My Daily Choice Network Marketing Training: Customers or Paid Affiliates?

My Daily Choice Network Marketing Training: Customers or Paid Affiliates?

My Daily Choice Network Marketing Training: Customers or Paid Affiliates?

My Daily Choice is the new star in network marketing. So, how should you build your MDC business. Paid Affiliates or customers?

You love the products, but you want to build passive, residual income at the same time.

So, what do you do?

I have a certain formula that will help you get a perfect mix of both in:

My Daily Choice Network Marketing Training: Customers or Paid Affiliates?

There’s always two ways you can promote your My Daily Choice home business:

  1. You can promote the products by talking about what they do and hope that somebody buys your product.
  2. You can promote the “income opportunity” of MDC by asking if someone would like to ‘earn supplemental income on the side’ and if they say YES, you then share your MDC landing page and have them sign up to take a free tour.

If you choose option “a”, you will get customers who may or may not reorder the second month.

If you choose option “b”, you will get paid affiliates who may or may not build their own My Daily Choice home business as a “paid affiliate.”

But, there’s a big difference in getting a customer or a paid affiliate.

Here’s why a customer might NOT reorder:

  1. They bought enough product to last 6 months.
  2. They like the results of the product, but not enough to reorder.
  3. They love the product, but forget to save for it when it’s time to reorder and spent their money elsewhere.

*This means that most of your customers will NOT reorder the following month.

The Biggest Element in Getting Residual Income from MDC

If you want to grow a passive, residual stream of income on a monthly basis and be able to walk away from a dead-end job within 3 to 5 years, and change your life dramatically for the better, you need people who reorder every month.

So, if customers are not likely to reorder the following month, who will?

Answer: Paid Affiliates.

Paid affiliates will likely reorder the following month because:

  1. They see the vision of building a business with My Daily Choice.
  2. They understand the concept of network marketing.
  3. They want to earn extra income just like you.
  4. They understand if they don’t reorder they will miss out on commissions for that month.

So, how do you get Paid Affiliates?


You show your prospects your My Daily Choice landing page.

You don’t mention the company name, or they will go “Google” it and you’ve lost them.

My favorite landing page to use is the:


Looks like this:

My Daily Choice Training: Which Landing Page Should I Use?

You can find your landing page in the “My Websites” tab on the left hand side when you log back into

I do most of my prospecting on the internet, so I can automate a lot of it.

I basically ask lots of people the same question:

We’re looking for individuals who are success-driven with a desire to make Extra Income from Home. Free tour:

This is a prospecting line that I send out to my new followers on Twitter.

It has allowed me to generate thousands of leads basically on autopilot.

You can do a variation of this method for almost any social media platform.

You can also prospect by chatting with people on Facebook.

Or, you can start a blog like this one and say the same thing at the bottom of your blog articles.

It’s called a “Call-to-action” and can be stated like a “by the way” like this:

B.T.W. We’re looking for individuals who are success-driven with a desire to make Extra Income from Home. If you’d like more information, please click the button to take a FREE Tour:(your link)


You can shoot YouTube videos and have a description under your video that says:

“If you are tired of working a dead-end job and finally want to learn how to work from home or anywhere a laptop can go, then visit my blog for more information and thanks for viewing!

Notice, I shorten my landing page links down to shortened links using a service called:

This makes your links look prettier on social media.

It’s All About Getting Eyeballs on Your Landing Page

Network Marketing with My daily Choice is all about generating consistent leads. The more leads you get, the more paid affiliates you get. It’s as simple as that.

All you need to do is find two to three platforms where you feel comfortable prospecting and master each platform.

My two favorite platforms are Twitter and this blog.

The key is to get lots of people viewing your landing page.

Let the internet do the heavy-lifting for you.

And, when your prospect signs up on your landing page to check out the business, just let My Daily Choice email them for you.

Their automated email recruiting system is powerful and sends out an email at least once a day urging your prospect to upgrade, so don’t complicate it.

If you did this offline and spoke to individuals about your business you would exhaust yourself and not have much success.

Conclusion for Paid Affiliates or Customers

The perfect ratio for me in building my My Daily Choice business is 20% customers and 80% Paid Affiliates.

You want mostly “business builders” on your team.

You will need to explain to them that they must reorder each month if they want to be active and be able to earn commissions.

If money is tight for them, have them start with the “builder” pack and they can always upgrade to a larger pack later when they have a bigger team.


I hope this helps!

If you’re NOT in My Daily Choice yet, go to my About Erik page for more info.



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Erik Christian Johnson is a full-time blogger, self-development advocate, and full-time network marketing Entrepreneur.

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