Gen X Passive Income for Men

gen x passive income for men

I slaved away 14 to 16 hours a day in the restaurant biz. My back was sore, I had anxiety, and I thought there was no way out, until I found network marketing. What is Gen X Passive Income for Men?

Gen X guys are between the ages of 34 to 54 years old. Most of them grew up on MTV and Nintendo, like myself, and got into the internet around early 2000’s.We aren’t technically advanced as the Millennials, but we can hold our own.

I don’t know about you but I was a daydreamer and was always trying to figure out how to make money, even at the age of 12 when I sold a Lamborghini.

But, life gets in the way, and wanting to be a Rock and Roll drummer led me into partying instead.

After alcohol chewed me up and spit me out for 16 years and Rock drumming became a cloudy, fruitless memory, I was left to flipping burgers when most people my age had real professions.

I started to research online where I could make the most money without a degree or specialized training.

I kept hearing this term pop up, called network marketing. Since I was a dreamer I looked past all the people calling it a pyramid or ponzi scheme.

If it were really a scam I would move on, but I had to look into it further. I started watching every video I could find on YouTube about it. I watched some videos from pretty humble guys who had made millions in network marketing. I would have turned them off if they had a faint salasy or hyped tone but they didn’t.

They spoke about network marketing as a life-changing, self-development style endeavor that could create six or seven figures a year in passive, residual income.

But, where did all that money come from?

I had sold products online before and knew you couldn’t make seven figures a year selling products one time.

I then learned that the majority of your network marketing income comes from a large organization of people re-ordering product from you – that’s where the true passive income came from.

So, How Do You Build a Large Organization?

You generate leads to find Paid Affiliates. (Distributors)

Then you teach them your best lead generation technique. (Don’t worry, I give you my best strategy when you join my team)

Then, you see who does the work and who just talks about working.

The good news is that you only need to find a few good leaders to make 6 to 7 figures a year.

Once you get a few leaders on your team they begin building organizations themselves and your total organization can go from 50 people to literally 2,000 in a few months.

Your income will also go through the roof, because you can get paid down 10 levels, meaning you get a percentage of commissions from everyone in your organization.

The Lowest Risk, Low Cost Business in the World

If you were to start, let’s say a coffee shop, you would have to pay:

  • $5,000 espresso machine
  • $4,000 Rent
  • $5,000 Tables and Chairs
  • $3,000 Fixtures
  • $$$ Staff

That’s over $20,000 right there, plus you have to advertise.

With network marketing, you become a member by ordering only your personal supply each month.

That means, that for under $100, you can become a Paid Affiliate with our company.


This $100 a month affords you:

  • Your own high-definition personalized websites
  • Built-in Sales Funnel and autoresponder
  • Training and Support
  • Customer Service
  • 35% to 50% commissions paid Weekly and Monthly
  • Direct Deposit

Being part of a network marketing company you are also protected by the company. No one will come after you and sue you and all customer complaints can be redirected to customer support. Products are shipped directly to your customers and affiliates so you don’t need to hold onto any inventory besides your personal stash.

Network Marketing Saved My Life, Literally

When I was 32 years old, that drinking and partying I told you about in the beginning almost took my life. When I was 32 I had a heart-attack because I was at work, dehydrated, and coming off of alcohol. I eventually got sober, however I was making only $12 an hour at the age of 40.

I needed to make serious income to not only feel like a man that could provide for my family, but to also make up for lost time.

Network marketing was the only answer. Everything else was illegal or high risk.

It’s been a roller coaster, but I can now say it was all worth it. I now make more than a lawyer or doctor, and I want to share this business opportunity with you now.

I want to pay it forward because it feels good and I know a lot of guys like me are struggling just like I was.

So, click the button below to register for FREE. I will show you exactly how to succeed in this business and you’ll be positioned on the quickest rising team:

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