CBD Oil Helped Linnie Get Off Anti-Depressants

CBD Oil Helped Linnie Get Off Anti-Depressants

At the early age of 15, I was seeing a chiropractor every single day. They told me I had four bulging discs in my lower back. With this, comes some serious chronic pain.

Apparently, this was rare for someone my age to endure; it is usually something that happens to adults. It had turned out that being a gymnast put some serious wear and tear on my back throughout my childhood.

Though I was young, dealing with chronic pain was just the same. I would have so many sleepless nights spent aching.

I cringe at the thought of how many over the counter anti-inflammatory pills my body has had to process over the years, just to get through the day – probably hundreds.

Or how much money I spent on heating pads and ice packs.

Or how many times I would show up to school only to sleep through every class because I was tossing and turning the night before.

Or how much time I spent at the chiropractors office, listening to him trying to tell my mother and I what more we could do. Surgery. More doctors. More pills. More x-rays. More money. For the next six years, this is what my life consisted of.

At the age of 17, I was diagnosed with anxiety and deep depression. On top of the sleepless nights, back pain and chiropractors – I now had to deal with therapists. More pills. More tests. More money. More therapists. And on top of that – daily panic attacks, more sleepless nights, not being able to go in the grocery store alone, having terrible grades at school, all while trying to make friends and fit in to my post-puberty self.

This particular cycle went on for 3 years. These years are honestly a blur to me. I would love to tell you that I found a good therapist and a good medication and I had a magical college experience.

But, that is far from reality. I never found a medicine that worked. I never found a doctor that worked. I am actually still paying off some of the medical bills from these years from various lab tests and doctor visits.

As college came, my anxiety got worse. I couldn’t go to class because it would undoubtedly produce an anxiety attack. I couldn’t do my homework because I would fall asleep within 30 minutes of working on it.

I couldn’t go out and party, and I couldn’t make friends. Anxiety and chronic pain literally ruled my life. I felt like I had tried everything and none of it worked. I was entirely convinced that this was what the rest of my life was going to be like. I didn’t know any different.

Finally, at the age of 19, living in my own apartment – I became financially independent enough to start taking matters into my own hands.

One quick Google search later, I became obsessed with learning everything there is to know about natural healing methods for pain and anxiety. Not soon after, I discovered CBD oil.

A week later, I began using it. It has been coming up on two years of use and here is a little bit of what my life looks like now.

I can actually sleep at night! I don’t toss and turn in pain throughout the night anymore. I sleep soundly and wake up ready for the day, which has never been a thing for me.

My back pain is extremely minimal and tolerable. When I began using, I started feeling comfortable enough to become active again. I go on runs. I climb mountains. I am a yoga instructor. I can snowboard and long board. I don’t see a chiropractor anymore.

Most importantly, I haven’t spent another dime on over the counter pain medications or any other type of medication.

As far as my anxiety goes, it has been life saving. Two years later, I no longer show signs of depression. Panic attacks are few and far between. I can go into the grocery store by myself, and even laugh at the fact I wasn’t able to before.

Social anxiety isn’t an issue anymore. I no longer feel exhausted and lazy all the time, allowing me to pursue my career path at full force.

This past year, I even moved across the country to a place where I don’t know a single soul and without being an anxious mess in the process.

This is coming from a girl who, in high school, had to take her tests in a special, private room (basically a closet) because she literally couldn’t function in a classroom setting. I don’t need to see a therapist weekly.

Best of all, I am no longer on constant trials for antidepressants, putting my body through hell figuring out which one is best for me. Which also means I am no longer run down from awful side effects anymore, and no longer do I have to take even more medications for those side effects.

I no longer have medical bills piling up on my kitchen table, or pills to pick up at the pharmacy. It has even been one full year since I have seen a doctor. I feel normal. I feel healthy. I feel happy. That is something have not been able to say that in a very long time.

If I would not have discovered CBD oil; I don’t know what my life would be like today. It is honestly scary for me to think about.

My life is so fulfilling and beautiful right now, it is hard for me to imagine my life continuing the way it was. When you have depression and chronic pain, the absolute last thing you need is to be stuck in a cycle of medical debt, doctor visits, and trial medications to add to your stress and pain.

I still haven’t been able to understand how I dealt with that for six years, and it is heartbreaking to know that people deal with it for longer, or they eventually even give up without even knowledge that there are better, cheaper, and healthier options out there for healing right at their fingertips!

If I would not of discovered CBD at the time that I did, I would not be climbing the mountains I do today. I surely would not of had the energy to begin my career, or move to a beautiful place just because I felt like it. I would still be living in constant pain and fear, and I don’t know if I would of ever been able to experience being the overwhelmingly happy and perfectly healthy human I am today.


Linnie W.



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