CBD Oil Defied Her Mental Illness and Got Her Off Prescriptions

I grew up in the Mid-West, in the actual ‘buckle’ of the “Bible Belt”: Oklahoma. I grew up under the mindset and widespread perspective that Cannabis and anything related was evil, a scary drug, and something only low, dirty people did.

I didn’t even know the different words for Marijuana, the word “Cannabis” didn’t enter my vocabulary until I was on my way out of high school and into college. Needless to say, I was against any sort of usage much less any kind of legalization of the Mary Jane Herb.

That is, until a close friend of mine wrote a research paper over Marijuana and exposed not only its medicinal, economical, and environmental positive impacts, but also how the government has played a huge and unfair role in painting a scary picture of a plant that does a whole lot of good. I went to college with an evolving perspective on Marijuana, and I still did not yet know of CBD oil and its medicinal qualities.

Throughout college, “Life” happened and well into my junior year, I was diagnosed with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, General Anxiety, and Major Depressive Disorder.

I had to quit school in order to go home to heal. I found myself in a mentally dark place, and had a tough time making it through my daily routine – each day was a struggle.

I did not take any prescribed medications until right before I was admitted into a behavior health hospital – my depression and anxiety had taken over, and those combined with my PTSD and harmful medications, I was a near lost cause.

The medications I was prescribed were to treat anxiety and depression, and instead of helping me reach a higher point I ended up sinking lower than I ever had before. I was told that this happens sometimes, because each person reacts differently to different medications.

I stayed in the hospital for a week, and was prescribed 3 new and different types of pills. One to help calm my anxiety, one to boost my mood, and one to help me sleep at night.

I suppose they all helped in a way, I found myself moving through my days in a sluggish daze and never really feeling the need to confront what was really wrong within me – the drugs smoothed over the surface problems, and I was able to go through the motions for a while.

I eventually got fed up with feeling like a zombie. I had no emotion, no joy, no contentment with my life and what I was doing every day. I was able to move and get out of bed easier, sure. The meaning of life, however still escaped me and I felt frustrated with the system.

I weaned myself off of all of my medications and began to do my own research. I found my feelings again, I was able to feel sad and happy – and I realized how long it had been since I had felt either.

I kept running across something called “CBD oil.” I was intrigued. I learned that the body actually has different receptors for CBD oil, and when the CBD oil is applied to these different places (such as the wrist or base of neck) there are different responses. I found my way back into school, and I managed to get through the weighted deadlines with minimal panic attacks.

During my final month, I had a major project to get done. I had just ordered my first CBD oil product. The one I chose promotes deep breathing, mental alertness, improved concentration, and healthy respiratory function.

I sampled it a couple of times – the product had already worked wonders. Not only was I able to feel like myself and like I wasn’t being drugged – I also was able to breathe more deeply and remain calmer.

The Eucalyptus scent is a delicious bonus to the product. I breathe in the oil, and I feel my whole body and mind unwind and relax and focus, so I can get what I need done. The placement for this specific oil blend is at the base of the neck – so the scent travels smoothly and easily up through the nose.

I remember the first time I really knew that the CBD oil was a product I would keep in my life permanently. I was frozen, in class, with a mound of work to do in front of my. My anxiety didn’t let me move.

Then, I remembered the oil. It was at home. I didn’t care, I left school to go get it because I wasn’t getting any work done. I came back rejuvenated – my motions became less jerky and I was able to *actually* move. It was then and there when I knew I could trust that the CBD oil truly worked for me.

Throughout my whole experience discovering mental health medicines, I have primarily been told that pills are what I needed, that so many people were on pills now. It’s a totally “normal” way to be and combat anxiety, depression, and more.

However, with a little bit of research and a lot more intuition, I was able to find a much better product for my body and mind.

Natural medicines are widely and severely overlooked, and anything that is remotely related to Cannabis may have more nay-sayers than any other homeopathic option, depending on your audience.

Even in the middle of Oklahoma, where many people scorn the natural herb that produces CBD oil, I am able to find peace and harmony with a product that transcends any sort of prejudiced judgement. Truly, the oil speaks for itself.




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