CBD Oil Testimonial for My Panic Attack and Social Anxiety

CBD Oil Testimonial for My Panic Attack and Social Anxiety

CBD Oil Testimonial for My Panic Attack and Social Anxiety

Five years ago my life changed forever. I had a panic attack, then social anxiety. Here’s my CBD Oil testimonial for helping social anxiety.

Are you tired of being really nervous around people?

Me too.

It started 5 years ago while having a nice innocent dinner with my parents.

It was our ritual that we did every Sunday night.

I would come over around 4 PM, watch a little TV, take a hot bath, have dinner, then watch 60 Minutes with my dad in the TV room.

But, this particular Sunday I was sharing what I had done the week before with my dad as he ate his salad and watched me, when suddenly I felt like I was on stage in front of a million people and there was a huge flood light on me.

I stopped talking mid-sentence, as beads of sweat rolled down my face.

My dad stopped chewing: “Are you okay?” He asked.

“No, I need to lie down” I said.

I felt pressure in my heart and felt like I was having another heart attack. (Had one six years earlier.)

I went and lied down and he came in with a little pill to relax me.

Right when I took the pill, I relaxed.

Not because the pill worked, but because as an ex-alcoholic, who always used substances as a “safety net,” I felt immediately safer.

Isn’t that crazy?

If only I could feel safe without drugs and alcohol, but anyways, the pill worked and my appetite came back immediately.

But, the following Sunday I didn’t want to go back to my parents, and I especially didn’t want to sit at “the table.”

We tend to avoid places where we had a panic attack.

So, I wanted to avoid my parents and dinner tables now.

I did go there the next week, but I got really scared when I was in their laundry room filling up my jugs of water gallons with their high PH drinking water to take back to my place. (Lived in a RV)

I felt real uneasy, like I didn’t want to come back out of the laundry room.

That little room felt safe and I didn’t want to go back out and pretend everything was fine.

I felt like a stranger or burglar in their home.

I didn’t feel any love or connection.

I was in “flight” mode and just wanted to go home.

This made me really frustrated and sad because my time with my parents was special because I had ignored them for years when I was drinking, and had only a couple good years recently with my dad.

So, now I felt like this panic attack was taking away my family, and it basically did.

For the next 5 years, I stayed home.

My wife and I moved to Texas, 3,000 miles away from my parents so it was easy to stay home because we didn’t know anyone here, except her parents, and they realized quickly that I wasn’t the social type.

Social Anxiety to Spirituality

I sensed that this panic attack was a sign that I needed to deal with some deep issues, some skeletons in my closet from the 16 years of heavy drinking.

I started to do “self love” affirmations and listen to confidence building hypnosis on YouTube.

It helped a little, but nothing really worked until I finally “let go and let God.

Yes, I was listening to Brian Welch (born again guitarist from the band Korn) when he was speaking like Jesus and said in a song called L.O.V.E “stop your running and come back home.”

I broke down and sobbed for hours.

I knew I couldn’t do life alone and it was a huge relief that God was back.

But, that still wasn’t enough. . .

CBD Oil Testimonial for My Panic Attack and Social Anxiety

I’ve been searching for years for a natural supplement for social anxiety.

Nothing worked that great until I tried CBD Oil last month.

It’s pure CBD oil which comes from the Hemp plant but has absolutely no THC. It’s actually a powerfully natural anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-psychotic, and pain reliever.

I bought the drops from Hempworx and put about a third of a dropper of drops under my tongue first thing in the morning and right before bed.

I didn’t notice anything for about 3 weeks, but on the 4th week I had to go meet a new business partner in person and I basically hadn’t left the house for a year.

Normally, I would be freaking out, but I really didn’t think twice about it.

I met him and it was fine.

I didn’t realize what had happened until a couple days later when I remembered I wasn’t that nervous at all!

When you have lived for social anxiety for so long, it’s hard to realize that it is gone or dramatically less.

I can’t pinpoint why my social anxiety is dramatically less, except for the CBD Oil.

So, this is my CBD Oil Testimonial.


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