Best MLM and Network Marketing Opportunity in Ghana for 2017

Best MLM and Network Marketing Opportunity in Ghana for 2017

Best MLM and Network Marketing Opportunity in Ghana for 2017

Ghana is interested in network marketing because it is financially empowering. Find out, the Best MLM and Network Marketing Opportunity in Ghana for 2017.

  • Network marketing is a $180 Billion dollar global business.
  • Our company alone is in 180 countries.
  • Network marketing companies have utilized the internet for anyone around the world to become successful as home-based Entrepreneurs.
  • The only requirements for being a “Independent Distributor” is ordering a minimal amount of product each month and having access to the Internet.

Let’s take a closer look:

Network marketing is a business model that companies use to distribute their products.

Network marketing uses “word-of-mouth” marketing and networking of people to spread the word about their products or services.

Caveat: If a company offers you 100% commissions and there’s no real product, it’s a scam.

It’s simply impossible for a real, legitimate company to offer a 100% commissions.

The Best MLM company  offers:
  1. Marketing tools. They provide you with “lead generation capture pages” where interested prospects can sign up through you.
  2. Autoresponders. The Best MLM companies assist you in emailing your prospects for you. Brain Abundance sends out a daily email automatically to the prospects who signed up through your capture pages.
  3. An easy to understand and explain product. The company should be focused on one or two flagship products. Stay away from companies that have too many products. The product should fill a strong need, like “better sleep, reduce stress, etc.”
  4. Affordable. The Best MLMs have an affordable product that anyone can buy. Most Nigerians have limited funding, so finding a product they can afford and profit quickly from is essential.


Why Network Marketing in Ghana?

There’s over a 25.9 million people in Ghana.

Ghanaians on average earn less than $7 dollars a day. . .

They are hungry for a better financial situation.

They are educated and proficient in internet marketing and are willing to learn.

Ghanaians are already the top leaders in many network marketing companies. Many understand the power of network marketing and the concept of passive, residual income.

Why Network Marketing for Ghanaians?

Network marketing allows a person with little education, minimal work experience and from an impoverished country to earn an income comparing that of a doctor or lawyer.

Network marketing works by duplicating a simple system. It looks like this:

  1. Join your MLM business.
  2. Find 3 people interested in building a strong business with you.
  3. Work with those 3 to help them find their 3.

You will have to talk to and recruit a lot of people to find your 3 “powerful business-types” that do the work.

In network marketing this is called “sorting” through the talkers from the do-ers.

Once you start building a team that is duplicating the simple system, your weekly and monthly paychecks will start growing.

You will get paid on all the activity of your team, not just yourself.

This is called, “leveraged income.”

You are leveraging other people on your team and earning off the efforts of everyone.

If you bring in 3 people and they bring in 3 people and they bring in 3 people, you have 27 people.

27 people on your team can make you $390 dollars a month in residual income.

Residual income means you earn that every month without putting in any more direct effort.

Yes, network marketing takes a lot of work, just like a real business does.

There will be times when you feel like quitting. That’s why it’s important to get with your MLM sponsor when you join and discus a plan of action.

Also, it’s important to network with like-minded people in your business.

You will want to find two or three “accountability” partners who you can talk to on a daily or weekly basis to keep you going strong.

Keys to Network Marketing Success for Ghanaians

One of the biggest mistakes new network marketers make is:

  1. They get frustrated early on and switch companies thinking that it will improve their success.
  2. They stop recruiting themselves and start managing people instead.

These two things will not only kill your business, but you will not make any lasting income.

Again, network marketing is a real business which Ghana can benefit from.

If you were to open a little shop in your town, and spent a lot of time and money opening it, you wouldn’t walk away from it in three weeks would you?

Network marketing is a new profession for you. You have to learn the proper skills and techniques to run it and grow it.

People spend thousands of dollars and many years in college just to get an entry-level job afterwards.

Network marketing should be treated with just as much importance.

If you treat your business like a million dollar a year business, you will start to see real growth.

It still won’t happen overnight.


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