Best Weekly Payout MLM Program that Helps You Recruit

Best Weekly Payout MLM Program that Helps You Recruit

Best Weekly Payout MLM Program that Helps You Recruit

MLM can be very difficult if you don’t know what you’re doing. Here’s the Best Weekly Payout MLM Program that Helps You Recruit.

MLM is hard, I get it.

And, between the thousands of Affiliate and Network marketing companies out there, it’s even more confusing to find the right one for you.

I didn’t know anything when I found MLM back in 2014.

I was an ebook writer, who tried on occasion to make money with affiliate marketing.

Yeah, I learned how to promote products online and make commissions, but there was something missing.

Enter MLM & Network Marketing

It was like affiliate marketing on steroids.

I quickly discovered that MLM used “leverage” in their compensation plan.

That meant, instead of selling a product one time, like you usually did with affiliate marketing, you earned not just from one distributor, but from all their distributors as well.

Using leverage meant I could earn commissions on ALL the people I bring in and then earn on everyone they brought in.

So, the key to this business is to find people who want to build teams of their own.

No problem.

Let me explain this better:

In affiliate marketing, one order meant one order, which got you $25 bucks once.

In MLM, you get an order from one person and that person sells the product to two people, equalling three orders.

So, in MLM that would be 3 orders equalling $45 (plus monthly recurring income), rather than a one-time sale of $25 in affiliate marketing.

In this scenario, MLM gave you three times the income, and this can happen quickly.

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The Importance of Systems

This all sounds fine and dandy, but to a person new to internet marketing, this sounds like a foreign language.

How do you find people for your MLM business?

Just like any other business, you need to find people who are looking for an income opportunity.

Luckily, with the internet, there’s millions of people looking.

All you have to do is get a ton of eyeballs looking at your opportunity.

Again, this is foreign to newbies who want to make money online.

Most internet marketers don’t make as much money as they should because they don’t have an effective marketing system in place.

Many marketers don’t even know how to set up an autoresponder that sends out emails to their prospects!

Many people don’t even own a website, what would these eyeballs look at to see the opportunity?


Personalized websites and “lead capture pages” that the MLM company provides for you.

personal capture page of brain abundance

When you join this MLM company, they not only give you your own website to promote, you also get a truly powerful marketing system that helps you recruit your prospects.

You simply go into your dashboard when you upgrade as a paid member, or IBO (independent business Owner) for short, and copy and paste a personal capture page you want to use.

Once you grab your link, you can promote it anywhere you want.

I prefer putting my links on social media and in this blog.

Once you find a platform you like promoting on, you can start getting your own leads.

More leads will equal more sales, so it’s important to find methods that work best to find as many leads as possible.

The Best Automation Emailer for your Business

After your prospects take a look at your opportunity through your company-provided websites, they will receive an email from the company on your behalf.

This means you literally just need to get people to sign up on your forms to take a free look at your opportunity.

The company will do the rest.

The company will send out an email once a day until your prospect decides to either join or opt out of the emails.

This system is so powerful that I get signups from around the world while I sleep.

It truly does work.

I don’t need to spend tons of time figuring out an autoresponder or salesy email writing because the company did it for me.

Best Weekly Payout to get you Paid Fast

MLM paid weekly

Most companies take forever to pay you.

Some affiliate programs take up to 45 days to pay.

The business I promote pays weekly and monthly.

You can get paid in your first week.

We pay every Wednesday. It would be in your bank by Thursday.

You have a choice to get paid either by direct deposit or by a company-provided debit card.

I’ve been in this company for almost three years and I have never received a late payment.

On top of that, they pay one of the highest commissions I have ever seen on the internet at 70%.

We are also in over 160 countries, so there’s no concern about availability.

Getting paid weekly has saved me many times.

I was dead broke when I started this business back in 2014.

Now, I’m helping a lot of people get ahead financially and now it’s your turn.

Thanks for reading. Please comment and share this post. If you’re interested in this opportunity click the button below to take a free tour.


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  1. Weekly payouts are awesome. My company only pays out once a month, but that doesn’t bother me much. Their checks are good and show up on time. I’ll take it.

    That being said, most people are used to getting paid weekly, or bi-weekly in their job, so paying them weekly in a MLM Company will appeal to many of those folks.

    Great post man. Keep ’em coming!


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