Best U.S. MLM for Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia In 2017

Best U.S. MLM for Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia In 2017

Best U.S. MLM for Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia In 2017

MLM and Network Marketing is a favorite source of income for Pinoys and Malaysians. Here’s the best MLM for Kuala Lumpur.

Are you looking to supplement or replace your job’s income with network marketing?

Are you tired of working so much at a back-breaking job with no future?

Kuala Lumpur is the largest city in Malaysia with over 1.7 million people. The average income of a Malaysian is RM79,752 per year. That’s about $17,781 in the United States.

Network marketing is very popular in Asia because of its “networking” structure. Malaysians are family-based and enjoy large get-togethers with friends.

Network marketing allows the Malaysian to mingle with friends and family while building a network marketing business, which affords them extra income to help with shopping and bills.

U.S. Network Marketing Company for Malaysia

There’s a lot of scams in Malaysia that promise “get-rich-quick” schemes that leave you broke.

In the United States, network marketing companies are heavily regulated by the Federal Trade Commission and the Direct Sales Organization.

A ponzi-scheme or pyramid scheme does not last long in America before it is detected.

This is why a solid U.S. MLM company is strongly recommended in Malaysia and the Philippines.


There are a few key points to consider before joining a network marketing company in Malaysia. These are:

One – Unique Product

One of the most attractive qualities of a legitimate MLM company are their products. You want to join a company that offers something that not everyone else is offering.

For example: Skin cream and shakes. Everyone has a protein shake these days and it makes it very difficult to promote and make money on.

The company I am involved with sells a couple items that are new to the marketplace and have an interesting “selling point.” This makes it easier to make money and get people excited about it.


Two – Ground Floor MLM for Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Our U.S. MLM company is relatively new in Malaysia. Although, we are gaining interest in the Philippines. Our company is unique because we offer shipping to your front door, the business is easy to start, and the commissions are the highest in the industry.

Getting in close to “ground floor” means that you will be positioned to earn more income when it becomes popular.

It’s harder to achieve this excitement and momentum with an older company, like Avon, Amway, or NuSkin. As they say in business, “success loves speed.” And, if you’re not in a company that is growing fast, then your company is dying.


Three – Compensation of up to 85%

Older MLM companies have complicated, outdated pay plans, like breakaway and uni-level, which don’t necessarily pay you anything until you have many people on your team.

Our company uses a Binary pay plan, which means you only have two legs, a right leg and a left leg, that you place people in. What’s even more exciting is that the left leg is called the “powerleg” and everyone can place people down that leg, which means after to place a few personally enrolled people down the left leg, you can then only concentrate building one leg and still get paid.

This makes Binary’s payout considerably more than other pay plans. You can potentially earn up to $1 Million per month with this Binary system.


Four – Leadership

Training and education inside network marketing is important. Leaders are always learning and will never admit that they know everything. The more you position yourself as a leader inside MLM, the more people you will attract to your business.

Our company has over 25 training videos inside the back office that you can watch, learn from, and teach the members of your team.

By having a simple training platform that you can easily point your members to, you simplify the business and greatly reduce the “one on one” time needed for training your distributors.


Five – Easy Marketing System

Having a marketing system attached to an MLM opportunity is essential for your success. Many people will fail in network marketing because they do not know how to talk to prospects.

With our automated email system, you simply get people to take a “free tour” on your company-provided landing and lead-capture pages, and the email system does the rest. You don’t need to worry about talking to your prospects or turning them away by your ineffective email strategy.

Our company will send out a series of emails, once to twice a day, in the first couple of weeks that will help you get sign-ups into your business.

This is the most advanced marketing system setup so that everyone who joins this network marketing opportunity has the ability to finally have success in MLM.

Thank you for reading!


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