Best Wholesale CBD for Health and Wellness Professionals

CBD Oil may help many ailments, and is a great supplement for health professionals, like chiropractors, spas, doctors, and lifestyle coaches to offer clients. But, finding an inexpensive high-quality CBD Oil is tricky, until now. Here’s the Best wholesale cbd for health and wellness professionals.

There’s a lot of cheap CBD Oil on the market, and a lot of it comes from cheap labs that make crystalline CBD isolate, which has barely any of the medicinal qualities of full-spectrum CBD, which has CBD, CBG, CBN, and CBC.

Also, finding a high quality full-spectrum CBD Oil that is not only effective but with a pure formula of just CBD based in Hemp Oil is rare, and also getting it for under $60 a bottle is hard to find.

Where to Find the Best wholesale CBD for Professionals?

Being able to markup a bottle of CBD has not been very lucrative when starting with a bottle that already costs $60 a bottle or more. If you marked up a bottle that costs $60 up to $80, you’re only making a $20 profit on each bottle, and a $80 dollar bottle is harder to sell.

Let’s look at the New Hempworx Wholesale Prices for Professionals:

50 Pack ($38 per bottle)

Option One allows you to buy 50 bottles for $1900, which brings the cost per bottle down to $38 a bottle. Not bad.  

100 Pack ($35 a bottle)

Option Two allows you to buy 100 bottles for $3500, which brings the price per bottle down to $35 a bottle. Getting better. . .

250 Pack ($30 per bottle)

Option Three allows you to buy 250 bottles for $7500, which lowers the price per bottle down to $30 a bottle. Bingo!

If you mark up a bottle that costs $30 up to $60, you’re making a 50% profit!

This is exactly what professionals have been waiting for.

The market for CBD is only widening and Forbes predicts CBD to hit $20 Billion in sales by 2020.

Here’s a list of potential clients:

  • People who have back pain find relief using CBD Oil.
  • Helps patients in Chemotherapy
  • May help slow down Alzheimer’s and Parkinsons
  • May help skin conditions
  • May help people with Epilepsy
  • May help people with Anxiety, ADHD, and Shizophrenia.
  • May help Arthritis
  • May help stabilize blood sugar levels and Diabetes.
  • May help promote bone growth.
  • The list goes on. . .

CBD is a anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, and anti-psychotic natural remedy.

Here’s a list of professionals who can Benefit from promoting Wholesale CBD Oil:

  • Salons – because CBD helps skin and hair.
  • Doctors – because it helps a lot of ailments.
  • Chiropractors – because it can relieve pain and reduce inflammation.
  • Life coaches – because it can reduce anxiety.
  • Energy healers – because it can calm you.
  • Spas – because it helps the entire body detoxify.
  • Vets – because CBD can help animals!

The list goes on and on.

If you want to add an additional income-stream to your business, CBD is the supplement you need.

It’s not just another potion, pill, or gimmick. It’s a real compound derived from Hemp, has no THC, and offers amazing benefits.

If you’d like to order wholesale, click the link and scroll all the way down to the quick links and click on wholesale > HERE

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