Gary Vaynerchuk Exposes MLM Scam Thinking


Gary Vaynerchuk Exposes MLM Scam Thinking

Okay, so I love Gary V, but he’s got some pretty limited beliefs when it comes to MLM. Here’s Gary Vaynerchuk Exposes MLM Scam Thinking.

Let’s just say there’s a get rich quick scheme on every digital street corner.

But in all honesty, most people know what a scam is.

It looks like a Ponzi Scheme or a Pyramid Scheme right?

What exactly is a Pyramid Scheme?
Is it where all the people at the top make the money, right?
It’s just a few people in this huge organization that make a ton of money, right?

Gary Vaynerchuk seems to think so. He just mentioned recently (9/25/2016) that he thinks that MLM is NOT a sustainable business model.

Little does he know that there’s over 100 million distributors in the world and it’s a $180+ Billion dollar industry.

In the U.S. alone there was 18 million distributors in 2014 and that number jumped to 20.2 million in 2015. That’s 5,500 new reps joining MLM every day.

Gary V also thought that the guy at the top makes all the money. This simply isn’t true. I got in two weeks before my MLM company launched and I didn’t make any money.

I didn’t know how to be a leader in MLM and I didn’t put any valuable content into the marketplace, aka blog posts and videos.

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Let’s look at the real crooks here.

Think about this for a second.

Look at every corporation in existence today and what do you find? CEO’s at the top making most of the money, then the managers, then YOU, then the laborers basically.

The CEO’s just didn’t automatically appear at the top without working for it, unless it’s inherited of course.

They started at the bottom, like you, and worked to the top.

Look at Walmart’s Pyramid:

walmarts pyramid


So, why is network marketing a Pyramid Scheme?


There is no magic, inside trickery that grabs only a handful of people and puts them on top to instantly make six-figures a month.

Everybody starts out the same in network marketing.

You can be from Yale or Jail and make a lot of money if you are FOCUSED, DETERMINED, SUCCESS-DRIVEN AND WON’T QUIT FOR ANYTHING MENTALITY.

Now, Ponzi Schemes are another thing.

Yes, usually the first ones in make all the money, because they earn off of new recruits and when new recruits dry up, so does the profits.

But, we’re talking legitimate network marketing companies here.

They have a consumable product usually and the company has chosen to use the network marketing business model to advertise the product through the consumer, rather than ineffective, old-school advertising which costs millions.

People are becoming impervious to old-school, in-your-face advertising. It doesn’t work anymore, but Coke and Pepsi can still spend all their money if they want to.

MLM Scams 2015

If you were searching for a list of companies here that I call SCAMS, this is not the article for you.

But, if you “Google” scam for practically anything, unfortunately you will find it. 80 percent of the time it’s clever marketers, like me, who want you to read my post.

But, really, it’s mostly common sense. Do you research and find a company you love to earn supplemental income from.

Network marketing is a Billion dollar industry and it’s growing every year rapidly, because companies are switching to this form of marketing.

Look at big companies, like Netflix and DirecTv. They have “refer a friend” programs for people who want a discount on their purchase if they get a couple of their friends signed up.

This is just like network marketing. Yes, a lot of people quit network marketing before it takes off, because in the beginning the effort you put in does not reflect your effort (like a normal job).

But, stick around for 2-5 years and you will probably be earning ten times what you did at your day job.

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Erik Christian Johnson Network Marketer and Full Time Blogger

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  1. Gary runs a business right? He’s the boss right? Someone should ask him whether he makes less money than his subordinates.

    Gary may have some business skills, but his “tough-love” act is for weak willed people. I wonder if he treats his kids, if any, the same way he treats everyone else (including expletives).

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