My Daily Choice MLM Training: Where Do I Get Leads?

My Daily Choice MLM Training: Where Do I Get Leads?

My Daily Choice MLM Training: Where Do I Get Leads?

Building a successful home business with network marketing requires generating a lot of Leads. Here’s My Daily Choice MLM Training: Where Do I Get Leads?

Are you new to My Daily Choice and want to get started the RIGHT way?

Or, you’ve been in MDC for awhile and want to find out some new lead generation techniques?

Well, you’ve come to the right place!

Generating leads on a daily basis is the name of the game in growing a successful network marketing business with My Daily Choice.

If you don’t generate leads, you don’t have a business. Period.

So, Where Do I Get Leads for My Daily Choice?

There’s two types of currency in internet marketing.

One is time and the other is money.

You need one of these currencies to build your MLM biz properly.

There’s also two types of Leads (prospects).

Paid and Free.

If you don’t have time, but you have money, then paid leads may be an avenue for you.

If you have more time than money, then free leads would be preferable.

Let’s look at free leads.

Social Media for Free MLM Leads

When I started my MLM business back in 2014, luckily I was already promoting stuff using Twitter.

I had acquired about 50,000 followers and so it was easy to switch from promoting affiliate marketing products to my MLM products.

It still wasn’t easy though. I had to learn how to not sound spammy when I tweeted about my business.

Later, I discovered my conversion rates on my leads because My Daily Choice gives you a little piece of tracking code you can attach to your landing page links to see what’s working.

The tracking code is: ?SOURCE=

So, if you want to track your conversion rate from your links on Twitter, you would so something like this:

That’s my landing page link with a code on the end with “TW”.

Now, I can see my results from any of my links like this that I post on Twitter.

This link is really long and ugly, so I shrink all my links down using

Using TinyURL, my link now looks like this:

There’s many opportunities on social media to generate leads.

I use Twitter mostly because I can automate it.

But, a lot of network marketing leaders use Facebook.

Facebook is more personal than Twitter and you need to break the ice with people on there and form a little bond before pitching your business.

You might want to wait until you talk to someone a few times before even talking about your business.

MLM leaders who use Facebook post a variety of different posts or “statuses.”

Here’s 3 types of statuses for Facebook:

  • Story post – A story post is a longer post (like 400 to 600 words) telling your before and after story in network marketing. Kind of like a little “rags to riches” story, but don’t lie. Let’s say you were really tired of seeing so much hype on the internet, then you found a true business you can get behind. End the story post by saying “PM me for details.” Or “Comment ‘info’ and I will get back with you.” That’s where you talk a little more and share your landing page link of MDC.
  • Social Proof – Social proof is where you share a picture of a cool place you’re at or a picture of your earnings, or how your body has shrunk 10 pounds. Social proof is exactly that. You are showing your awesome lifestyle with pictures. You can also say “If you want what I am doing, comment ‘info’ and I will tell you more.
  • Question or Survey post – This is where you get engagement with your friends by asking questions or conducting a survey. When someone responds, you respond and strike up a conversation. Again, don’t mention your business opportunity. It’s all about creating friendships with no strings attached. You can eventually approach them later.

Long Term Lead Generation Techniques

Social Media prospecting is a great way to generate leads rather quickly.

There’s long-term lead generation techniques I also like to use, like videos and blogging.

Videos and blogging takes time to grow, but the result is powerful lead generation around the clock for years to come.

But, you need hundreds of videos or blog posts to start generating a steady flow of leads.

Here’s how you get leads from video:

  1. Shoot a 3 minute video on a basic piece of training your learned about network marketing. This is “generic” training, so don’t mention MDC.
  2. At the end of the video, lead your viewers to your landing page or your blog if you have one. Say something like “Thanks for watching this. If you’re interested in learning more about how to create a successful network marketing business, click the link below this video.
  3. Under the video, you would have your shortened link of MDC and a short description, like:

“If you are tired of working a dead-end job and finally want to learn how to work from home or anywhere a laptop can go, then visit my blog for more information and thanks for viewing!

It’s okay if you don’t know a lot about network marketing. All you have to do is learn a technique or tip from another network marketer and make a video using your own words.

There’s thousands of videos on YouTube already, all you have to do is regurgitate the information.

Here’s how to get Leads from a Blog:

Do the same thing as you did with a video, but write a 800 word article instead. At the end of the article, you would say something like:

“Thanks for reading!”

“B.T.W. We’re looking for individuals who are success-driven with a desire to make Extra Income from Home. If you’d like more information, please click the button to take a FREE Tour:”

By adding the “B.T.W.” which means “by the way” you’re not acting spammy. You are just adding something else to what you were saying, as if talking to a friend.

Paid Leads for My Daily Choice

If you don’t have time, but you have some money, I would look into solo ads.

Solo ads is where a “vendor” sells part of his email list to you. All you have to do is come up with a little sales writing (copy) and send it to the vendor and he will email it to their list.

You want to add your landing page link at the bottom of the sales copy, shortened preferably.

I hope this helps!


If you’re NOT in My daily Choice yet, please go to my About Erik page for more info.


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