CBD Helped Amy’s Unknown Autoimmune Disease and Cleared Her Skin

As a child, you dream of happiness and you dream of love, which encompasses the greatest health there is. You dream of accomplishing all of your goals that don’t make a bit of sense and you dream of being in love with the life you were gifted with.

As a child, dreaming is all you know and dreaming is all you live through in your imagination. When I was a child, dreaming was all that I loved and my dreams always encompassed joy and never illness.

Yet, that was the reality – the negative dream – that I created when I turned nineteen years old, which was a complete and utter nightmare.

I adopted an unknown autoimmune disease, after years of having eczema and sensitive skin, that came in the form of nerve pain, a full body rash, and inflammatory weakness of my organs.

For months, I went through body changes that humans should not have to go through from peeling skin to screeching moments of pain.

At first, I went to my normal doctor of western medicine, as I should have, and received a heavy dosage of steroids. For my sake, they worked.

For months, this disease stayed away until it came back to haunt me, again, a year later. This time, I decided to skip the western doctors, whom I diagnosed as liars.

For two years, I went to metaphysical healers, hypnotherapists, naturopathic doctors of all kinds, and I even left the country, by myself, to heal. Through my many discoveries, I came across an odd looking plant in my visions. It was marijuana.

Growing up, marijuana was against every belief system I had ever adopted. It was the drug I saw my cousins smoking in high school and it smelled gross.

Yet, one day, a new healer I went to handed me a bottle of her self – made CBD oil. I was told to rub it all over my body and take it, orally, before I went to sleep.

I opened the bottle when I came home and the scent took me back to my high school days of misery. Yet, in my desperate attempts, I did what she said.

I rubbed the oil on every itch of my skin where there was a rash. I sat there, for moments, and felt nothing. Yet, soon enough, my body begin to change.

I didn’t know what was happening to me and I was scared. My skin tingled and felt numb, as if my pain didn’t exist, but my body was new. My body felt like it was reborn. I left the house that day and I went outside.

After two years of suffering, I remembered what it was like to live my life where I could move my limbs, stretch, and go out into the world and be a dreamer, once again.

After my skin returned back to its normal state of rash-filled misery, I decided to take the CBD oil, orally. It was one thing to put CBD oil on my skin and receive relief, but to have it in my actual organs, down my throat – well, that was nerve-wracking.

Once I took this plant medicine orally, I knew there was no going back. I’d heard the horrific stories of marijuana making you feel off, anxiety – ridden, and I had heard the stories of it affecting your brain, in a negative way.

Yet, the spirit of marijuana was working with me, just as it did this morning. Although my skin was still raised with red bumps, cuts, and scars, my skin was not controlling me anymore.

The CBD oil on my skin gave me relief that lasted longer than the few hours it was actively soaking into my body. Due to this, I knew I had to trust this plant because no plant of Mother Earth is here to hurt me, but every plant of Mother Earth is here to support me.

With this knowledge, I ignored my fears and adopted the dream to heal my physical body. I asked this plant to help me and I drank a small, but large enough amount of CBD oil.

Moments later, I had anxiety that was self – inflicted. I went into my bedroom and shut the door and begin to breathe, heavily. I told myself I was safe and all I needed to do was breathe and trust in Mother Earth – trust in Mama Ganja.

I closed my eyes and I laid down in my bed, relaxed and trusting that relief and healing will come. I began to receive peace in my mind and my body felt like it was floating on a cloud.

Every night before this moment, it took me hours to find a comfortable position and sleeping was non – existent. Yet, I sat here with CBD oil in my body and my limbs were not stiff anymore.

I did not have an urge to bend down and itch my legs or my arms, and I did not have an urge to run to the Emergency Room to receive steroids that simply made me worse, at this point in my illness.

I did not need to watch over my clothing or worry if my scabs would stick to my pants. I was at complete and utter ease and I felt happy.

This plant raised my emotional state from worrisome fear that was controlling me to my happiness. I fell into a state of needing to sleep and wanting to live the dreams I had always had as a kid.

I knew this oil did not contain any THC, but that did not change the fact that my itching stopped, my body did not ache with pain where I needed to twitch and scream, and my mind was not focused on my pain, but rather on my relief and my own life. I had clarity.

This oil changed my life. The pain I had adopted was given to this plant and this plant gifted me the dreams of tomorrow I had shoved away.

I woke up the next morning and my joints were not stiff and my skin was not as inflamed. I had hopes for healing and I knew I was not doomed to pain for the rest of my life. I was able to participate in life after my experience with CBD oil.

This plant has brought me to tears and this plant has helped me heal. After this one experience with marijuana, I began using it daily to soothe my pain and each day my skin and body has returned, little by little, to its natural state.

At times, I have even combined this CBD oil with THC, which has given me insights to what my illness is truly about: self – rejection and the self – sabotage inflicted by my emotional pain. 

Marijuana has healed my soul and it has healed my body through relief and clear sight for what I want in my life. Marijuana has made me a dreamer, again, and I can credit this plant of Mother Nature to the life I now get to live, each and every day.

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