What Happened to Pink Papaya? Papaya Shuts Down

What Happened to Pink Papaya? Papaya Shuts Down

What Happened to Pink Papaya? Papaya Shuts Down

Pink Papaya is a network marketing company that has been in business since 2006. Unfortunately Pink Papaya shut down February 14th, 2017.

I saw it today on a Facebook wall:

“I’m so sorry for all those affected. Another MLM company shuts down.”

I of course, freaked out a little, because most MLM distributors feel hurt and betrayed when another MLM company shuts down.

So, I digged a little deeper and discovered it was Pink Papaya.

So, What Happened to Pink Papaya? Papaya Shuts Down.

Pink Papaya was founded in 2006 by sisters Susan Huneke and Karen Woller.

They had always dreamed of starting their own business ever since they were children.

Their dream came true in 2006.

They created uncompromising botanical products made in America.

So, what happened to Pink Papaya?

Last night at midnight, February 14th, Pink Papaya shut it’s doors without any mention of problems or difficulties to their distributors.

Many people are shocked and hurt.

This MLM company has been in business over 10 years and had thousands of distributors.

Here’s some disheartening statements from Facebook:

“😳 wow. I received an email today that after 10 years pink papaya has closed it’s doors. So sad to hear. I think you all for your support and hope that you would continue to support me in my other business venture. Yes it’s in my blood and I won’t stop.”

“Words can not express what I’m feeling right now I’m so pissed at the owners of pink papaya!! How can you not say anything and just send a email and say we are closed WAY to go!! Most of us have been with pp for awhile now and have earned leader status you owed us a warning ⚠️ this is bullshit to do us this way and you ALL should be ashamed of yourself #pinkpapaya”

“To all my Pink Papaya direct sales friends: I am truly sorry to hear about the closing of your company. You are an amazing group of people that care deeply for each other and sharing the natural life. My heart goes out to you today. Thinking of you and saying a prayer for you all tonight.💗#PinkPapaya”


The lesson from Pink Papaya

If you’re a network marketing distributor, it is absolutely crucial that you brand yourself, not the company you are with.

That means creating a website in your name and providing generic MLM training to attract customers to you.

This does not mean:

  • Slapping your company logo everywhere.
  • Mentioning your company name everywhere.
  • Only talking about your products.
  • Spamming social media.

I’m truly sorry for anyone that was with Pink Papaya.

I will be releasing more news as it rolls out.



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Erik Christian Johnson
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3 thoughts on “What Happened to Pink Papaya? Papaya Shuts Down”

  1. It is a sad situation. I sold Pink Papaya at one time and think it was one of the best products around. I loved that they gave back and also that the products were made here in the US. I have my reasons why I think it didn’t become as successful as it could have been. Sorry to and for everyone involved.

  2. Sad to hear this company closed down. Whenever a company in our industry closes down, it hurts everyone. Hopefully, the former distributors in this company can find a new company to work with and pick up where they left off. Have you heard any updates as to why Pink Papaya shut down? It would be nice to know.

  3. Umm ya I spent $50 on pink papaya a week before they closed never got my products and never even got a refund..I have tried to contact them no number…so unprofessional !!!

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