How Do You Get Your Cash Money Out of Bitcoin in America Forum

How Do You Get Your Cash Money Out of Bitcoin in America Forum

Bitcoin is big business, with almost $650 Billion in total cryptocurrency market capitalization.

But, the biggest problem Bitcoin enthusiasts face is how to withdraw their Bitcoin back into cash.

I love Bitcoin and altcoins and have a blog dedicated to Cryptocurrency, but the problem I run into is either the site I withdraw funds from no longer allows that or the transaction fees are astronomical.

So, If you know a legit way to get Bitcoin back into cash and into your hands and you’ve done it, not just read about it, please leave a comment below.

This article is now officially a “forum” where your participation is recommended.

I really want to shed some light on this and need your help.

When we find a Bitcoin service that converts Bitcoin back into FIAT, or cash, I will include it in this post.




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