Our CBD Oil Cat Testimonial – What Really Happens

Our CBD Oil Cat Testimonial - What Really Happens

Our CBD Oil Cat Testimonial – What Really Happens

Our cat is 10 years old. He has joint pain and was recently shot with a pellet gun. Here’s Our CBD Oil Cat Testimonial – What Really Happens.

Most cats like to go out at night. That’s when all the action is.

Our cat is part Maine Coon and likes to explore, most cats do.

In fact, people that have recorded their cat’s evening journey with Go Pro cameras discover that their cat can travel miles per night.

We’ve been letting our cat out at night for years and live in a peaceful neighborhood – or so we thought. . .

One morning a couple weeks ago, he went missing.

He usually is never late to come in the house for breakfast.

We found him hiding under the shed and he wouldn’t look at us.

He’s done this before when he had been in a fight and had two puncture wounds on his forearm.

I think he is mostly ashamed, like he let us down because in cats minds we are all part of the “pride.”

Anyways, he finally looked at me when I talked to him from under the shed and that’s when I noticed one eye was completely contracted while the other one was completely dilated.

It looked scary and I finally grabbed him and we got him to the vet.

He was also limping really bad.

The vet called us in an hour and my wife starting crying as she put the phone on speaker.

The vet told us both that he had been shot through the throat and the pellet from a pellet gun lodged into his shoulder.

He nearly died.

Miraculously, he recovered very fast, but was still left with a really bad limp.

We also had to keep him in at night now because we discovered it was a neighbor’s boy who shot him with his father, supposedly while hunting “opossums.”

Well, they were full of crap and knew it was a cat they shot because the neighbors have a high-powered spotlight and the bullet wound was in his chest, meaning our cat was watching them as they shot him.

Don’t get me started on that part of the story, but you can read more about that in Our Neighbor Shot Our Cat.

CBD Oil For Cats??

My wife and I take CBD oil for a variety of reasons, including back pain relief and it reduces anxiety and helps us sleep.

We just heard that the company where we get our CBD Oil from launched a new CBD Oil product line for pets.

We had to try it for our cat because he already had joint pain from his age, now he had a pellet in his shoulder.

He also had trouble switching from being outside all night to being with us all night.

It was hard on us too, we couldn’t sleep because he meowed almost all night to let him out.

We were losing it!

Our Neighbor Shot Our Cat - But Stronger Love Happened

First Night CBD Oil Testimonial with Our Cat

So, when my wife came home after a dinner party, we decided to give it to him.

She held him and I administered the CBD Oil into the side of his mouth.

We had gotten used to this procedure because the vet gave us pain meds to give him orally a week before.

He didn’t seem to mind the taste.

I completely forgot to read the instructions and just gave him about a half dropper full.

After reading the instructions on the label, 20 drops is the suggested dose.

The drops are bacon flavored, which we all know dogs love, but our cat seemed to like it as well!

We then went to bed and dreaded the moment we knew that he would start to meow to let him out, but he didn’t.

In fact, he was quiet until 6:45 am instead of 4:30 am.

We all had a good night’s rest.

My wife mentioned that she saw him mostly sleeping all night, and his limp was even less.


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So, we are sold on this CBD Oil for cats. It really works!

If you’d like to check out the CBD Oil for Pets, click HERE to find out more about it.


Thanks for reading Our CBD Oil Cat Testimonial!


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