My Daily Choice MLM Training: Why Quality of Leads Matter

My Daily Choice MLM Training: Why Quality of Leads Matter

My Daily Choice MLM Training: Why Quality of Leads Matter

My Daily Choice is the fastest growing MLM right now. I teach Paid Affiliates How to build their business. Here’s why Quality of Leads matter.

If you want to grow a big home-based business with My Daily Choice, you need to generate a lot of leads consistently.

That means, you need to get a lot of eyeballs looking at your company-provided landing pages.

What is a landing page?

It’s what My Daily Choice gives you when you become a Paid Affiliate.

They look like signup forms and you promote them to get people to sign up on them to take a free look at your business.

My favorite landing page to use is this one:

My Daily Choice Training: Which Landing Page Should I Use?

It’s called “MDCSuccessline” and when you log back into, you can get your personalized landing page, already with your username attached to it, in the “My Websites” tab on the left-hand side in your dashboard or “back office.”

I like to shorten my links before I use them on social media or solo ads by using a link shortening service called

It makes my links go from this size:

To this size:

It just looks nicer and you can fit more content around it.


So, Why Does the Quality of Leads Matter?

You might be asking, “Why can’t I just buy a bunch of leads from Fiverr?

Here’s the thing: My Daily Choice, or any other network marketing business for that matter, is a REAL business.

It’s a real profession and the industry does $190 Billion in gross sales each year.

It’s in over 190 countries and there’s over 100 million distributors.

The top leaders in network marketing make over $100k a month, legally.

There’s no “income cap” on your network marketing business, which means you can earn as much as you want.

The only problem is, you have to work for it.

And, it takes a few years, not a couple months, or a week like some lottery-minded individuals like to think, to achieve true success in network marketing.

Why Not Cheap MLM Leads?

So, buying subpar, low grade, and probably fake MLM leads on Fiverr or anywhere else, where it looks “too good to be true”, will get you nothing for your money.

That’s like trying to hire some homeless people to go pretend to want to buy a car from your buddy who works for Cadillac.

Your buddy wouldn’t get any sales. . .

And, you won’t get any signups and paid affiliates in your MLM business either from buying 35 cent leads from Sakkur in India.

It Pays Off to Learn Lead Generation the Right Way

Here’s the ultimate truth: The quality of your leads will go up the more you learn about network marketing and invest in personal development.

That’s right.

Personal development.

Leaders learn everyday and are humble.

They have mentors and take copious notes at network marketing webinars.

Network marketing leaders don’t drop $20 bucks on Fiverr hoping to build a million dollar business. That’s “get-rich-quick” mentality which is what gives network marketing a bad name.

Leaders learn how to generate quality leads, ideally on autopilot.

How Do I Get Quality Leads on Autopilot?

Network marketing leaders generate leads around the clock by creating content online.

Here’s some of the “Attraction Marketing” techniques they use:

  • They write “How to” articles on their blog. They don’t mention their company name. They only provide generic MLM training.
  • They write an ebook.
  • They shoot lots of videos on YouTube.
  • They interact with followers on social media.
  • They train at network marketing events.
  • They conduct webinars.

By using Attraction Marketing methods I outlined above, you can generate almost-free leads around the clock.

I say “almost-free” because it still requires your time to create the content.

Attraction Marketing is the ideal way to prospect because prospects come to you.

You don’t have to bug people or spam online to get leads this way.

It’s absolutely marvelous when it works like this.

My blog, for example, gets leads around the clock.

I’m not sitting on Facebook all day stalking people and bugging them to join my business.

The only downside to Attraction Marketing is that it takes effort and time, but isn’t that still better than working 30 more years, 9 to 12 hours a day at a JOB?


Thanks for reading!

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