TestimonialI’ve been searching for a natural supplement that could help my social anxiety for years. Nothing quite worked out. But, then I heard all this buzz about CBD Oil and was introduced to Hempworx CBD Oil. I noticed that the CBD Oil was in liquid form and came with a dropper. You placed the oil under your tongue up to two times a day. At first, I really didn’t notice anything. I figured it was like a serum or tonic that needed to build up in my system first. Lo and behold, a month after taking Hempworx CBD I was on my way to meet a new business partner and I noticed after the meeting that I had no social anxiety whatsoever. A month later, I began noticing other things CBD helped with, like back pain, OCD, nervous eye twitch, and better sleep. I am a firm believer now in CBD Oil.”

-Erik Christian Johnson

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