How CBD Oil Can Stop a Nervous Tic Testimonial

How CBD Oil Can Stop a Nervous Tic Testimonial

How CBD Oil Can Stop a Nervous Tic Testimonial

My left eye began twitching one day. Then it continued. Here’s How CBD Oil Can Stop a Nervous Tic Testimonial.

It’s hard enough to suffer from social anxiety, but then I developed a nervous tic or twitch in my left eye.

I thought I was doomed.

The whole reason I created social anxiety in my life was because I over-thought how people would look at me and think of me.

You know, a lot of problems in our lives are created by our thoughts.

Yes, you might think that someone else or circumstance is to blame, but for the most part we create everything.

So, I’m going to say I created my social anxiety and created my eye twitch.

So, how can you get rid of a nervous eye tic?

I’ve been taking CBD oil for a little over two months.

I initially started taking CBD Oil for my social anxiety.

I didn’t notice anything for about three weeks.

I guess I needed to build up this hemp compound in my system before noticing anything.

Then, around a month I noticed it.

I was a lot calmer driving to go meet a new person.

I didn’t think twice about the meeting until about two days later when I was thinking about the meeting and couldn’t remember being nervous.

That was great.

I couldn’t believe that I had a casual encounter with someone new without freaking out!

But, then it happened.

My left eye began twitching.

It’s one of those faint muscle twitches that you over-think and it becomes bigger than it actually is.

Again, our thoughts can be our biggest enemy.

I thought about that little muscle spasm in my left eye and it grew.

Pretty soon, I felt my left eye twitching every day continuously.

For a person suffering from social anxiety, this isn’t a good thing!

But, once again, after taking CBD oil for almost two months, the nervous tic subsided.

My left eye stopped twitching.

Now, not only is my social anxiety much less, but my eyes feel solid.

So, Here’s How CBD Oil Can Stop a Nervous Tic Testimonial

The last thing we need, people who suffer from PTSD, anxiety, OCD, etc is to have a facial spasm that takes us over the edge and destroys any shred of self-esteem and confidence we might of had.

Well, see for yourself! I explain the situation a lot better in this video:

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