CBD is a Riskless and Effective Pain Remedy for People Allergic to Pain Relievers

Relief for chronic pain in my lower back has long been a challenge for me due to drug-related allergies I have had, particularly to NSAIDs. 

The pain has impacted my employability since about the turn of the century (2000 – 2001), when I had ongoing delivery job for a nuclear pharmacy and drove for up to twelve hours a day, sometimes seven days a week.

Though I now work from home, as a graphic designer, frequent back pain is still debilitating to me on a regular basis. I have long been unable to do much for the pain, except for shifting position from sitting to standing, or vice versa, and that only partially relieved the pain for very brief periods.

But over the past year and a half, I tried a vaporizer pen, and have been regularly using CBD capsules taken orally and CBD ointments applied directly to my skin in the region of my lower back and for the first time in a long time, I have been able to experience significant relief for longer periods of time – hours instead of minutes as compared to shifting or using ice – and even the elimination of pain so that I can better enjoy my work and life!

I was skeptical about CBD, certainly, but because of my problems with traditional pain relief, it was very much a ‘nothing to lose’ situation!

Happily, it was a pleasant surprise that it not only worked effectively to stop the pain but that it did so without any hives, itchiness or the throat-swelling that NSAIDs caused me!

Pain relief without allergic side-effects has been miraculous to me! I had nearly forgotten what it was like to be completely without pain for long stretches of time!

Additionally, because I took Benadryl for a number of years for both medicine-related allergies as well as some food issues I have, that messed up my stomach, which can be very sensitive to some medications, but CBD actually helps reduce nausea – so that is an added bonus, as far as I am concerned!

Being middle-aged, in addition to the back pain that I have had since I was in my late thirties, I also have developed some intermittent knee and ankle pain and the CBD has helped a lot with those aches and pains, as well.

Occasionally, especially in spring and fall, atmospheric allergies such as pollen and leaf molds give me nasal congestion that leads to headaches and migraines and my CBD usage has helped eliminate those issues, too!

All these discomfort issues can be so fatiguing, but nowadays the CBD keeps them in check so that I find I have MUCH more energy, and a far better attitude towards my daily life!  Because the pain issues affected my sleeping, too – I find I am now better rested at the start of each day!

Going to bed is likewise vastly improved, because I am not so much collapsing into bed exhausted and worn from being in agony all day, but just relaxed and ready for some sleep!

One more side-benefit has been a reduction of the stress and anxiety that comes with being in constant pain. I believe the CBD affects the worry directly, as an anti-anxiety medicine, but it also is just less upsetting being pain-free and less worrying that the pain is going to limit my activities.

For me, CBD has been the find of a lifetime! I have always been a hard-worker, my chronic pain stems from on-the-job activity, and with CBD I can stay busy and feel productive, and that is my nature!

I definitely feel like I have my life back and that I can give more to my wife and friends and be a better, more focused graphic designer. 

There is no longer the constant interference of chronic pain between myself and the people and things that I love and enjoy!

Having been allergic to other pain-relievers really limited my options, but CBD has restored what I can and want to do! I am more than happy to share my discovery of the many benefits of CBD with others, and have done so, over the past year that I have been using it.

The availability of CBD openly at a number of retail outlets and the many forms that it can be administered – tablet, inhaler, liquid, and ointment – are appealing to me!

I tend to be a skeptic, especially when it comes to anti-inflammatories and pain-relievers, but when I do try and find something that works then I will stick with it – and probably let everyone else I know in on it, and that is what CBD has done for me and that’s why I want to extol its virtues!

For me, CBD is a riskless and effective pain remedy that I can utilize in many forms and it provides numerous benefits, most especially pain relief, and I heartily and in good-conscience recommend it to others!

Erik Christian Johnson is a full-time blogger, self-development advocate, and full-time network marketing Entrepreneur.

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