How to Forward Your Hempworx Link to a New Website

How to Forward Your Hempworx Link to a New Website

A lot of what Hempworx network marketing leaders and internet marketers do in general to promote their online business is to create a new website name that they can get lots of traffic to.

Why do this? Isn’t the company name good enough?

Yes and no.

The company website we all get when we upgrade and become a paid affiliate affiliate is great as is – it already has all the features you need to be successful in promoting and sharing the Hempworx product line and opportunity.

But no, the links we are given are long and ugly because the company, and probably every other MLM company, attaches your username to the website URL so you get credit and money when people order through your link.

That is the whole business model for network marketing, you share your link and people who are interested in your product or business opportunity have to sign up through somebody called a sponsor.

Here’s my link:

It’s even longer because I attach a tracking code onto the end of the link to see where I get leads or prospects from. The “CBDecj” on the end tells me that I generated a lead for the CBD oil from my blog, erikchristianjohnson, or ecj for short.

And, here is my link after I forward it to a new website name, or domain name that I bought for $14 bucks using

Isn’t this much nicer than the first link?

Now, I can say this name to someone without asking them to write down a long ugly link that they can’t memorize.

My new name also tells somebody right away that they could possibly get “pain relief” when signing up with this opportunity.

It’s also a name that can look very nice on a business card or putting under a testimonial on facebook, or under your CBD testimonial video on YouTube.

Be careful though, with Youtube you have to use the http:// with your link or it won’t click through.


Thanks for watching! If you want natural pain relief, please visit

That is one of my “call-to-actions” under my YouTube videos.

What’s a “call-to-action” you might ask?

It’s what you say to people when you want them to perform a certain action, like check out my link so you can see if you like my product or not.

That’s a call-to-action and you should have one almost everywhere you share your Hempworx opportunity, but don’t be spammy, and NEVER say that your product cures anything!

You can get fired immediately if you say our CBD cures anything, even if you strongly believe it does – you can thank the FDA for that or any other governmental regulation agency. . .

So, Here’s How to Forward Your Hempworx Link to a New Website

One – Go to and search for an awesome name that relates to your product or your brand.

Try to get three words or less and a .com name.

You don’t want:

You want something nice and short, like:

Then, go ahead and create an account and buy the name.


TwoRight after you buy your name, don’t log out.

It will take you to a page that says “Forwarding Tools”

Click that.

Then you want to add forwarding to a URL.

You are then going to see a drop down menu to the left, click that.

You name you just bough will be there.

Click on that name.

That will be the domain you are forwarding.

Three – Then you add your personal hempworx link that you want to forward your new domain to.

If you just want customers, then use your: link.

If you want paid affiliates and you want them to get automated emails from the company, use your landing page:

Click save and you’re done!

Now, test your new website by entering it in a new browser window.

If you did it right, your hempworx page will appear for your new domain name!

I hope this helps.

You can now easily share your Hempworx opportunity on business cards, flyers, banners, decals on your car, Craigslist, Backpage, social media, YouTube, etc.

Here’s 5 Places to Promote Your hempworx

In order to grow a successful network marketing business, you need to get a lot of people checking out your business.

The best way to look professional and share your business everywhere is with a custom name for Hempworx.

Good luck and see you on the leaderboard!



Erik Christian Johnson is a full-time blogger, self-development advocate, and full-time network marketing Entrepreneur.

All articles are solely used for educational purposes and merely the opinion of the blog writers. Please refer to the Disclaimer page for full disclosure.

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