CBD Oil On Fibromyalgia, Marfan Syndrome, and Anxiety

CBD oil has been a very important part of my life.  Not only has it helped me, but it has helped my husband as well. 

My husband’s ex is actually the one who started suggesting that we use the CBD oil, mostly because she was selling it, but I ended up being very glad she did.  I use it on a daily basis to help control my anxiety. 

My husband has very severe fibromyalgia and Marfan Syndrome that he uses it for.  Without the discovery of CBD oil, I have no clue where we would be right now.

It was 2014, I had just gotten into pretty severe car accident and was recovering from that.  This is right after we found out that my husband had fibromyalgia. 

We did not know about the Marfan Syndrome right off the bat.  The accident lead to me being very anxious every time I was in a car, and the scars from the accident left me anxious to go out into public.  My husband was always in mild pain and nothing seemed to be working.

One day my husband’s ex-girlfriend had come over to drop off their daughter. 

We were discussing the issues that we had been having and that is when she suggested that we try some of the CBD oil that she had. 

We got a bottle off of her, 500mg, and began to use it daily.  My husband started feeling better almost immediately, and using the oil caused him to use less of the Tramadol and Naproxen he had been prescribed to. 

It helped him to become a lot more energetic and he began to exercise more like he was supposed to.  My anxiety took a little bit longer to dissipate, but after using the oil for a while it really began to help.

We talked to my husband’s rheumatology doctor, who though using the oil was a great idea, and was glad that we were seeking more natural alternatives. 

He said it let him know that my husband wasn’t attending his appointments just to get his fix.  I talked to my doctor about how it made my anxiety feel and she suggested that we both move up to the 750mg. 

She told me that if the 500mg didn’t work right away that it may not have been enough to counter balance the medications that I was taking.

I of course took my doctor’s advice and moved up.  I immediately felt the difference, and have noticed a drastic change in both my husband’s and my health. 

Our blood pressure has been lowered and our overall daily activity has increased.  We have both stopped relying on our prescription medications so much, and this has caused us to change our diet, which in turn has helped us to become healthier. 

Without CBD oil I do not think we ever would have been able to do some of the thing we do now.

We were both feeling very old and out of date.  We were both sitting around, eating junk, letting our lives go to waste because of a little bit of discomfort, but not anymore. 

CBD has helped to relieve both of us from this sluggish state and I would not have it any other way.  People ask me all the time if I think taking CBD oil is still the right thing, and if I could go back would I not have taken it in the first place.  I always say yes, it is right for me and if I could go back I would have started taking it sooner.

I never would suggest taking CBD to anyone unless they have consulted their doctor, but I would ask if consulting their doctor could hurt them. 

Most doctors today don’t mind their patients adding a little bit of CBD to their medication regimen. 

They are fully aware that CBD needs tested further, yet they are still recommending it because they know it has some medical properties, there is absolutely no denying that at all. 

A lot of doctors know that CBD really does help their patients, and that it could also save their patients millions in medical bills as they age.

I personally feel like CBD oil could help a lot of people out there who don’t know it’s benefits.  I say let’s get the stuff tested further and make it available to everyone at a decent price. 

If pharmaceutical companies want in, then let them in with all the other friendly competition that is already there.  CBD oil is right for me, it could be right for you too. Click HERE for more info.

By: Isabella Campbell




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