Best MLM for Pinoy Network Marketers in Manila Philippines

Best MLM for Pinoy Network Marketers in Manila Philippines

Best MLM for Pinoy Network Marketers in Manila Philippines

Network marketing is a $190 Billion dollar global business. MLM is huge in the Philippines and filipinos are excited about this new company. Read this.

Are you looking to supplement your income with network marketing, or to even replace your job with network marketing?

I have good news for you!

We have opened in the Philippines and are looking for motivated people who are willing to succeed and who wants extra income.

Here’s the Best MLM for Pinoy Network Marketers in Manila Philippines

Why network marketing for the Philippines?

Network marketing is a $190 Billion dollar global industry that has over 100 million members.

Network marketing allows the average person to invest little money into a viable business that can yield big business results.

The average Filipino only makes around $2635 a year based on the Gross Domestic Product statistics, which is not enough money to live properly.

For around $100 a month, Filipinos can become independent business owners in network marketing, promote their products, and earn up to 85% commissions.

What kind of MLM should a Pinoy Filipino invest in?

There’s a lot of unregulated scam companies posing as legitimate network marketing companies in Asia.

One of the best ways to find a legitimate MLM company is to choose a U.S.A. based MLM because they are strictly regulated by the FTC, Federal Trade Commission, and also the Direct Selling Association.

Finding the right MLM company will make the difference between you making a lot of money, or losing ALL your money.


Here’s a few more important factors to consider in choosing the right company for a Pinoy Filipino to make extra income:

One – Unique Product

You want to choose a MLM company that offers a unique product to the marketplace.

Having a unique product to offer will make your promotion efforts a lot easier.

If your company only offered a skin cream, let’s say, there’s already too many companies with skin cream and you can easily buy skin cream at the supermarket.

Two – Powerful Compensation Plan

You want an MLM company that pays not only weekly, but monthly. You need a commission that pays enough to get you into profit as soon as possible.

In our company, you can get paid several ways, not only in company shares where you get a percentage of profits from the entire company, but also commissions paid on many different levels from the earnings of the leaders you bring in.

Three – Automated Marketing System

Many new network marketers fail because they don’t know how to “follow up” with their prospects. Email marketing is hard to do and if you don’t know how to speak to your prospects, you will lose them.

In our company, we use an automated email system that everyone gets when they upgrade into our business.

If someone signs up through your company-provided “landing page”, which is like a website, a series of emails go out to that prospect on a daily basis that urges them to “lock in their spot” by upgrading to a paid member.

The email system also uses a “fear of loss” technique by urging people to upgrade before each Thursday, because that’s when the system flushes and all the paid members rise above the unpaid members. This motivates your prospects to join your business quicker.

MDC My Daily Choice Philippines MLM

Four – Availability

Although, we are an internet-based MLM company, we do have a physical distribution center in the Philippines to ensure you get your product safely, quickly, and without a lot of shipping costs.

The exciting thing about our company is that you can promote your opportunity links through a blog, video, social media, etc, and expose your business to the entire world. This is truly exciting for anyone who wants to earn extra money from home on a global scale.

My Daily Choice MLM Pinoy Philippines

Conclusion for Pinoy Network Marketers in the Philippines

Network marketing is not just a home-based business, it’s a lifestyle that filipinos can network with friends and family, and bring communities closer together. It allows the average filipino the chance to earn a residual income that is higher than a lawyer’s or doctor’s without having any college degree.

It’s the last way we can all empower ourselves financially and spiritually and to live the life of our dreams.

Thanks for reading!


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